Sunday, October 19, 2008

****REVIEW ~How To Keep God In Your Life~

By Dominique L. Watson "How To Keep God In Your Life" is written with enthusiasm, and creativity by Dominique L. Watson. The author clearly steps out from "Inspire Me Young" into "How To Keep God In Your Life" as an additional contribution to society, offering peaceful and healing solutions through religious, and spiritual direction to God's Kingdom. I recommend this book to teens and adults who wish to seek guidance and comfort in the spiritual sense, and as a motivational, healthy benefit to our psychological well-being. "How To Keep God In Your Life" is as refreshing as "Acts Of Kindness." Inspiration and compassion flow from the pages, and the reader is left with comfort, and peace from within! Geraldine Ahearn, A.I.O.M. Hon.DG IBC Author of 6 books Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board

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