Thursday, November 6, 2008

*****REVIEW ~~PUSH~~

BY: Christopher Byron Contemporary Fantasy/Science Fiction ADRENALINE-PUMPING! "Push" recounts a chain of events that pitted an ordinary man against a government facility who tormented him in a world he wakes up to, after surviving a car crash. The main character in this cleverly entertaining story is Ryan Parker, who desperately fights in a battle for survival of his life, and those he loves. Ryan struggles to close the door of imprisonment permanently, and open a new door to a life he'd rather have at what-ever risks he may have to take. After so many times of being knocked against the wall, he decides to regain his strength, and push back! Does he save his own life, and those he loves? Does he get up, after he falls off his feet? Christopher Byron wrote a story that is consistently gripping that will thrill the reader with its unbelievable twists and turns. The story within the pages of "Push" is as dynamic as "The Insider" with Al Pacino. The story of Ryan Parker's heroic acts and triumph is presented by the author to have your adrenaline pumping, while craving for a sequel. With each twist in this novel, the mystery deepens and the question looms, will Ryan Parker win the battle for freedom? I recommend this book to all readers who enjoy thrillers, with a blend of drama, and fantasy. "Push" is as entertaining as "Devil's Advocate." Ryan Parker comes to life in Christopher Byron's outstanding plot, and is as incredible as Jeff Bridges is in "Arlington Road." Geraldine Ahearn, A.I.O.M. Author of 6 books Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board


  1. Hi Geri and Chris,

    Wow, the review sounds GREAT! I actually own a copy of this book, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR to meeee, and am looking forward now more than ever to reading it! It's on my to-do list for the spring... once my schedule winds down from promoting and selling my own YA fantasy books.

    Chris, congratulations on your first published book - it sounds like a winner and I can't wait to read it!

    Geri,darling, you are a blessing to authors everywhere. Your hard work and dedication to make a difference in the literary world is second to none!

    Hugs and Kudos to you both!!!

    MJ Allaire
    YA Fantasy Author

  2. Hi Mo,
    Push was indeed a Great
    read! I love drama & suspense in
    books & movies! This is one I
    would love to read Again! Thank you
    Mo for your compliment, as you know
    my Energizer batteries are recharged! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend!!

    Hugs! MJ

  4. MJ - Geri,
    You two have been so helpful and supportive. I am most thankful for good friends like you!
    Holiday Best,
    Christopher Byron

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Chris and Geri! This is definitely the time of year to be thankful for many things in our busy lives, and I'm definitely thankful for my growing list of author friends! Sharing and networking is what it's about for us as authors, but it's really what it's about for us as people, too.

    Accept the help and sharing of knowledge when it's offered, and pay it forward each and every time you get a chance.

    Holiday hugs to you and all of our author and reader friends!


  6. Mo,
    What a Beautiful thing to say,
    and so True! Your Amazing as an
    Author And a Wonderment as a
    Friend to All! How Lucky we Are!