Saturday, August 29, 2009

*****REVIEW ~~IT'S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE: Loving And Living Well With Autism

By Author Kathy Almeida And Author Gayle Nobel
After raising a child with special needs for thirty years and caring for
many other children with special needs to this day through my Nursing
career, I have not read a book that perfectly describes exactly what the
child needs and how to give it, with the exception of this novel. Kathy
Almeida and Gayle Nobel show the reader the exact necessities of
children with special needs, and how to provide excellent care. Through
their experience, they explain how to cope, to provide love with discipline
in all situations and stress the importance of hope, regardless of
unexpected challenges. I have read the eyes, and heart of many children
with autism, asperger's disease, and children with multiple disabilities.
Kathy Almeida and Gayle Nobel can comprehend, and relate to such
feelings, because they lived and survived through it. The two authors of
this book are not only guardian angels to children with special needs,
but every parent who has lived through it is indeed a hero. Through the
expertise of knowledge, along with a heart of gold, the loving parents of
these children are gifted, and deserve as much praise as they give to
special needs children. I highly recommend this book to all parents,
teachers, and caregivers of special needs children. I also recommend
this book to all parents who don't have special needs children, but wish
to learn from the advice given through experience, and for all readers
who are interested in learning about special needs. Kathy Almeida and
Gayle Nobel provide educational tips, funny and serious moments,
and the importance of bonding relationships. Each author clearly specifies through everyday challenges what works for them, and the
child. Furthermore, they focus on a positive attitude of helping these
children to lead productive lives through constant praise, and
encouragement, while building on self-confidence. Kathy Almeida and
Gayle Nobel are experts in providing love, acceptance, and hope, which
are essential necessities for special needs children. "IT'S ALL ABOUT
ATTITUDE: Loving And Living Well With Autism" is a triumph in the
same respect as portrayed in the true story RADIO, and is as inspiring
as RAIN MAN with Tom Cruise, and Dustin Hoffman.

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