Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~"PONEASEQUA: The Goddess Of The Waters" By Stephanie Duckworth-Elliot

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Stephanie Duckworth-Elliot created a great adventure in a compelling
journey through an incredible story portrayed in the life of McKenzie
Jones, who was challenged by her teacher to present the history of her
Native American culture in front of the entire class. She is a proud,
strong young woman, who believes in her Wampanoag heritage, and
her upbringing shines light into her heart. Although she works hard
trying to convince classmates of the history, and knowledge of her
roots, can she prepare decades of history in one weekend? Does her
grandfather help her to absorb the history and wisdom of the ancient
Wampanoag culture, and is she confident to stand tall with her
presentation? Will she remember to present the morals and values of
a proud culture, while removing misconceptions that exist, or will she
face humiliation, and disciplinary action? I highly recommend this
novel to young adults, and to anyone interested in the history of
the Native American culture. I also recommend this book to young
women, who wish to build their self-esteem and confidence by
following the strength, and spirit of McKenzie. The author painted a
portrait of vivid imagery, with true to life characters in a breathtaking
story. In the end, does McKenzie find the final peace that she has been
searching for? Stephanie Duckworth-Elliot penned a setting where the
legends told from McKenzie's grandfather can be softly heard in the
background as warrior's dance to the beating of drums, turning the
plot into a Masterpiece. Follow McKenzie to the farm, where she
tended chores with the light of her life, her grandfather. Listen carefully
to his wondrous storytelling as the bond between him, and McKenzie
becomes stronger. Did McKenzie's grandfather help McKenzie to grow
in spirit, while claiming her Wampanoag identity? "PONEASEQUA: The
Goddess Of The Waters" is as entertaining as THE HORSE WHISPERER,
and as inspiring as Walt Disney's TUCK EVERLASTING.

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