Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5Star REVIEW~"HOLY SHIT: A Brief Look At Christianity's Problem"

By Author Dauson Lovi
Genre: Religion, Skeptics, Atheist
Dauson Lovi conducted research on the doctrine of the trinity, views
on Christianity ideology, and a realistic view on the writings of the
Bible. The author presents documentation and results obtained from
the trinity, discusses Moses, and translation of the word God, and its
symbolic use. Although God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost remain
a controversial subject among various religions,it remains the backbone
of faith for the author. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys
reading history on Christian religions, doctrines, and the impact on
American society. Dauson Lovi's presentation in his first novel is based
on his studies, after twelve years of research. His interest in matters of
religion, politics, and history throughout the past decade has become
his passion for writing, and devotion to research. The author invites the
reader to explore Christianity under a different light. Would you like to
read a collection of thoughts, which illustrate the problems facing
Christianity? Do you enjoy mythology? If you are interested in following
the scriptures, and evidence on misconstrued metaphors, then this
book is a good choice. How many people believe, and follow the readings
in the Bible? Are there misinterpretations of the doctrine of the trinity?
Why was the word Elohim used in the Bible, and what does it translate?
The author's presentation includes discussion on the Golden Rule, the
creation of evil, and the teachings of intolerance. Furthermore, Dauson
Lovi describes the different books of scripture that are followed
throughout the world of religion,confirming the trinity in different
places. "HOLY SHIT: A Brief Look At Christianity's Problem" is as
interesting and impressive as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, with
Mel Gibson.

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