Friday, September 4, 2009

**Welcome Author RAY LOPEZ**

Author of: "Inside The Minds Of Car Dealers"
Subtitle: "How To Buy Your Next Car Without Fear"
Genre: Non-fiction
Ray Lopez spent over thirty years in new car sales. Many years were spent
as Sales Manager, or Fiance Manager. In 2006, he retired to pursue his
dream, writing. In three years since retiring from car sales, he has written
"Inside The Minds Of Car dealers." An expose on how a dealer works you
over, bury you in a car that you may not even want, and cheat you out of
your last dime.
Ray has also written four screenplays with his writing partner, Sean Durrie,
founded a film production company, and has built his theater company into
a favorite local venue for live entertainment.
Ray is currently working on a follow-up book to INSIDE THE MINDS OF CAR
DEALERS, and a screenplay based on it. His goal is to educate the public
on the underhanded and conniving ways the old blue-suede dealerships still
Writing has always been one of Ray's passions, other passions are cars,
and music.

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