Wednesday, October 7, 2009

**Welcome Back Author DOMINIQUE WATSON**

Author of: "TOO MUCH UNTOLD"
Genre: Urban Fiction/ Inspirational
Dominique Watson is a writer, published author, and business owner. She began
writing poetry, and short stories at a young age. Her writings are published all
over the internet, and she focuses on inspirational advice, and inspiration.
Both of her inspirational books INSPIRE ME YOUNG, and HOW TO KEEP GOD
IN YOUR LIFE were published within the last two years. THE TENSION RELIEVER-Volume I was published in December, 2008. She owns an online
magazine for writers titled FROM A WRITERS POV. She also writes for her
magazine in the column titled SPIRITUAL ADVICE/MOTIVATION.
Dominique owns her own ministry as well, LADIES OF CHRIST PROVERBS 31.
She recently started a movement for those struggling with their trouble areas,
Dominique is currently working on getting her Associates Degree in Psychology,
and expanding her magazine all over the internet.

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