Wednesday, October 7, 2009

**Welcome Author LESLIE KOHLER**

Author of: "Sins Of The Border"
Genre: Mystery
Leslie Kohler is a professional writer whose work has been published
in several magazines, and the newspaper. She's been published in
Highlights For Children, Skipping Stones, Listen, and Winner. Also,
Positive Teens, and The Arizona Republic.
"SINS OF THE BORDER" is Leslie's first novel. It's a cozy, murder mystery, with the issues of Mexican drug violence, and illegal
immigration integral to the plot. As a native Californian, and current
Arizona resident, Leslie has witnessed the escalating problems along
the border. At the age of fourteen, she worked in the dry yards of
Northern California, preparing fruit for processing in one-hundred-plus
degree heat. Leslie witnessed the struggles of Hispanic migrant families,
in which all members toiled side-by-side. During this time, she developed
an empathy for these hard working people.
Leslie is active in several community organizations, such as No Ma's
Muertes, (No More Deaths), and Chances For Children-AZ. Also, The
Sydney Hudson Foundation, and Girls for A Change. She lives in
Scottsdale, Arizona, with her two young teens, and their dog.


  1. SINS OF THE BORDER - My wife, Author R. J. Brown, loved it; so I picked it up. Great read.

  2. Hello Dave,
    Thank you kindly for
    Visiting us here & commenting. I
    recently received this book, but
    as you know is my Favorite genre.
    I look forward to the read!