Tuesday, November 3, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~"600 Hours of Edward" Author CRAIG LANCASTER

The main character in Craig Lancaster's fascinating story is Edward
Stanton, a man who lives not only isolated from the rest of the world,
but who suffers from mental illness at the age of thirty-nine. Actually,
according to Edward, his true age is calculated at thirty-nine, and
three-hundred days old. His daily routine is based on prozac for his
obsessive-compulsive disorder, writing his unsent letters of complaints,
and watching another repeated episode of Dragnet so that he can pretend that Sergeant Joe Friday is his father as of 1994. Sergeant Joe
Friday became Edward's father figure, after Edward's relationship with
his father began to deteriorate. Edward felt hatred and ambivalence
after his father hit him, and was forced to sign a memorandum of
understanding. Edward's life was controlled by his father through Jay
L. Lamb, who was an attorney for Edward's father. Ted Stanton, Edward's father, was not only rich, but also a very powerful politician
and was the county commissioner. Maureen Stanton, Edward's mother,
was detached from Edward most of his life, until her husband passed
away. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys an inspiring story,
blended with courage, and hope. This book is also educational as it
conveys the special needs of individuals who are diagnosed with
obsessive-compulsive disorders, and the various paths these individuals
walk on to survive. Why did Edward read "The Billings Gazette" everyday, and why was he so fond of the Dallas Cowboys? Will Edward
always live alone in Montana, or will Donna, and Kyle be part of his life?
What does Maureen do when she finds out about the letters that Edward
received from Jay? Does Edward listen to Dr. Buckly, and does he defy
his father? What does Edward say in his "Dear God" letter? Will Edward's life always consist of patterns, facts, and files? "600 HOURS
OF EDWARD" is as heartfelt and touching as the movie AS GOOD AS IT
GETS with Jack Nicholson, and Helen Hunt.

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