Tuesday, November 3, 2009

**Welcome Author MARK STEPHEN LEVY** Author of "OVERLAND"

Welcome Aboard Mark!
Author of: "OVERLAND"
Genre: Fiction/Historical fiction/Love story/ Travel/Adventure/Romance
Mark Stephen Levy wove certain portions of his traveling adventures
from his own love story, which was partly the inspiration for his first
novel, "OVERLAND." He met his wife, Eliane, originally from France,
while on a camel safari in the Rajasthan Desert in India. They have now
been married for twenty-three years, and have an eighteen-year-old
daughter, Celine. His two year round-the-world journey included all
throughout Europe, India, Nepal, Tibet and beyond.
Levy was born and raised in Los Angeles, but moved to Denver with his
family, thirteen years ago. He works as a technology salesperson, but
in his free time enjoys developing more stories and writing them, and
takes breaks by mixing music on his favorite Web site, blip.fm.
"OVERLAND" is his first published work, but plans to write several
more novels, and looks to develop "OVERLAND" as a screenplay in the
near future. He is passionate about transforming "OVERLAND" into a
movie, as the story is the kind of a sweeping epic that would translate
wonderfully into a movie audience from all demographics and around
the world would enjoy, as they will with the book.
He wishes that after reading the book, his readers will be stirred enough
to somehow devote a greater length of time to travel, than the customary
one week, and to more exotic locations. "Not only would any one of
these places change the way you think, it would give you the perspective
of where you live when you return home, and to inspire you to a greater
good, or cause. More importantly, you will finally meet up with someone
you've wanted to know forever...you!"

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