Monday, September 19, 2011



This is a nail-biting, chilling story of the true definition of hardship, adventure, and how fate can put a person in a place they never dreamed they would be. A man fails at an attempt to be a tobacco and corn planter, his wife left him, and he winds up losing everything. He trades his land for two horses and moves to Salem, where he becomes a heavy drinker, and gambler. He finds himself sleeping in a cemetery, and was offered a job to dig graves. He meets a woman who puts a roof over his head, after his weak body fell to the ground, from starvation. Little did he know, Willia is a witch, with big plans for him. His mission is to steal jewelry from the dead, to be used for spells and enchantments. Willia and her group of odd witches drug him, and he becomes their slave. He was sentenced to be hung, after he was found drunk, with possession of stolen jewelry. He is buried, after drinking a strange potion, but is he dead? What happens to him when the lunar eclipse passes, what does he become? He changes once again, during a full moon, and his new life begins. Winston Wallace may appear to be charming, but you would never want to threaten his life. The tables have turned, and New Amsterdam is where all his dreams from the past can come true. How much power does he have, and can he control others? I highly recommend this Gothic tale of terror to all horror, fantasy, and historical adventure lovers. Joe L. Blevins created a Masterpiece of the supernatural in all its glory, made for the movie screen. The story will have you sit on the edge of your seat as you witness graves, black cats, and mystical-magic. The author takes you through a spine-tingling, bloodcurdling, haunted house of horror, where unspeakable evil is everywhere. Prepare yourself for Odd spirits, talking skeletons, demons, and what you will see as Night-time falls! "THE FAMILIAR" is as terrifying as SCREAM, as entertaining as PURE TERROR, and as haunting as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. 

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