Friday, September 23, 2011


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Reese was not in favor of a planned vacation his dad made, and Janie and her mom were not thrilled either. However, the entire family winds up on a boat ride that they will remember for the rest of their lives. A freak storm causes a shipwreck, and the family finds themselves on a strange, deserted Island. Reese's dad begins to investigate mysterious artifact, unexplained phenomena, weird plants, and secrets that must be unlocked to save their lives. As the incredible adventure begins, many challenges must be met as one family begins to realize that they must come together in strength and love to win a war that wages in a distant universe. The clock ticks fast, one family searches for answers, while desperately trying to overcome fear, and reaching for victory. Did the children have to rescue their parents, when did they become separated, and did Reese obey his father's request to return to camp? I highly recommend this fascinating graphic novel to all adventure lovers who enjoy an exciting story with explosive action, combined with mystery. Doug Tennapel created a Masterpiece for ages ten and over about two different planets, and two rebellious sons. The characters come to life in this epic story of the importance of a strong bond in family relationships, the comic illustrations are superb, and the unique quips are interesting. Giant creatures rule, skeletons are found and hostility fills the air, while one family is forced to make life-and-death decisions. Does the family solve a mystery, and how can they escape? Where was the weird tree, who had to enter the cave and what happened to Pickles as one family must face the good, the bad, and the ugly?  Will creepy monsters fall into hydrochloric acid, what will be found inside odd architecture, and where did Janie find johnny? Be prepared for scary animals, unusual rocks, and canisters that reveal historic secrets. Who helps one family to survive as their vacation turns into a nightmare, while running for their lives? What keeps the family together in the midst of danger on a frantic adventure, never to be forgotten?

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