Thursday, September 29, 2011

*A Wyoming Adventure:The Tumbleweed Family* Author Sharon Hays

Author Sharon Hays

Illustrator~Daniele Montella

Genre: Children


Sharon Hays is known to many as a paranormal, mystery, horror writer that some have referred to as an organic writer. However, her skill as a children's writer is polished and accomplished. Tell children dry, geographical facts and their attention evaporates(and in some cases was never there to begin with.) Tell them a cute story about Tumbleweeds from a family like their own, and their attention is given from the get-go. The mother of five children herself, Hays well understands what draws a child into a story and keeps them there. As both a certified teacher and a journalist, I can recommend this darling, pictorial, storybook without hesitation!-
Patricia Ress, author, journalist, and co-host of long-running radio show NIGHTSEARCH.

~~In a gentle story, the Tumbleweed twins are whisked away on a journey across Wyoming, USA. They meet birds and various forms of wildlife that befriend and protect them until their parents arrive to take them home. It teaches environmental conservation as it emphasizes the beauty of wildlife and plants in Wyoming. Lovely illustrations will captivate children's imagination in a pictorial that will stimulate learning, while teaching moral values and respect for parents. A must have book for your child.


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