Thursday, September 29, 2011

**Welcome Author Sharon Hays**


'The House That Keeps On Giving'

Genre:  Paranormal Mystery Thriller

Artist Illustrator, Danielle Montella:

~~Sharon Hay's sequel is here! 'MYSTEERIE MANOR II,' The terrifying tale of a ghostly edifice that keeps on giving, but not in a good way, is back with even more surprises. Positive the Valencia Manor was cleansed of its evil, the main characters are drawn into an even more terrorizing finale. After a renovation is almost complete, Maryanne and her new husband Mario move into the newly remodeled manor. Eerie, paranormal forces and unsuspecting terror erupt, while a string of brutal murders and paranormal activity boil to the forefront. They are driven into a frantic, satirical dance with the unknown as the historical Manor reveals more of its ghostly past. Your thirst for terror will be quenched, and your hunger for the paranormal satisfied as this mystery delivers a chilling slice of the macabre.


~~~Author BIO~~~

Sharon Hays studied business in Utah and creative writing arts in Wyoming and Florida. Having various experiences in purchasing and developing real-estate, she has been self-employed most of her life, with a lot to draw from when it comes to storytelling. Her love of poetry formed a foundation for her craft of writing. Poet, short fiction writer, a children's book and now her second mystery novel. Sharon Hays presses on in her career, since retiring from business. She penned three books, with her first novel, Mysteerie Manor in 2010, and now presents its exciting, chilling sequel. An organic writer, the stories came alive on their own. She said that she is there to capture its intensity as it unfolds on every page, through her mind's eye. The sequel seemed to beckon, as she penned its even more chilling conclusion with new and complex characters that have let her into their world. Hence, Mysteerie Manor II, a novel of eerie and intense paranormal mystery continues and is available on Kindle and Nook, as well as Smashwords and other venues. A first time children's book, The Tumbleweed Family has recently been released and soon to be ready on all venues as well. The latest venture is an art/poetry compilation, 'An opulent Tableau of Essence' soon to be released.

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