Monday, January 16, 2012

5 Star REVIEW~~"DRIVEN" Author W.G. Griffiths

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Krogan, an unpredictable, repulsive murdering maniac embarks on a vicious, headline-grabbing killing rampage. The evil killer is on the loose to hunt his next victim and nothing will stop him. He is determined to punish anyone who crosses his path, or makes him look bad. Unlike most serial killers, he may be a psychopath, but there's something different about him. His trademark and his motives are chilling, making you feel as if simply knowing about his existence will indeed cause many sleepless nights. Gavin, a homicide detective is so obsessed with catching Krogan in the act, that his 'motto' to shoot first and ask questions later would take effect immediately. Why was the detective bitter with Krogan, and what did the serial killer do to Gavin's grandfather? I highly recommend this gripping novel to all thriller and time-travel lovers, who enjoy high-speed action with intense suspense as well as paranormal fiction. W.G. Griffiths weaves together an incredible, compelling story that moves like a speeding bullet. A Masterpiece, based on Spirituality, reincarnation, and past life experiences and that's only the beginning through this riveting story. After living in Long Island, New York, forty-five years, I am indeed a witness to the author's picture-perfect setting. W.G. Griffiths dives into the supernatural, creates intriguing characters and has the reader hooked in the first chapter. The reader not only becomes addictive and craves for more at the end, but this mesmerizing story will leave you to ponder on why these incidents happen. What did the Reverend do, and how does the villain survive all the car crashes? What does the turtle represent? What will it take to prevent ongoing brutal attacks against more innocent victims, does hypnosis help, and will justice be served? Who else will be drawn into the killers' explosive game in a race against time? "DRIVEN" is as exciting as CAPE FEAR, as bone-chilling as ALONG CAME A SPIDER, and as haunting as THE OMEN.                    


  1. Well that review sold me. Thanks, Geri! Can't wait to read this one.

  2. Thank you Kindly Gary for Visiting & Commenting. Every Title I've read from this author is Exceptional. His work is 'Outstanding!' Some of his titles had me so addicted, I had to read twice. Absolutely Amazing Talent!

  3. Me, too! Can't wait to read the book now, Geri.

  4. Thank you Holly for Visiting & commenting. I have Read 5 of his books And I have to say, each one is a Gem! I cannot Choose the Best-because he delivers each Title that Makes you Crave for More. I Admire this Talent in Many of my authors!