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The slave of the high priest, known as Malchus and famous for losing an ear to the Apostle Peter, sets out on a mission to find out on his own the truths of Jesus. One man, a servant of Caiaphas is filled with curiosity and courage every step of the way. W.G. Griffiths becomes a Master storyteller in an unforgettable journey through the eyes of Malchus, the main character who comes to life in a thrilling story made for the movie screen. Can we relate to the selfish evils of humanity, and do we think about what the last days on earth might feel like? How many times have we read the Bible, and did your point of view change about the chilling events that took place? Does the Crucifixion give you a new perspective on life, and how does this remarkable story reflect on our own strength? I highly recommend this enchanting book to all historical fiction lovers, Christian readers, and anyone who enjoys inspirational stories. Through the use of extensive research, this intriguing book can be used as a reference with Scriptures as it conveys the true meaning of the word 'Christian.' In this fictional rendering of Malchus, the reader is taken to different places and events as we contemplate on religious corruption, first century slavery and the life of Jesus, while we focus on our own faith. This incredible story is filled with creativity from the beginning with explosive action throughout, then ends as a Triumph! The reader will ponder on breathtaking events in this insightful story long after the book is closed. "MALCHUS" is as entertaining as THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD, as interesting as THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, and as touching as JESUS OF NAZARETH.

   ~~Award Winning Author~~W.G. GRIFFITHS

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