Wednesday, March 13, 2013

*Welcome Author/Publisher CHARLOTTE HOLLEY

"McCann's Manor:Portal"

~Book One of The Actor's Guild Paranormal Mystery Series

Genre~Paranormal,Mystery, Fantasy, Time Travel, Dark Fantasy, Gothic(semi), Romance

**About The Author**
  ~Charlotte Holley, CEO
Gypsy Shadow Publishing, LLC

Charlotte Holley has an inborn love of all mysteries and the supernatural, and has been reading and writing about the paranormal for more than forty years. A Mass Communications major, she has written and published newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as poems and short stories since receiving her bachelor's degree in 1980. As a beaded jewel designer, she has also self-published thirty pattern collections on CD and in eBook form, and has produced more than 400 individual original patterns.

Charlotte has a degree in Mass Communications/marketing and has been writing since she was thirteen. She is CEO, Art Director and Production Manager at Gypsy Shadow Publishing, and is currently working on the third book in her Actor's Guild Paranormal Mystery Series, Whispers from The Past:Vendetta, and hopes to have it finished soon.

**ABout McCann's Manor: Portal**
Elizabeth Carr and Kimberly Henson are psychically gifted and worked together for years. They meet John Carter at a party, accepting an invitation to live at the manor for a year. They find themselves trapped in the middle of a mysterious puzzle, and learn they must unlock a secret inside the two-hundred year old manor...   


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