Wednesday, March 27, 2013



Demetri Carter found his soul-mate in middle school, and has loved Temiaka more-and-more over a period of ten years. He was sent to prison as a suspect in a triple homicide, and after investigation, all charges were dismissed. Demetri was released, and within two weeks back out on the streets, he discovers that his fiancee was having an affair. With a broken heart, distraught and filled with rage, he sets out on his own mission to kill both of them. The love between Demetri and Temiaka turned ugly, becoming a dangerous murder game. Demetri wanted revenge, Temiaka wanted forgiveness, and the vicious game of deception began to show horrifying consequences that began as a heartache, rapidly turning into mayhem. Did Demetri use Jennifer, and how far will her father dig into Demetri's past? What did Shareef do, when did Demetri's mother disappear, and who murdered Demetri's father? What will happen to Desmond, and who will survive from a rampage of horror? The author delivers an exciting, electrifying tale of urban fiction that will indeed blow your mind. Midnight takes the reader to the inside scenes of a pending street war in full rage as he introduces you to drug problems, greedy guys, and scandalous women. The drama becomes intense as the action becomes explosive through surprising twists-and-turns, with colorful characters as they come to life in a brilliant story, made for the big screen. The author shows the reader a chilling side of street thugs as he ratchets up the tension inch-by-inch, describing the true meaning of fear, while he dazzles with deep emotion. Will the love for Temiaka die, and will Demetri wind up alone? "ADDICTED 2 THUGGIN" is outstanding in every aspect, is as compelling as THE SCORE, and as entertaining as GANGS OF NEW YORK. Highly recommended!

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