Sunday, June 30, 2013

*Welcome C. Michelle McCarty* Author of "THE JEWEL BOX"

~~Author C. Michelle McCarty

~~~About The Author~~~

Michelle McCarty grew up as the youngest of five sisters in a small Texas town. Finding it difficult to be heard over older siblings, she began expressing herself through writing at an early age. Daydreaming and writing proved cathartic for teenage angst, but didn't do much in the way of enhancing her social skills. Not comfortable speaking in public, Michelle says writing stories opens a window in her heart where words swing dance into each other and fill her with joy, and sometimes great pride. Writing takes her to imaginary places filled with ordinary and extraordinary characters who offer intimate details of their humorous, eccentric, romantic, dramatic and sometimes mundane lives. She writes to learn moral lessons by placing characters in a variety of situations, which in turn offers soul searching and sometimes personal resolutions. Michelle believes flawed characters reveal that everyone, no matter how imperfect or seemingly insignificant, offers something special in pretend worlds as well as in real life. When not writing, Michelle's time is filled with twin granddaughters, Annabella and Alexandria who zap her energy, yet light up her life. She also works part-time as editor for an online newspaper.

'THE JEWEL BOX' is Michelle's first published novel. Michelle enjoys chatting with readers from around the world. To learn about her upcoming novel, Beyond The Pale, and more, please visit her website @,, or: @,

~~~About The Book~~THE JEWEL BOX

Genre- Women's Contemporary Fiction

Cherie's thirty year roller coaster ride begins in a bawdy bar and whips through peaks and valleys cluttered by foolish mistakes, romantic calamities, discomforting secrets and comic relief from dysfunctional passengers. But, it is two distinctly different men, who accompany Cherie's thirty year journey into womanhood...

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