Monday, March 24, 2014

***5 Star REVIEW~~"ROBBY'S QUEST:Ocean Bound"~Award-Winning Author~D.C. RUSH***

Genre:  Children (ages 5-7)


      It's time to escape the dreadful hot temperatures of summer in Arizona. The friendly flock of birds make a decision to fly to San Diego to absorb its cool breezes, and enjoy the breathtaking seaside scenery. However, Joy and Josie wander off to check-out a cruise ship, and wind up on an unexpected, unforgettable voyage.

When the girls arrive at the cruise ship, it was much further than they anticipated, and the extra flying time made them very tired, and hungry. They ate well, and fell asleep. After their nap, they opened their eyes, realizing the ship left the port. They remained on the ship, and while deciding what to do, they met Wanda, who gave them good advice.

A search party is formed, but will they find Joy and Josie? Will the lost girls listen to Wanda's advice, and find their loved ones? Will the daring rescue mission be successful?

Embark on a thrilling, fun-filled adventure as D.C. Rush highlights the true meaning of love, and loyalty. This charming story will have young children inspired as they read, learn the value of trust, and teamwork. The colorful illustrations bring the story to life, and this educational children's book is perfect for group discussions. "ROBBY'S QUEST:Ocean Bound" is as funny as Finding Nemo, as fun-filled as Shrek 2, and as thrilling as Walt Disney's, The Jungle Book. Highly recommended for parents, teachers, and child-care providers!                 

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