Wednesday, March 26, 2014



      At age seventeen, young Arielle is tested by her boundaries of love in a relationship with Chad, while under the old, oak tree. She knows about her father's non-approving opinion, which adds more stress to her life. What she doesn't know right away, is that her dad is not the only person, who resents her romantic commitment to Chad. Arielle is confronted with challenges, not only with her boyfriend, but aside of having to answer to her father, her decisions will be judged by five spirits from an ancient past.

The chilling ghosts are watching every move that the two young lovers make as they reveal their own tragic stories and horrifying events that took place, under the same oak tree, where the young couple embrace with romantic passion. The deaths of the five spirits were based on a terrifying ancient curse, will Arielle and Chad be the next victims?

Michael Phillip Cash delivers a haunting, unforgettable paranormal tale with enough mysterious twists-and-turns that will place you on the edge of your seat, until the final curtains close. This incredible suspense Masterpiece, made for the big screen, turns a short novella into an explosive dynamic psychological thriller, highlighting every twisted detail to perfection. The author's fascination with horror writing, combined with his motivation for challenge, creates a breathtaking story that will blow your mind.

The disturbing stories of five ancient spirits, hidden secrets, a tormenting curse, and twisted minds will send chills up your spine in a picture-perfect setting that fits like a glove. "THE HANGING TREE" is as scary as The Amityville Horror, as intense as The Birds, and as terrifying as Psycho. Highly recommended to horror, paranormal, and thriller lovers, who enjoy intense suspense!

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