Monday, June 9, 2014

***Welcome Back~~Author/Attorney FRANK R. SOUTHERS~"LAWYER MAGIC"***

Genre:  Fiction/Legal Thriller
Book #4 in 'The Grievance Committee' Series

***About The Author***
      Frank R. Southers, a trial lawyer, served on the San Antonio Grievance Committee for ten years and thereafter has represented accused lawyers, complainants, and witnesses. In this series of novels, he cracks open the door to squeeze you inside the secret Texas lawyer disciplinary system and into the courtroom. You'll see the straight skinny how things really work.


***About The Book***
      In the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, a magic sword was used to slay the dragon, although sometimes the dragon won. Today, with no magic to slay the dragon, trial lawyers use lawyer magic, although sometimes the dragon still wins.

      Experience and aggressive, Shirley Helene hates all 'ambulance chasers,' especially Kincaid who is seeking millions against her client, Good Shepherd Hospital, and the treating doctor, for the family of his brain-dead client in this jury trial in San Antonio, Texas. Kincaid has been sanctioned by the Grievance Committee for witness abuse and abusive jury argument while Shirley Helene has received counseling by a nun and woman priest for anger management.

      Sometimes, twists and turns blur the outcome of a jury trial and instill revenge in the heart of the loser. Sometimes, the dragon still wins.

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