Monday, June 9, 2014

***Welcome Back~LESLIE KOHLER~~Author Of "DISPOSABLE LIVES"***

Genre:  Mystery

***About The Author***
      Leslie Kohler is a professional writer, who first began writing for children, and teens. She has fiction and nonfiction works published in various magazines including: Highlights for Children three times; Skipping Stones; Listen; And Positive Teens. She also has a children's story featured in the Desert Sleuth's anthology, so West, so Wild.

      When Leslie decided to move into writing for adults, she wrote her first novel, a mystery, which is a fun-packed ride from Arizona high society to the fringes of the Mexican Border. She was featured in Suspense Magazine for this work.    

Her second, and current novel is another entertaining mystery, Disposable lives. Like Sins Of The Border, Disposable Lives is also a light read. The novel uses the exclusive Newport Beach, California, for a backdrop, but delves into the secret society of the Travellers-modern day gypsy con artists. Leslie has had the unique experience of being allowed into this secret society, which gives Disposable Lives authenticity into a world few are knowledgeable about. Leslie is currently at work on her second installment of the Disposable Lives series.

***About The Book***
      Maggie Leman leads a fairy tale life in California's Newport Beach. When she finds an $899.00 environmental Miu Mo satchel stuffed into her husband's golfing bag, with a sexalacious note to My Bridget, Maggie's so mad that she wants to kill her husband. Instead, she scrawls I Am Not A Plastic Bag onto the over-priced tote. When cheating golfer husbands are getting knocked off in sleazy motels with Miu Mo's next to their bodies, Maggie's childish scrawl makes her murder suspect Number One.

      Fearing being slapped into a jailhouse cell, Maggie mounts her own investigation. Seems Newport blue blood is tinged with red. And this crimson tide may bleed from the Travellers-modern day gypsies, who will stop at nothing to win their deadly con games. Can Maggie stop this poisonous flow? Or will she become the next victim?

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