Wednesday, August 6, 2008


By MJ ALLAIRE Book 2 of a Series Next In Review! AND: VISIONARY FROM THE STARS Science Fiction By Virginia Lori Jennings THEN: The LIST Of Books 1-11 That I Posted!

Books 6 through 11 for REVIEW Are...

6. THE NAKED AUTHOR- By Katherine "Kat" Smith 7. CRYING ROSE- By Sarah Abdulaziz 8. HOW TO KEEP GOD IN YOUR LIFE- By Dominique L. Watson 9. DRAGON'S TEAR- By MJ Allaire 10. SAVAGE- By Katherine Warwick 11. MERCER'S MANOR- By Bobby R. Woodall


1. VISIONARY FROM THE STARS- By Virginia Lori Jennings 2. AN OPEN VEIN- By Katherine Warwick 3. THREADS OF DECEPTION- By James Fletcher 4. THE SUN SINGER- By Malcolm R. Campbell 5. CLEARWATER- By Bobby R. Woodall

Friday, August 1, 2008


BY AUTHOR MACK BEASLEY The main character in "False Justice" is Mike Blackman, a sixty-four-year-old man serving a sentence of ten years in a state prison for a felony DUI case. Mike met an inmate in prison who was convicted of murder. An inmate who convinced Mike that he was innocent of the pending charges against him, that the verdict was false, and justice was not served. Before Mike was released from prison, he promised the inmate charged of murder that he will follow-up on the case, and come up with answers. Immediately upon his release, Mike lived with his daughter, then met a soul-mate his own age who he began a close relationship with. He was determined to search for the truth, while organizing his own team of investigators as his mission began. Most inmates that leave prison begin a new life once again in the real world, but not for Mike. The minute he walked out of those prison doors to freedom, his life becomes as complicated as it was the day he walked in, where the doors slammed-shut, and locked for ten years. The curtains open, and the story begins as Mike realizes that he may be involved in a no-win situation. He is tormented with a vow he made to an inmate to set him free, and must stay sober while solving the case. The consequences of his mission to seek truth and let justice be served may send him right back to prison, or may cost him his own life. The unique characters in this hypnotizing thriller come to life as the story unfolds. The setting is as picture-perfect as "THE GREEN MILE" with Tom Hanks, drawing the reader in, while describing what goes on behind prison doors. The plot in this Masterpiece, created by Mack Beasley fills the pages with suspense, and drama. I would recommend this novel to all mystery lovers who crave a chilling story, with a blend of excitement. "False Justice" is cleverly entertaining, and is as Mesmerizing as "THE JUROR" with Demi Moore, and Alec Baldwin. Geraldine Ahearn, A.I.O.M. author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC.