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5 Star Review~"BROKEN WINGS" Award-Winning Author~ALEXANDREA WEIS


Pamela Wells is a wildlife rehabber, who devotes her time and energy in giving animals a second chance in life, her facility is the world she lives in. She often worries about who will care for her sanctuary if her health should take a turn for the worst due to lupus. Daniel Phillips is a former soldier, who returned from Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder and is sent to Pamela's facility as part of his parole. Two different people struggle everyday with disease and disability, at first they clash, then their hearts join together. Through the healing power of animals, two lives begin to change as they share the same peace and love they give to animals with themselves. The drama becomes intense after Pamela and Daniel share their love, before he skips town. Pamela has no choice but to turn to her ruthless former husband for help. Does Daniel return, and will the fight for Pamela become deadly? Who will survive, and will Pamela lose what she loves the most? I highly recommend this captivating novel to all romance lovers, who enjoy inspiring stories, combined with drama and suspense. Alexandrea Weis uses her expertise as a wildlife rehabber with a love for animals, combined with the compassion she has acquired from Nursing in creating a Masterpiece of love, struggle, and healing. This heartfelt story is a tale of one woman's struggle for happiness, set in rural Louisiana with genuine characters who become unforgettable, long after this book is closed. The author portrays conflict, trials-and-tribulations of illness, and how the little things in life have the greatest value. This engaging story that's filled with drama, made for the movie screen, will tug at the heartstrings page-after-page. The reader will laugh, cry, and take a new look on life of what they have, but never realized how special it is! "BROKEN WINGS" is as fascinating as MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, as deeply moving as A WALK TO REMEMBER, and as dramatic as THE NOTEBOOK.

5 Star Review~"COLD AS ICE" Author CINDY DAVIS


Paul Michael Goodwin owns his own business, Goodwin Frozen Foods. It's 1954, everything to Paul was money and for his business to boom in growth and wealth, he made a major business deal. He would become partners with David VanBuren, then plan to have his own daughter marry David.For the benefit of business, not a bad idea, for one exception, Claudia didn't like anything about David. She found him extremely boring, didn't like his attitude, nor did she enjoy going to the opera. To make matters worse, Claudia lives in an era, dominated by men, and she never won an argument with her father. At the age of nineteen, while attending college, her father informed her of his big plan. Although she was against her father's wishes, she married David anyway, because she was pregnant and thought her decision was the only choice she could make. She tries to make the marriage work, despite David's commands and demands, but deep inside, she was miserable. The drama gets hot-and-heavy when Claudia finds out that David and Max were buying a diamond mine. Who was Claudia's true love, and did she have his child? A multi-million dollar business was brewing, was Claudia happy? Who was Adam, and what kind of relationship did Claudia have with him? Was David ever aware of his brother's feelings for Claudia? I highly recommend this intriguing book to all fiction lovers, who enjoy drama, mixed with romance. Cindy Davis delivers an incredible story of love, courage, and strength. The setting fits like a glove, the characters come to life, and the drama becomes intense page-after-page. "COLD AS ICE" is as entertaining as CASABLANCA, as dramatic as REVENGE, and as romantic as THE COURAGE TO LOVE.

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Jane had high-hopes for her golden years at the age of fifty-eight. Shortly after becoming a winner in a radio contest, she looks at her future as she contemplates enjoying many more years of pure content. However, just a few years later, the unexpected knocks her off her feet after the loss of her husband, leaving her with financial hardship. The more she looks back, the more determined she becomes to ditch her Nursing job, and hit the road. The adventure begins as she sets out on a mission in her RV, meets new people, and receives a tempting offer that's hard to refuse. Her mission becomes much more interesting as she finds herself in places, she never imagined she would be. The further she drifted away, the more strange her road trip became. To make matters worse, she hooks-up with a mobster, finds herself flying airplanes, then meets Sadji after a plane crash. In the midst of biker gangs, hit-men, and danger on the way, was there time for romance? Was Jane paranoid, or was someone out to get her? During weird situations and dangerous encounters, did Jane grieve at loss and reflect on her life? I highly recommend this novel to all adventure lovers, who enjoy dark comedy with action and suspense, blended with a hint of romance. Jane Baskin, writer and clinical social worker, delivers a colorful Masterpiece of mystical magic and realism in one incredible adventure through the life of the main character. A widow attempts a second chance in life, after losing her best friend and everything she had in a desperate search to find the possible dream. The author takes the reader on a magical carpet ride as we laugh and cry, but also reflects on our own definition of life's expectations. A thought-provoking portrayal on humanity, being careful what you wish for, and the importance of happiness within ourselves. The reader will ponder on where we are in our lives, and where we would like to be. "JANE OF THE JUNGLE" is as enjoyable as PRIVATE BENJAMIN, as entertaining as THE KID, and as hilarious as RUNAWAY BRIDE.                          

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Jordan O'Malley thought she had everything in her safe world, her career as a teacher, her boyfriend, and a lovely home. However, after a breast cancer scare, she begins to realize that in reality, there was a void in her life. What she had was nice, but what she really wanted she she longed for, and her picture on life began to change drastically. She realized that her boyfriend wasn't Mr. Right, her parents were smothering her, and she missed her brother and a very close friend. Her New England life was about to be left behind as she sets out on a mission, determined to find her hero and her very dear friend. As Jordan travels cross-country to find Cam and reunite with Karin, along the way, she finds passion and happiness within herself. Her life began to change for the better as she followed her heart. Was Jordan selfish, what kind of childhood did she have, and did her boyfriend ever give her support? Jordan gave up social ties and material possessions, but did she ever break the bond with her brother? I highly recommend this incredible novel to all contemporary fiction lovers, who enjoy suspenseful stories, with a blend of romance. Holly Robinson delivers a mesmerizing page-turner with colorful characters that will make you laugh and cry, steamy romance, and an intriguing story made for the Movie screen! The author conveys that the greatest risk in life is not taking one, and the results of venturing out without any plans can indeed be extremely rewarding. This fabulous adventure is a journey of discovery, a reawakening of one brave woman, who is filled with courage and love. The addicting story is powerfully moving as the reader takes an emotional roller-coaster ride through the life of the main character. Each life-changing page of Jordan's journey portrays humanity, wit, sadness, and the importance of family and friendship. "SLEEPING TIGERS" is as touching as STEPMOM, as entertaining as NORMA RAE, and as dramatic as ERIN BROCKOVICH.



Inspired by J.R. Rain and human emotion, Eve Paludan delivers a creative Masterpiece, based on good verses evil. Within the pages of this delightful and interesting book, the reader is introduced to refreshing waterfalls, ranches, animals and much more. The story is beautifully written with rich, evocative words, and nostalgia. The characters are genuine, and there's never a dull moment. I highly recommend "THE MAN WHO FELL FROM THE SKY:Angel Detectives Case #1" to all romance lovers, who enjoy stories that will tug on the heartstrings, combined with humor and suspense. The author takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride with angels. The angel investigator comes to life, the fantasy is charming, and the romance is sparkling. The engaging story reflects on faith, redemption, forgiveness, and happiness. This heartwarming story is not only impressive, but thought-provoking, page-after-page as we ponder on inner-strength. Long after the book is closed, the reader will crave for more compelling stories of hope, love, and trust. This entertaining book is as touching as HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN, as romantic as CITY OF ANGELS, and as enchanting as MICHAEL.

**Welcome Author CINDY DAVIS**

Author Cindy Davis~~

Author of 'COLD AS ICE'

Genre-Women's fiction

L & L Dreamspell

~~~About The Author~~~

Cindy Davis resides in the green/white/brown, depending on the season, state of New Hampshire, where she spends most of her time at the computer either editing or writing. When she's finally released upon society to autograph her latest book, do a talk, or research the next in the 'Angie Deacon Series.' Heaven help the people she meets. Shutting her up becomes tantamount to stopping a volcano!

Personally, she's addicted to coffee, particularly blueberry flavor, and don't dare anyone get between her and her life-loves Ben & Jerry. Other than that, she's pretty laid back. You'd have to be with eleven kids, and twenty-eight grandchildren.

~~~About The Book~~~

"CLAUDIA IS A SURVIVOR, IN A WORLD AS COLD AS ICE." The drama begins in 1954, find out what's in store for Claudia!

**Welcome Back~Award Winning Author~ALEXANDREA WEIS

~Author of several books

~Author of "BROKEN WINGS"

~Author of "TO MY SENSES" 5 Star review

~Author of "RECOVERY"~5 Star Review

~Author of "SACRIFICE"~5 Star Review

~~~About The Author~~~

Alexandrea Weis is a Registered Nurse from New Orleans, who has been published in several nursing journals and textbooks. She has been writing novels and screenplays for over twenty years. Her First novel, TO MY SENSES, was a finalist for commercial fiction in Eric Hofer Book Awards, a finalist for romance in the Foreword Magazine book of the Year awards and a finalist for romance in the USA Book Awards. Her Second novel, RECOVERY, won the Gold Medal for best romantic suspense from The NABE Pinnacle Book Awards in 2011. Buyer Group International, an independent production company in Austin, has optioned the motion picture rights for RECOVERY.

Ms. Weis is also a permitted wildlife rehabber with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and when she is not writing, Ms. Weis is rescuing orphaned and injured wildlife. She lives outside of New Orleans with her husband and a menagerie of pets.

~~~About The Book

"Being a permitted wildlife rehabber in Louisiana, I wanted to educate people about what it is wildlife rehabbers do in a tale of one woman's struggle for happiness." Weis says.

~~~The Latest News~~~

"RECOVERY has been Nominated as a finalist in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards for Romance. Winners are announced in June.