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      At age seventeen, young Arielle is tested by her boundaries of love in a relationship with Chad, while under the old, oak tree. She knows about her father's non-approving opinion, which adds more stress to her life. What she doesn't know right away, is that her dad is not the only person, who resents her romantic commitment to Chad. Arielle is confronted with challenges, not only with her boyfriend, but aside of having to answer to her father, her decisions will be judged by five spirits from an ancient past.

The chilling ghosts are watching every move that the two young lovers make as they reveal their own tragic stories and horrifying events that took place, under the same oak tree, where the young couple embrace with romantic passion. The deaths of the five spirits were based on a terrifying ancient curse, will Arielle and Chad be the next victims?

Michael Phillip Cash delivers a haunting, unforgettable paranormal tale with enough mysterious twists-and-turns that will place you on the edge of your seat, until the final curtains close. This incredible suspense Masterpiece, made for the big screen, turns a short novella into an explosive dynamic psychological thriller, highlighting every twisted detail to perfection. The author's fascination with horror writing, combined with his motivation for challenge, creates a breathtaking story that will blow your mind.

The disturbing stories of five ancient spirits, hidden secrets, a tormenting curse, and twisted minds will send chills up your spine in a picture-perfect setting that fits like a glove. "THE HANGING TREE" is as scary as The Amityville Horror, as intense as The Birds, and as terrifying as Psycho. Highly recommended to horror, paranormal, and thriller lovers, who enjoy intense suspense!

Monday, March 24, 2014

***5 Star REVIEW~~"ROBBY'S QUEST:Ocean Bound"~Award-Winning Author~D.C. RUSH***

Genre:  Children (ages 5-7)


      It's time to escape the dreadful hot temperatures of summer in Arizona. The friendly flock of birds make a decision to fly to San Diego to absorb its cool breezes, and enjoy the breathtaking seaside scenery. However, Joy and Josie wander off to check-out a cruise ship, and wind up on an unexpected, unforgettable voyage.

When the girls arrive at the cruise ship, it was much further than they anticipated, and the extra flying time made them very tired, and hungry. They ate well, and fell asleep. After their nap, they opened their eyes, realizing the ship left the port. They remained on the ship, and while deciding what to do, they met Wanda, who gave them good advice.

A search party is formed, but will they find Joy and Josie? Will the lost girls listen to Wanda's advice, and find their loved ones? Will the daring rescue mission be successful?

Embark on a thrilling, fun-filled adventure as D.C. Rush highlights the true meaning of love, and loyalty. This charming story will have young children inspired as they read, learn the value of trust, and teamwork. The colorful illustrations bring the story to life, and this educational children's book is perfect for group discussions. "ROBBY'S QUEST:Ocean Bound" is as funny as Finding Nemo, as fun-filled as Shrek 2, and as thrilling as Walt Disney's, The Jungle Book. Highly recommended for parents, teachers, and child-care providers!                 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

***5 Star REVIEW~~"TAMING JENNA"~Best-Selling Author CHARLENE RADDON***


      Jenna is one extraordinary woman, who stands out in the crowd, one who fits the description as 'You've Come A Long Way Baby!' She's brave, independent, and tough. After Jenna and her mother were deserted by Jenna's father, she is determined to find him, ready to have him answer all the questions that haunted her for years. However, Jenna is also determined to find a train robber, while she prepares to set out on a mission as a Pinkerton agent. During her journey, while on her man-hunt, she finds Branch McCauley, a hired gun. It turns out that Branch is also searching for the bank robber, and wants to find this criminal as much as Jenna does.

Branch realizes that Jenna is not only filled with courage, but doesn't take too kindly to the opposite sex as they get involved in more-and-more arguments. Jenna is blind at first to the romantic sparks that continue to fly across the room, every time she sets her eyes on Branch. Does Jenna find out about Branch's haunted past? Does Branch find out why Jenna treats him the way she does? Will they both discover hidden secrets, and will Jenna come to terms with her father? Will love bring Jenna and Branch together?

Best-Selling author Charlene Raddon delivers a historical romance with suspenseful twists and turns in an adventure made for the big screen. The setting of the old west is picture-perfect, the intriguing story is filled with hot romance, and the colorful characters bring the story to life. "TAMING JENNA" is seductive, as romantic as Runaway Bride, and as entertaining as Sleepless In Seattle. Highly recommended to readers who enjoy historical romance!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Genre: Children

"The Treasure Of Snake Island:A Captain No Beard Story"

***About The Author***

      Carole P. Roman is a mother of four and an award-winning, best-selling author, and former teacher. "THE TREASURE OF SNAKE  ISLAND" is the fifth book in the beloved Captain No Beard Series. The First, Captain No Beard-An Imaginary Tale Of A Pirate's Life" was awarded the Kirkus Reviews Best of 2012, received the Star of Remarkable Merit, and was given the Pinnacle Award in 2012. Roman lives in Long Island, NY, where she loves to read to her grandchildren.

Carole P. Roman also has other children's books available on Amazon, and is currently working on other titles to be released soon.

***About The Book***

      This time, the mateys of the Flying Dragon are threatened by a serious looking set of storm clouds. While the friends gobble their sandwiches, the storm comes to a head, and everyone has to bail out. Since they were forewarned, they are forearmed and are able to get through the storm in ship-shape. When the dust settles, the Captain leads his crew to Snake Island in search of buried treasure. As X marks the spot, the crew starts digging and starts flying, until a solid thud stops the excavation. So, what's in the treasure box? Read the book and find out.



"ROBBY'S QUEST:RETURN OF THE CAT"~~**Award-Winning Author D.C. RUSH**

Genre: Children

***About The Authors***

      One day, Cathy and Don were watching the birds playing in the birdbath, and eating from the bird-feeder. On a block wall in the backyard, the birds patiently waited their turns, resembling airplanes waiting to take off at a busy airport. Cathy and Don were amazed at how the birds politely took turns at the bird-feeder, and how the smaller birds would help the larger birds by kicking seed to the ground for them, and they decided to write a children's book on the subject.

Cathy and Don live in Sun City, Arizona, along with their cats Hershey and Nomi. Cathy is a homemaker, and Don is a retired Manufacturing Manager and former Governing Board Member at the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona.

Don and Cathy have written and self-published 3 books in the Robby's Quest children's storybook series, illustrated in color. Their books are available in both eBook and paperback.

***About The Book***

      Joy and Josie want to see the world, so they decide to start in Las Vegas, where the birds can visit Caesars Palace, the Eiffel Tower and New York City all in the same day. They persuade the flock of birds to vacation there, so they fly there to have fun.

However, Hershey the Cat is back, and would love to ruin their vacation. Will the birds get to their destination safely? What challenges must the birds face, and what will Hershey discover about himself?


Genre: Children

~~"Mia's Quest For Courage" is part of a book series, Journey's Of The Heart Children's eBooks Collection, Rhyming Picture Books for ages 4-8.

**About The Author**

      I was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1970.  I had a beautiful childhood with two brothers, one older , and one younger than me. After high school, I have served two years in the Israeli Military as a commander of new male recruits. After my release, I received a BA in Psychology and Business Administration in the Hebrew University. Following that, I traveled as an exchange student to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I've lived for almost two years. Upon my return, I received my MBA, majoring in Organizational Behavior, and Marketing.

I began working for a sales and service consulting company, where I've worked four years. I started as a consultant, and was promoted until I became a VP. After four years, I left and did a professional retraining to training design. Since then, I've been working as a freelancer, providing training design service to various clients.

I am also a trained healer and teacher in various methods, but right now, I only practice it in my own life. Other than that, I am a single mother of a seven year old girl. I love reading, since I was a little girl, and movies. Also, I enjoy anything creative: knitting; coloring; cooking; and more.

"MIA'S QUEST FOR COURAGE" is my first book, but I am currently working on my second children's book titled "LILY SEEKS BELONGING." In addition, I am also working on a series of self help books that I am writing together with my aunt.

***About The Book**

      Mia is a sweet girl, who is afraid of the dark. Every night, when the shadows and noises come, she tries real hard to find her courage, but ends up at her parents' bed. Her mother sees that, and offers a song, to try to help Mia embrace her fear, and find her courage. What dream did Mia have, and was she able to tap into that courage, along with discovering where the shadows and noises come from?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



      A young boy finds himself one evening, walking a lonely, silent road in the dark, as he contemplates to reach his safe destiny. He begins to realize that he should not be alone, so far away from where he belongs, so he walks faster-and-faster. Suddenly, he makes one wrong decision that will affect his life forever. A young girl plays her favorite fun game in the mirror as she pretends to play movie star, until her imaginary play-time turned into devastation, and fear.

This child will never forget her favorite game, which will forever remind her of her worst nightmare. A very young boy plays in a hot-tub near a poolside, but one incident that day, will place a scar on his life that may never heal. All three cases have something in common. Within a split-second, an unexpected horrifying event occurred, that will change the lives of a victim forever.

Snjezana Marinkovic and Gregory L. Tori deliver a powerfully moving presentation through extensive research and investigations with heartfelt, emotional stories about the lives of criminals and victims as they share their own personal stories, and opinions about the American Criminal Justice system. The authors highlight what happens behind closed doors of a victim, what happens when someone found guilty is innocent, a behind-the-scenes look of prison cells, and the true definition of survival. The reader follows an intense, frightening court case, along with incidents in people's lives that continue to haunt. If the convicted made one mistake, but paid big-time, will he be able to move forward? If someone had to pay for a crime he did not commit and is released from prison twenty years later, will he be able to get his life back? Can our justice system protect the helpless, while defining the true meaning of mercy? Has it become easier for many to be silenced in situations of injustice, rather than voicing a statement in the fear of a courtroom?

The reader will think about the touching stories in this book that tug at the heart, long after it's closed. "JUST POINT AT HIM" is as chilling as The Juror, as entertaining as The Shawshank Redemption, and as emotional as The Green Mile. Due to the sensitivity and graphic content within the stories, I highly recommend this book to adults only, who are interested in criminal justice, and legal studies!