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5 Star REVIEW~~"COLLISION:The Battle For Darracia"(Book 2)~Bestselling author MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH



      The Battle For Darracia continues a saga of destruction as the war began to brew at the end of 'Schism.' A once known peaceful world becomes a world of turmoil as a young Prince struggles to keep his kingdom together, while refusing help from his family. Zayden continues to hunt for his evil uncle as Tulani attempts to bring her two worlds together, but what is Staf Nuen up to, and does he succeed on his horrifying mission?

      Time begins to run out too quickly, as violence fills the air. Does Staf Nuen get his wish, what happens to Tulani, and will V'sair survive from the icy water? A dread fills the air, while brutal destruction continues.

      Michael Phillip Cash delivers a thrilling, science fiction epic that has you on the edge of your seat as the war becomes more-and-more violent. The colorful characters come to life in a picture-perfect setting, as a collision course begins to test much more than power. "COLLISION: The Battle For Darracia" is chilling, suspenseful, and as entertaining as 'This Island Earth.' Highly recommended to science fiction lovers, who enjoy intense thrills, with a blend of fantasy.




     Award-Winning author, Carole P. Roman delivers another delightful adventure in the beloved "Captain No Beard" series. The author invites the reader to hop aboard the 'Flying Dragon' with the hard-working Captain No Beard and his faithful crew as the mateys set off on a new journey, which marks another exciting adventure.

      However, as the crew plans their voyage to Snake Island, Polly the parrot warns the crew that if there's a red sky in the morning, then everyone should take warning. Polly not only helped the pirates to prepare for a storm that's brewing, but she shared with them that she learned about storms and many other things, from reading books. Even though Fribbet became frantic of learning about the storm, Captain No Beard once again took quick action, and before they knew it, the wind was gone and the pirates were calm.

      As the crew discussed what kind of books they would like to read, Captain No Beard headed north to Snake Island to find hidden treasure. As they walked along the sandy beach, Hallie reminded everyone that snakes make her nervous. But, only one snake was found, who slithered away and then later on, Hallie told her friends that reading about snakes was okay. The treasure chest was found, after digging-and-digging, and inside the chest was a surprise for all!

      Young readers will giggle their way through this fun-filled story as the creative author brings this imaginary tale to life with inviting, colorful illustrations. In addition, children are encouraged to enhance reading skills, while learning through reading books, with enjoyment. "THE TREASURE OF SNAKE ISLAND:A Captain No Beard Story" highlights friendship and teamwork, is educational, and is as entertaining as 'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.' Highly recommended to teachers, parents, and child-care providers.


**Welcome Back~~Award-Winning Mystery Author**WAYNE ZURL

**About The Author**
      Wayne Zurl has written more than twenty Sam Jenkins mysteries and has been awarded Eric Hoffer and Indie book awards. He lives in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with his wife, Barbara. 

      For more information, please visit:

**About The Book**
      When country singer C.J. Profitt returns home to sing on stage in Dollywood, Mayor Ronnie Shields asks Sam to babysit. It is anything but a simple job as C.J. can be her own worst enemy. But, she isn't the only one. As the Coalition for American Family Values isn't shy about letting her know she isn't welcome.

      Sam breaks in John Gallagher, an old friend and new Police Operations Aide, on the job to help C.J. keep her Dollywood date, and everyone starts learning a new language.

      The past has a way of resurfacing in the present, and enemies can come from very unexpected places.                                                          


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      The courtroom drama begins with a jury trial in San Antonio, Texas, in which the Plantiff wins a huge malpractice judgement from a hospital, a doctor and the defense attorney's clients. The Defense attorney does everything in her power to have the judgement dismissed against her clients, along with having the Plantiff lawyer disbarred. The case is presented in a jury trial for the family of a brain-dead client.

      Author and Attorney Frank R. Southers takes the reader inside the courtroom, as we witness an on-going jury trial that has so many twists-and-turns that grabs your attention, and never lets go until the very end. The Plantiff attorney and the Defense attorney do not see eye-to-eye. All the facts and arguments are presented, while we anticipate who will win. The reader could feel the tension as the suspense becomes intense, while we ponder on Kincaid, known for abuse and Helene, known for her anger.

      In a most professional, dignified manner, the author teaches the non-lawyer how much work must be done, before presenting a case to the jury. In addition and most important, the reader learns that the verdict can be shocking and sometimes reality is, that no-one really wins, especially when justice turns into revenge. "LAWYER MAGIC" intrigues from beginning to end, is thought-provoking long after you close the book, is as entertaining as Runaway Jury, and as riveting as Erin Brockovich. Highly recommended!




      Lori Powers lived two different lives, loving her job as a flight attendant, and hating her life as a victim of mental, and physical abuse. As a brave woman, she manages to hide the horrifying trauma of her husband's abuse and blocks it out, while she attempts to focus on her daughter's heart-wrenching suicide, caused by sexual abuse from her father. The guilt that Lori endured, after reading her only child's suicide note, changed her life forever. In the same manner where a loving father and husband takes the law in his own hands in Death Wish, Lori Powers does the same thing every time a domineering, abusive man crosses her path, she re-lives the terrifying trauma of her daughter's death.

      Who killed Dr. Thaddeus Abrams, and will Mika Scott and Detective Jake Roberts find out why? How did Ed Fairchild die, and why did Michael Gates want to punish Lori? What happened when Megan joined Nick Parker on a layover, and how did Lori react? Inspired by famous authors and film, combined with his expertise in Aviation, Cary Allen Stone pens a thrilling Masterpiece, made for the big screen. This captivating, page-turner has you on the edge of your seat as we follow a murder investigation so intense, that we can't turn the pages fast enough. The nail-biting suspense of following "Who's Your Daddy' Serial Killer sends chills up your spine in great anticipation of fitting all the pieces to the mysterious puzzle.

      The author has a gift, the ability to draw his readers right into the crime scene as a witness, where we can see and feel the emotional horror of not only how someone could become a walking time-bomb, but also how bad things can happen to good people. "AFTER THE EVIL" is packed with action as colorful characters bring the chilling story to life in a picture-perfect setting that is as haunting as What Lies Beneath, as impressive as Double-Jeopardy, and as intense as Sleeping With The Enemy. Highly recommended to all mystery lovers, who enjoy thrills and chills, with a blend of intrigue, and romance.



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5 Star REVIEW~~"SCHISM:The Battle For Darracia"Bestselling author~MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH"


      Master storyteller, and Bestselling author, Michael Phillip Cash strikes gold once again as he delivers an epic fantasy that grabs your attention immediately in the first chapter and has you on the edge-of-your-seat, until the final curtains close. The author takes the reader on an unforgettable, science fiction thrill ride with an intriguing story that becomes more intense, page-after-page. 

      A social gap on the planet Darracia begins to cause turmoil in a place that was once known to its people, as a peaceful world. A young Prince struggles for his identity, who finally realizes that his loved ones must all work together as a team, in order to prevent total destruction. As young Prince V'sair waits in line for the throne, his evil uncle attempts to have V'sair, and the King killed. A war is brewing as the battle begins. Who will survive, who will win, and conquer all?

      Michael Phillip Cash pens a dynamic, epic fantasy, combined with science fiction and colorful characters in a picture-perfect setting, that will light up the big screen. This first installment in a series that's packed with intellectual thrills, leaves the reader craving for more. "SCHISM:The Battle For Darracia" is as thrilling as War Of The Worlds with Tom Cruise, as engaging as Forbidden Planet, and as entertaining as The Day The Earth Stood Still. Highly recommended for those who enjoy science fiction, suspense, and fantasy.