Wednesday, March 11, 2015

5 Star REVIEW~~"WOUNDED"~~Award-Winning/Bestselling author BEN BURGESS Jr.



      Samantha Miller had no control over the horrifying, abusive situations she endured during childhood. Her life was taken into the hands of mental and physical abusers at an innocent young age, when forced into prostitution. As she grew older in bitterness, resentment and hatred, her only defense was a plea for revenge as the curse she lived with followed her on a road to danger, violence and seduction. Then tragedy hit her like a tornado, and she becomes challenged to make crucial decisions that will change her life forever.

      Will Samantha have the strength to bury the past and move forward, or will the tormenting scars continue to haunt her? Bestselling author, Ben Burgess Jr., delivers a Masterpiece of urban fiction, in a powerfully moving story that grabs your attention immediately and keeps it until the end. 

      The author has a gift not only in creativity, but also has the ability to tug at the reader's heart-strings. Inspired by his daughter, combined with his expertise as a N.Y.P.D. Detective, Ben Burgess Jr. highlights that no matter what life throws at us, there's always light at the end of the tunnel. That shining light will give hope and faith to help us not only believe in ourselves, but also believe in others.

      In conclusion, the Beatles reached out to millions of fans with their famous song that hit home for everyone who listened carefully to the words that not only rocked America, but words that still live on, "All You Need Is Love." When there's love, there is hope, which will lead to eternal peace and tranquility, portrayed by the author throughout this emotional story. "WOUNDED" is as heartfelt as Tyler Perry's Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, as entertaining as I Can Do Bad Things All By Myself, and is as exquisitely crafted as Steven Spielberg's, 'The Color Purple.' Highly recommended to all readers who enjoy Urban Fiction, African American Fiction, and Lesbian Fiction!