Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome JASON WHITNEY~Author of "THE SEED"

ChrisMackeilang Publishing


Jason was born premature with multiple medical complications, making him a fighter who has always wanted to prove he could do what others said he couldn't do. Despite his medical issues and discovering he was dyslexic at a young age, he has done just that in his 41 years.

So, who is Jason other than a father of 4 and the CEO of US Secure Coins, a company he founded? He is all over the place. He is driven and full of life. He will usually pass those who say "it can't be done' up on the way to doing it. He is full of love and compassion and finds happiness in helping others. He is a guy who is not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve even if that gets him in trouble sometimes. He feels that he was born for a specific purpose and although he has many outstanding accomplishments, he is still on the hunt for how he can help do God's work. He is 'thankful" for all of God's blessings...his beautiful wife; four incredible kids; family; friends;house;job;and trials because they help one grow. He spends his spare time when he has it with his family while coaching his 2 youngest girls' soccer teams, volunteering at his church, and giving back to his community of Beaumont, Texas.

~~~About The Illustrator~NESSA DEE

Nessa Dee's love for art began at a very young age. Her love of picture books stemmed from the many hours she spent as a child in the library, where her mom worked. She still spends many hours in the library, cultivating that same love for picture books in her own children.

~~~About The Book

Jason Whitney has written a story of a young seed's journey to reach its destiny and its stages of growth, along its way to maturity. As the reader takes this journey, you may find a relaxing calm, once you travel life's journey...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

5 Star REVIEW~~"McCann's Manor:Portal" Author/Publisher CHARLOTTE HOLLEY


Elizabeth Carr and Kimberly Henson were roommates and became best friends, when they attended the University of Texas. They both share a gift that most people don't have, extrasensory perception, with a common interest in the supernatural. This extraordinary gift has taken them on several journeys through adventure, but also unforgettable, unexpected dark places, where trouble was brewing. One of those dark places was McCann's Manor, a two-hundred year old haunted house, waiting for them to walk through a door of horror. When Elizabeth and Kim were invited to a birthday party, little did they know that John Carter had a proposition for them up his sleeves, one they couldn't resist. They agreed to live in the manor one year to heal the house, filled with restless spirits. However, Elizabeth and Kim had a great deal to learn about the history of the three story monumental structure. Who else knew about the secret passageway, why did Betty's husband kill himself in the house, and what happened to Missy? Before a curse can be broken, Elizabeth and Kim had to dig into the past to learn about McCann, the Spencer family, and secrets that were hidden for years. Will the psychics discover the mystery of McCann's disappearance and if gold was hidden under the house as they attempt to get rid of evil spirits, or do they realize that they dug too deeply? Once they enter through the door of the rambling mansion, are they strong enough to face the consequences, and will they learn the true nature of the mystery? Were all the spirits freed and sent into the light? Charlotte Holley delivers not only an incredible page-turner made for the big screen that leaves you craving for more at the mysterious ending, but has crafted a powerful, edge-of-your seat suspense mystery that involves much more excitement than a haunted house, filled with evil spirits. "McCann's Manor:Portal" is thoroughly chilling, is as intense as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, and as entertaining as WHAT LIES BENEATH. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Larry Allen became a big star as the quarterback on his high school football team. He was a leader, a mentor, and his entire life evolved around the love he had for the sport. He once believed in the old motto, 'Go hard, or go home!' In fact, thousands of sports players in today's world of tough competition still believe in the theory of 'No pain, no gain.' Like many sports lovers, Larry Allen had no fear as he focused on winning, not how many times he had a concussion, or the consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury. When he was warned not to play the game he loved, his life shattered, like broken glass. To make matters worse, his dysfunctional family needed as much therapy as Larry did, in order to help him. Denise Bartlett delivers an eye-opening awareness of Traumatic Brain Injury in today's sports and the challenges of rehabilitation, through the life of football star Larry Allen. It is quite obvious that the author's expertise on this subject matter is presented through extensive, informative research. In addition, I can witness the consequences of TBI, working in critical care units, supporting these patients in the healing process. This incredible, touching story of Larry Allen and his family, highlight the challenges that must be met, and the essential need for a new beginning. This issue that the author presents is an instant replay for sports lovers and their families, a wake-up call on statistics of injuries, and the crucial importance of rehabilitation. Denise Bartlett tells it like it is for today's young athletes in a message of hope and happiness for the future, with an uplifting spirit, through this gripping tale of a football champ. "THROUGH THE FLAMES" is as emotional as BRIAN'S SONG, as entertaining as REMEMBER THE TITANS, and as inspiring as THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



This intriguing story in "TO HAVE AND TO HOLD" portrays how one woman's strength and determination helps her to survive the horrifying challenges she was forced to face in a battle for survival. The story unfolds in a picture-perfect setting of the burning desert of Utah as we are introduced to Tempest Whitney, while she struggles to protect her homestead, after becoming a widow with two children, and finding herself in a no-win situation. Her husband left her nothing, and the serious debt could leave her homeless. The suspense becomes intense in this page-turner with every decision that Tempest makes, from crawling out of a black hole after the death of her husband, to a scheming rancher, to a complicated relationship with Buck Maddux. A stranger, released from prison, finds passion in his heart for Tempest. Charlene Raddon delivers an exciting, historical romance as she describes the good, the bad and the ugly through unforgettable, colorful characters. The interesting story is filled with mixed-emotions, lust, fear, and love. Through this adventure, you will laugh, and cry as you witness several events that tug at the heart. Tempest Whitney follows a dark, scary road, and must close the door of horror, before walking through the golden gates. Does Tempest fall in love with Buck? The author shows the reader how we become stronger, after making mistakes, and how those mistakes can bring wisdom and hope to a new life of happiness. "TO HAVE AND TO HOLD" is as touching as LOVE STORY, as heartwarming as AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, and as captivating as THE COURAGE TO LOVE.

Monday, May 6, 2013



It was November in Cassell Springs, and along with the changes in weather, Police Chief Baker and Ian Merryweather prepared themselves for changes on elections at another town meeting that Ian hated attending. Baker usually didn't attend these meetings, while hiding his gun under his jacket, but something made him bring the gun at the last meeting. Who left a threatening note on Baker's desk, and did Baker trust the new town manager? Was Erik bitter at losing the election, and why wasn't Barney there? Was Caleb angry at Baker for bringing Lee to town, and did Erik accuse Baker of rigging the election? Did Baker have a good relationship with his son, and why wasn't Barney accepted to the police academy? The heat begins to rise as much as the tension in a small town, known for Mount Rainier as it attracts the tourists, but discontent among the town's people turns ugly, while a horrifying murder is brewing. Mystery author, Cindy Davis takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of chills and thrills as the suspense becomes intense in a murder-mystery that entertains from beginning to end. Who brutally killed Chief Baker, and what was the motive? Was the anonymous note a warning, and what was a woman doing with Barney's LTD? Did old man Donovan's collie have a reason to growl at the woman, who Baker was helping? Who is a prime suspect of Baker's murder, does Barney survive, and is Ian able to put all the pieces together in the mysterious puzzle as the clock continues to tick at a rapid speed? "MURDER BEYOND REASON" is as compelling as NO WAY OUT, as intriguing as THE FIRM, and as thrilling as DOUBLE JEOPARDY.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Star REVIEW~~"ETERNITY SKYE" Award-Winning Author~LIZ R. NEWMAN


A talented, focused Broadcast journalist is known for her unique, mesmerizing reporting style, after she climbs the golden ladder of success. The well-known News-anchor, Skye Evans, is not only professional, but a pro on her job description. She is strong, filled with courage, passionate and determined to be the best, regardless of the consequences. Liz R.Newman takes the reader on a riveting journey through the eyes of the main character that tugs at the heart from beginning to end. A touching journey through the life of one woman, made for the big screen! I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers, who enjoy electrifying stories that are blended with drama, suspense, and humor. The reader is taken from the streets of New York City and Central Park as we can hear the clomping of horses' hooves from the creaky wheels of carriages, before we witness the devastation of September 11, 2001, to the magnificent villas in Italy. Did the bombings of the Twin Towers change Skye's life, and was romance in the air? This thought-provoking, incredible story, will bring tears to your eyes through loss, and make you smile through triumph. Enter an unforgettable journey from the glitter and gloom of New York to the fragrance of gardenia, expresso, and fine cuisine in Italy. Will Skye step out of the dark shadows of heartbreak and see the light at the end of the tunnel? "ETERNITY SKYE" is as entertaining as WORLD TRADE CENTER, as delightful as IT STARTED IN NAPLES, and as romantic as ONLY YOU, with Marisa Tomei.