Friday, July 26, 2013



Award-Winning author, Alexandrea Weis delivers one of her best in this paranormal romance, made for the big-screen. The author takes the reader behind the scenes to Jazzmyn's restaurant, a New Orleans bistro, which was inherited when her father passed away. The perfect setting for the beginning of a love triangle as we are introduced to unique, colorful characters. Jazzmyn found success by hiring a chef, who was handsome, but also an irritating, control freak. To make matters worse, he had a drinking issue. Kyle was her best friend, who was also her one-time lover. His main concern was to convince Jazzmyn to stay away from Julian. But, regardless of his warnings, Julian already had a spell on Jazzmyn, like a magnet. Who was hiding deep, dark secrets, and is the truth revealed? Who really loved Jazzmyn, and who just wanted to control her life? Does Jazzmyn make the right decision, after dumping the loyal Kyle? After the characters come to life, Alexandrea Weis creates a roller-coaster ride through murder, sex, and deceit. The more we learn about the characters and their lives, the more entertaining this compelling story becomes. Why was Julian cursed, what did he do to one of Jazzmyn's ancestors, and does he break the curse? Is the kind-hearted Jazzmyn a good target for Julian, and who is she truly in love with? "THE SATYR'S CURSE" is packed with unpredictable twists-and-turns, is as thrilling as The Sixth Sense, and as mysterious as Stir Of Echoes.


Thursday, July 4, 2013



Charlotte Holley delivers another intense, thrilling mystery in The Actor's Guild Paranormal series that entertains from beginning to end. When Liz and Kim agreed on a decision to move into McCann's Manor, they put themselves into a scary, dangerous situation. Their decision was based on past experience, but they began to realize that this time, they went in over their heads. They thought that their ghost-busting mission was more than challenging, after solving the mysterious death of Missy, Leonard, and Benjamin. How many more doors must they enter to solve dark, hidden secrets about Benjamin McCann and the house he built that continues to haunt, before they can lock the doors behind them, and throw away the key? Why did Sephanira give Mark a crystal sword, and why was he attracted to her? Did Jonathan have his full powers restored, who wanted the Bartraol to be in chains in the pit, and were all the spirits put to rest, or was there another entity waiting to deal with Elizabeth? Will all the questions be answered, before the final curtains could be drawn as death fills the strange, stale air? The chilling story is mesmerizing, the setting is picture-perfect, and the unique characters come to life. "THE BAKERY MURDERS:Challenge" has you on the edge of your seat, is packed with suspense, and is as mysterious as 'The Others.' Highly recommended!