Sunday, October 19, 2014

**Welcome Back JO HIESTAND~~Author of "LOVE SONG"**

~~'LOVE SONG'   ~A British Mystery

**About The Book**
      On a cold January evening, Luke Barber disappears from his village. Despite search teams and police investigation, he is never found, and his absence leaves a lot of holes in many lives.

That was three years ago. Now, Luke's father employed detective Michael McLaren to find Luke. Did fear and jealousy contribute to Luke's death? Is McLaren able to place the proper pieces on the mysterious puzzle? Do the clues in this case lead him in the right direction, or a dead end road to no-where?

**About The Author**

      Jo Hiestand writes two English mystery series:The Taylor & Graham mysteries use a different English custom as the backbone of each book's plot; The McLaren Case Mysteries series features ex-cop Michael McLaren who now investigates cold cases on his own. 'LOVE SONG' is her sixth McLaren book, and her sixteenth mystery in all. 

      Jo lived in England, during her stint and professional folk singing. It was during this time that her love of 'All Things Mystery' was born. Her insistence for accuracy in her novels, from police methods and location layout to the general 'feel' of that area, has driven her innumerable times to Derbyshire for research. Those explorations and conferences with police friends provide the detail for filling the books. Jo is a member of Sisters in Crime, and Mystery Writers Of America.

Monday, October 6, 2014

**Welcome Back SARAH MALLERY**Author Of "SEWING CAN BE DANGEROUS and Other Small Threads"

Genre~~Short Story Collection;historical;crime;romance;action;mystery

**About The Book**
      "SEWING CAN BE DANGEROUS AND OTHER SMALL THREADS" is an extraordinary collection of long short stories that combine history, mystery, and romance.

      S.R. Mallery has worn various hats in her life. First, a classical/pop singer composer. She moved on to the professional world of production art, and calligraphy. Next came a long career as an award-winning quilt artist/teacher, and an ESL/Reading instructor.

      Her short stories have been published in:Descant 2008; Snowy Egret; Transcendent Visions; The Storyteller; And 'Down In The Dirt.'  Unexpected Gifts, her debut novel, is available on Amazon. "SEWING CAN BE DANGEROUS AND OTHER SMALL THREADS" is on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book sites.