Tuesday, December 28, 2010




Mitch and Alex find a mysterious box, while working on a dig near the statue of the Great Sphinx in Egypt, and uncover artifacts that could possibly be the biggest discovery in archaeological history. How could these artifacts exist, and will a mystery be solved, or is there a plan to destroy another society? The students continue their mission with assistance from Bob and Jack to research the significant findings, but do not share any information with the Professor. Did the Professor intend to ruin the lives of Mitch and Alex, so that he could take all the credit? Could the Professor be trusted, and was he jealous? What secret is hidden in the desert sands as the characters come to life, along with ancient civilization? I highly recommend this spellbinding adventure that spotlights archaeological theories as it takes the reader on a thrill ride, to all lovers of the ancient world who enjoy mystery and suspense with a blend of humor and romance. The interesting characters, along with a fascinating plot capture the reader's attention from beginning to end, while fueling the imagination as you crave for more with a burning desire for the next episode. Rai Aren and Tavius E. takes the reader back twelve-thousand years to the origins of the artifacts through ancient history and excitement as they create one of the Greatest stories ever told! The two authors become Master storytellers through detailed research and fantasy with an incredible imagination in an adventure made for the movie screen. A painting is made with metaphysical and mystical happenings, and the portrait is colored with past and present archaeology of Egypt. The mesmerizing story is clear and concise with all of Egypt's glory, leaving the reader in pure contentment. What kind of power was found in this relic? How old is the Great Sphinx as mysteries blow through the desert wind? How many years do we go back to meet the royal family of King Traeus? Who were the builders of the pyramids? When did deceit and adultery exist? What did the book from a cylinder found by Alex and Mitch symbolize? What did the dreams that Alex had represent? How old are the scrolls, and what language are they written in? "SECRET OF THE SANDS" is as intelligent as CLEOPATRA, as entertaining as STARGATE and as captivating as THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, with Charlton Heston, and Yul Brynner.

Sunday, December 26, 2010




Milo and Liam knew what they wanted from childhood. Along the road to fame and fortune, the love they shared together grew stronger-and-stronger as their Rock band became more popular. However, little did they know, that the empire they built was soon to be destroyed through vengeance and vicious lies. A psychopath continues to play his deadly game of manipulation on a mission to tear apart a loving relationship, and everything that Liam worked for. The evil, blackmailing stalker wins the dangerous game, but not the war. How long was Milo worried about his image and his secret love affair? How long was Liam unhappy that his secret was locked up in a closet? How long will Liam be tormented physically and mentally, before he can live life once again? How far will Bart go with his unstable mind and twisted personality? Who will survive the abuse, and will life ever be the same for Milo and Liam? This novel is recommended for music loving adults, who enjoy love stories that are provocative and filled with powerful images, with a blend of mystery. AC Katt wrote a dark, compelling story that will leave the reader on the edge of his seat from beginning to end. The spellbinding journey of the lives of the Rock stars and their fatal mistakes takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride through the power of love, horror, and forgiveness. After six years, what will it take to rebuild what Milo and Liam once had? Will revenge, anger, and greed win the battle, or will love blossom in the healing process? "SHATTERED GLASS" is as haunting as THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, as emotional as the movie AS GOOD AS IT GETS and as powerful as SLEEPERS, with Robert Deniro, and Dustin Hoffman. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~"CHARLENE THE STAR" Author Deanie Humphrys-Dunne


When Charlene was born, her mother taught her all about life, and how to live it with happiness and fulfillment. Although Charlene was as beautiful as her big brother, Charlie, they both looked different. Charlie and his mom had black hair, but Charlene had shiny red hair. Charlie had white stockings, but Charlene didn't. As Charlene grew older, she learned that everyone, including her family and friends may look different, but are all unique in their own special way. Born into a family of famous race-horses, Charlene was convinced to follow the footsteps of fame and success in the same path that her family took. However, at a young age, Charlene knew what direction she wanted to go, but it wasn't the same direction that her parents and Charlie took. It was easy for Charlene to follow her dream, but very difficult to confess to her family that racing wasn't her dream or talent, and that she found it boring. Charlene's dream wasn't the same dream that her mother had for her, but her mother was her best friend, and she didn't want to disappoint her. Charlene's mother and her brother taught her that she must attempt to try racing as a test to see how good she would be. Unlike Charlie, Charlene protested with temper tantrums, but fulfilled her duties to make a decision after trying, with respect to her family. Charlene complimented Charlie, Ann, and Blossom for their fine work at Sweetbrier racing stable, knowing her talent was right across the street. Almost everyone that Charlene knew wanted to be a famous racehorse, just like Charlie. But no-one knew that Charlene's talent was quite different, except Charlene, Eva, and Ted. One of the happiest days in Charlene's life was being moved to 'Jumping For Joy Farm.' She finally began to follow her dream to the road of success, but was also away from her family and friends. With Elliot as her companion and new friend, she no longer felt lonely, and was able to focus on her work. Why was Charlene doing crow hops and yawning, while she was supposed to be racing with Ann and Blossom? How did Charlie respond when Charlene told him that she was embarrassed that she was last at the finish line? How did Charlene do at her First Real Jump? I highly recommend this book to children, parents, and teachers. Deanie fills each page with motivation and inspiration. This easy to read children's book is delightful and educational as it teaches young children to reach for the stars, and follow their dreams. The author teaches the young reader how to follow the footsteps of a good role model, and the importance of doing your best, regardless of which career path you choose. More important, with time and patience, our talents will blossom in our special place in the world. Did Elliot's friendship and Mary's praise make Charlene feel proud? How did Charlene do at the Sterling Club? Was number thirteen a lucky number for Charlene? How did Charlene's goals and dreams differ from the dreams Charlie had at her age? Does Charlene become a champion? "CHARLENE THE STAR" is funny, heartwarming, and as entertaining as THE HORSE WHISPERER!