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**Welcome Author CHRIS M. TATEVOSIAN**

Author of: "LIFE INTERRUPTED" Subtitle: "IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT ME" Genre: A Memoir Chris Tatevosian grew up in Holliston, Massachusetts. During 1980, while a freshman attending Johnson State College in Vermont, he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After graduating from Johnson State College in 1983 with a B.S. in Ecology, and a minor in Chemistry, Chris was employed for seven years as a Nutraceutical Analytical Chemical Technician. In 1990, he received his degree in human resources, specializing in Adult Education from Trinity College, and moved on to find employment as an Occupational Safety Coordinator. His career was cut short in 1993 when MS forced him to go on disability. He now resides in Massachusetts with his wife, and two children. Welcome Aboard Chris! Author Interview will be posted on: BOOK REVIEW will be posted on:

Friday, April 24, 2009

**Welcome Author JOHN WAYNE CARGILE**

Author of: "THE CRY OF THE CUCKOOS" Genre: Mystery John is an author, writer, and publisher. He has won many writing awards, including Associated Press, Sigma Delta Chi, etc. He worked as a newspaper writer, and a magazine editor for nearly forty years. He spent a year with the FBI as a clerk in the late 1960s, regional sales manager for Bantam Books, and took his first job at the Birmingham News, after taking a Creative Writing Class from the city editor. He holds a Doctorates in philosophy and religion, and writes a weekly column titled Integral Life for two newspapers in his state. He is currently working on a sequel to THE CRY OF THE CUCKOOS, and is also planning on writing a script. Welcome Aboard John!

**Welcome Author RENEE VINCENT**

Author of: "RAELIKSEN" Genre: Historical Romance Renee is an author whose inspiration often stems from her passionate interest in Irish and Norse history. She lives with her husband, and two children in the rolling hills of Kentucky on a secluded farm of horses, and hay fields. When not writing, she enjoys horse back riding, time spent with friends, a great cup of coffee-with extra whipped cream-and getting hooked with a heated romance book. Her first novel RAELIKSEN, has been read and gaining great reviews all across the U.S., Germany, and the Netherlands as well. She is currently writing the sequel MacLiam, and hopes for its release in 2010. Welcome Aboard Renee!

**Welcome Author SAM MOFFIE**

Author of : "NO MAD" Genre: Fiction/ Humor Sam is forty-nine years old, and resides in Youngstown, Ohio. When not reading and writing, he enjoys a glass of red wine with his muse. NO MAD is his third novel. Please feel free to contact him at, Facebook, or Myspace! Welcome Aboard Sam!

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*****REVIEW ~~KATKA~~ By author Stephen Ross Meier

REVIEW The main characters in "KATKA" is Gavin, Katka, and Simona. Gavin is a handsome, young man who is trying desperately to run away from his past. Katka is Gavin's girlfriend who is convinced that money, and love combined is her top priority. Simona is a gorgeous, seductive woman who is convinced that business is number one, and everything comes next. She is sneaky, and as tough as a brick wall. Gavin and Katka team up with Simona to scam buyers of mail order brides in the Czech Republic. Gavin's plan was to convince Katka to sell herself to a buyer, take the money, and run. His intention was to use that money for him and Katka to begin a new life together. However, the plan backfired when Katka takes off with a client, then Gavin works with Simona. As his greed increases, so does his guilt in losing Katka. As he becomes successful, his loss of Katka haunts him more-and-more. I recommend this novella to adults who crave a read that's filled with excitment, directing your attention to love, betrayal, and loss. Stephen Ross Meier managed to create characters that fit an intriguing story like a glove, and a picture perfect setting made for the movie screen. The author takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride as you experience feelings of success, and failure. But, "KATKA" isn't your ordinary thrill ride, it feels more like a rocket! Your ride begins at Wall Street as you follow Gavin to Czechoslovakia, where he meets up with Simona and Katka. Then, the fireworks begin. You get a glimpse of a world filled with booze, sex, and deceit. Your imagination of the Eastern European girls explodes as you read on about a life lived that most would hope was just a bad dream. The plot is painted with different bright colors, and the moral of the story ends in sadness. We can buy anything with money, but love doesn't come with a price tag. It is known to be the most valuable in humanity, but is priceless. More important, the loss of love, because of greed and betrayal becomes the worst scar one can endure in a lifetime. The true price of betrayal takes a shattering toll in this heart-pounding, suspenseful story. "KATKA" is as sensational as UNFAITHFUL with Richard Gere, and as powerfully seductive as INDECENT PROPOSAL with Demi Moore! Geraldine Ahearn AIOM HonDG (IBC) Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ author of 6 books


"EQUALITY" by author Tim Kellis is not a book that's based on research to aid in counseling for married couples. It is not a novel that's focused on the opinion of psychologists, psychiatrists, and experts who have worked with failing marital relationships. It is not a book based on the religious experts who assisted couples during troubled times. Experience, combined with intense research on the increasing divorce rate in the United States explained by Tim Kellis is what "EQUALITY" is all about. He describes the true meaning of happiness, and the fine line between love, and hate. According to the author, and experts who worked with hundreds of couples that were seeking professional advice to prevent divorce will all agree that two factors are essential for every successful marriage. After working in the health field for thirty years, along with observation of numerous couples who filed for divorce, I agree that these two factors make up the golden key to marital happiness. One lesson lived and learned through experience is that we must face the nightmares in our past, bury them, forgive and move on. If we choose to go on, pretending that our past was wonderful, we will indeed transfer that pain onto the people we love dearly. The second crucial lesson, and golden key to walk through the door of marital happiness is that we must first be happy with ourselves. If we are unhappy with ourselves, and don't face hauntings of the past, then we will walk into a new relationship, unintentionally transferring unhappiness and blame onto our partner. The months and years will pass as sadness, and ambivalent feelings begin to grow like wildflowers. The final result will end in divorce, even though this is not what the couples wanted, even if love does still exist. The damage created unintentionally most of the time is not mended, it builds up, and the couples have nothing left to hold onto, except sorrowful memories that resulted in departure. I recommend this novel to all married couples, and to those who enter into a new relationship. "EQUALITY" dives deep into the conscious, and unconscious, directing the reader to how the mind works, and the impact of insecurities that may be hidden for years. This novel is a unique, self-help book that shines light on the beauty of love as viewed in "Love Story." It makes the reader think of appropriate solutions and prevention of divorce with a positive attitude, rather than direct the reader's attention to negative aspects as viewed in War Of The Roses, or Gone With The Wind. In comparison to the work of Dr. Sigmund Freud on his conclusion that there's no where to go with our troubles with no solutions, current research has proven this hypothesis to be untrue. I agree with Tim Kellis, and based on the work of Dr. Carl Jung that insecurities can in fact be corrected, resulting in a healthy, happy marriage. Statistics have noted that most health professionals, including myself, agree that prevention and happiness is the best medicine of all! Geraldine Ahearn AIOM HonDG (IBC) Founding Member of the ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ author of 6 books

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**The Next 2 REVIEWS Coming Soon**

"EQUALITY" Subtitle: "The Quest For The Happy Marriage" By Author TIM KELLIS *****REVIEW COMING SOON! "KATKA" Subtitle: "a novella" By Author STEPHEN ROSS MEIER *****REVIEW COMING SOON! To All my Authors, Thank you kindly for your Patience!

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**Welcome Author CRAIG LANCASTER**

Welcome Aboard Craig! Author of: "SIX-HUNDRED HOURS OF A LIFE" Subtitle: Or: They Say You Get 630,270, But I Don't Like To Assume Genre: Literary Fiction in-the-West/48329794724?ref=ts Craig was born in Lakewood, Washington on Feb. 9, 1970. The duality of his childhood -living most of the year in suburban Fort Worth, Texas with his mother and stepfather. He spent summers with his father in rural outposts in the West-fueled an appreciation for people as they come. His stepfather played a big part in Craig's gravitation toward jouralism. In spending time with his father among itinerant workers, Craig saw from an early age the struggles of those who live hand-to-mouth! Those two words- suburban and comfortable, rural and hardscrabble-inform his writing and his worldview.

**Welcome Author CHERIE KIMMONS**

Welcome Aboard Cherie! Author of: "Potluck Survival Guide" Subtitle: Care and Feeding of the Athletic Supporter Genre: Cookbook Cherie wrote her book to help anyone who has to organize a feeding event for children, or athletes. Some of the recipes in the book are those that only the younger crowd could love, but they all have passed the buffet test, being eaten, and well-loved at countless school events. Her book includes tips for meal planning, menu suggestions, and inexpensive decorating ideas. It also includes tips for feeding young kids, and nutrition guidelines for athletes.

**Welcome Author Rebecca Lerwill**

Welcome Aboard Rebecca! Author of: "THE ACRONYM" Subtitle: White Nights Of St. Petersburg Genre: Thriller/Espionage/Romantic Suspense Rebecca, a native of Germany, moved to the United States in the mid 1990's. As a professional equestrian, she trained dressage horses in the Midwest, and California for several years. In the summer of 2007, she published her first novel, "Relocating Mia." A romanic thriller that was recognized as a winner, and finalist by three national book awards, including the prestigious Indie Excellence award. With her husband Troy, she resides on their horse farm near the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

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**Welcome Author THOMAS C. ADLER**

Welcome Aboard Tom! Author of: "CAMPINGLY YOURS" Subtitle: A Heartwarming Journey Of A Lifetime At Summer Camp Genre: Memoir Thomas graduated from Missouri University with a degree in secondary education, and taught, and coached high school in Denver, Colorado for one year. In 1979, Thomas took a leap of faith and, thanks in part to years of boyhood birthday savings bonds, purchased Chippewa Ranch Camp. Each summer since, he has supervised two-hundred and twenty counselors and campers around the clock, spearheading countless adventures. His summer camp experiences have allowed him to equally befriend people from all walks of life. Having sold the ranch, Thomas and his wife, remain onsite as co-directors to facilitate a smooth transition. AUTHOR INTERVIEW will be Posted in My Blog! BOOK REVIEW will be Posted on: This Review Blog