Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 Star REVIEW~~"PENNY & RIO: The Locked Doghouse Mystery" Author JENNIFER SWANSON


Jennifer Swanson reached for the stars and succeeded in her sequel to "PENNY & RIO: The Mysterious Backyard Meeting." She brings back the famous dog detectives, Penny & Rio, who are well-known for fighting crime, and mysteries. This delightful chapter book, packed with colorful illustrations will capture the heart of any reader, regardless of age. In this incredible adventure, the two sister dogs team up with Hobbes to help Squeaky the mouse retrieve a treasure, which is as important to Squeaky as life itself. Although Rio is up to her old, lazy tricks again, the reader will learn that her naps really don't destroy ingenious crime fighting plans for solving cases. What is needed to gain access to the abandoned doghouse would be two clever dogs, a new brave assistant, and a persistent mouse. Who digs up the yard to find an old bone, and what was hidden inside it? Will the dog detectives crack the case, and solve the mystery? Why didn't Squeaky give-up on the mission to unlock the doghouse, even though Hobbes lives in the same yard, where the padlock remains on the door? Who is the brains of this crime fighting outfit, and who has more energy than Superman? This enchanting children's book is highly recommended for ages eight, and older. It is also a great read that will interest younger children, when read to by an adult. The story is captivating, action and suspense cover the pages, while the author points out the importance of family values. For the icing on the cake, Jennifer Swanson paints each colorful page with unique characters, who are precious, and come to life. Her love for animals, especially dogs, shines through in her writing. I have read the PENNY & RIO series to several children with special needs, and the adventure was a big hit in this funny, laugh-out-loud read. The children learn about teamwork, problem solving, and perseverance through the adorabl characters, page-after-page. The short chapters hold the attention of the young child as they step into this fun read, while learning not only about how clever dogs can be, but also what friendship signifies throughout life. Does Squeaky ever get what the detectives are searching for, before the doghouse is moved to a dump, and who is Spike? Which plan works best to solve the mystery, and who came up with the idea? This dynamic adventure teaches children to follow their dreams, while demonstrating the rewards of helping others. The priceless 'Treasure' that the author created was not only found in the doghouse, but in the heart of many young readers, who considered this book a 'Treasure' in itself. "PENNY & RIO: The Locked Doghouse Mystery" is as funny as Walt Disney's CHICKEN LITTLE, and as amazing as THE POLAR EXPRESS, with Tom Hanks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Unlike many well-known authors who can create a Masterpiece in one specific genre, Gary Starta has the unique capability to create a Masterpiece, regardless of which genre he chooses. BLOOD WEB and MURDER BY ASSOSIATION left me totally content in what to expect from a juicy thriller. "ALZABREAH'S GARDEN" is another Masterpiece, created with fantasy, sizzling romance and intense suspense, which left me amazed in the production of the incredible imagination of this author. The setting he painted of the sensual tropical island fits the unique story like a glove, the picture-perfect characters come to life, and drama that turns into murder covers the pages within a society that the reader will never forget. A New Order is created by one woman as the leader, who sends many women to this island, where they must follow the laws from the power of Alzabreah. All women are invited to step into a society, where laws of marriage does not exist, and love is forbidden, but what happens if you cross the line? Who killed Katayana, and why? Unlike other Olvidian women, why did Mavra disobey the laws? How far is too far for Alzabreah as the judge, jury, and executioner? Was the high priestess willing to give a fair trial to Doldruss? I highly recommend this novel to all science fiction and erotic romance lovers. Gary Starta's descriptive, superb writing style will not disappoint you. The plot is compelling, and the author's love for science fiction, fantasy and suspense blossoms on every page as his crime scene investigation and mystery explode like fireworks. The author takes the reader from the tall, lush grass of the tropical island of oblivion to betrayal, and murder. Does Thorpleen and Mavra continue a sensuous, loving relationship, or will it be destroyed? Mavra must fight for the right to free will, but who will win the dreadful battle? Which drone has become the primary suspect in the investigation? What are the pros and cons involving cloning, and stem cell research? How many illegal experiments were covered up, before Mavra fights for the right to live? Which drone was designed to be a Romeo, and an assassin? Why was Alzabreah in a rage with Nessa? Can a murderer be brought to justice, will Alzabreah always be known as the high priestess, and who does the statue in the mainland's capital city resemble? Love and morality continues to grow in a steaming love affair as compared to GHOST with Demi Moore as it does in ALZABREAH'S GARDEN, passion wins in a love to last as portrayed in NOW & FOREVER, and suspense continues with uncontrollable rage on the same scale as REVENGE, with Kevin Costner.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

**Welcome Author JAMES F. WEINSIER**

Author of:  "WHERE DO WE GO?"

Illustrated by:     Cliff Beaman

Genre:           Lyrical Children's Fiction/ Children's Wellness/ Parenting Resource


Born in New York City, James Weinsier was raised on Long Island. He received an Associate's Degree in Applied Sciences from Nassau Community college in 1964, followed by service in the U.S. Navy. Upon completing his tour of duty, he resumed his education at the University of Miami, graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. He is now retired, and lives with his wife in Fernandina, FL.

Weinsier first grappled with writing in 1996, when in anticipation of his daughter's 21st
birthday, he decided to give her something unique and straight from his heart. The result was a one-hundred page journal of special memories he, and his daughter shared that was written in poetic verse. The manuscript was so well received by his daughter that he published a seventy page book of thoughts for his father, HERE...
AND AFTERTHOUGHTS, and gave it to him for his 90th birthday. James continued to write, and three years later after his first published work was released, MORE...THOUGHTS was completed. The book contains 199 pages of sentiments commonly shared between parents and their children. James presented it to his father on his 93rd birthday, shortly before his passing.

In 2006, James experienced the devasting losses of three family members: his father, a son ,and grandson.  Isaac Randolph died in a neonatal infant care unit from complications of necrotizing enterocolitis,an intestinal disorder, ten days after his premature birth. In response to the pertinent questions from his other young grandchildren about what happens to us after we die, James wrote a children's book, WHERE DO WE GO? It was published in 2008.

'Wondrous' events took place a couple of weeks after the book's publication, which was two years after Isaac's death. On the exact month and day of Isaac's death and only a few minutes from the exact time of death on that day, Weinsier's daughter gave birth to her second child, James Walter. Baby James was premature and followed his brother's path into the NIC Unit. Fortunately, his issues were not catastrophic. On his tenth day of life, James W. was strong enough to go to his family's home in Kansas, while on the tenth day after Isaac's birth, he had passed away. Both boys went 'home' on the tenth day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

*Welcome Back Author DOMINIQUE L. WATSON*

Author of:     "TOO MUCH UNTOLD"

Genre:              Urban Fiction/Inspirational

*AUTHOR INTERVIEW #3*   Posted on:


Dominique L. Watson, published author and magazine/business owner, has published three inspirational books: INSPIRE ME YOUNG, HOW TO KEEP GOD IN YOUR LIFE,
and THE TENSION RELIEVER.  "TOO MUCH UNTOLD" is Dominique's first urban fiction novel. She owns several businesses: From A Writers POV, Ladies Of Christ Proverbs 31, and Eminent Empress. Dominique is currently working on getting her Associate's Degree in psychology. She currently lives in San Diego with her husband, and daughter.

Thursday, March 11, 2010



Sam Moffie creates another Masterpiece as he takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the life of Eli Canaan, who is a unique character, obsessed with sexual encounters with Abigail, and faced with the consequences of a hex that a gypsy strikes upon him. The story is as intelligent as NO MAD and as comical as THE ORGAN GRINDER AND THE MONKEY, which makes THE BOOK OF ELI, the icing on the cake. Abigail paid one-thousand dollars to a gypsy, while concerned about her husband's promiscuity, having no idea what the end results would be. Little did she know that Eli's life was about to change, after he is awakened from a deep sleep, totally convinced that what was about to happen had to be a dream. As he begins to hear voices, informing him that he committed adultery, he feels guilt and regret after speaking to God, believing that his behavior is what directly lead him to the gates of Heaven. Julius, who is Eli's guide, sent from God, is on a mission to direct Eli on the road to a rewarding life. As Eli begins to walk on a spiritual path, he learns from the teachings of Jesus, and many others. Through these voices of his advisors, he begins to focus on changes concerning ongoing issues that society is forced to deal with, such as the outrageous salary of an athlete, or the religious institutions that don't pay taxes. The astonishing story-telling becomes unpredictable and more interesting as Eli voices his opinion in an open and honest, tell-it-like-it-is style. I highly recommend this novel to all fantasy and fiction lovers who enjoy plilosophy, blended with satire, and humor. The author penned a delicious, well crafted page turner on the ultimate redemption of a man who made a complete U-turn in his life as his mind begins to shift on life's most important matters. What was Eli's view-point on the misinterpretations of the teachings of Jesus? How did he feel about Hollywood's juicy gossip to the public? What did he think about people focused on the weather, instead of current events in the world? The clever author covers each mischievous page with wit and irony as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is told by Eli Canaan. What insight did Sigmund Freud pass on to Eli? What was Eli's opinion about worshipping money and sex before God? Sam Moffie painted a triumphant story in a delightful read. "THE BOOK OF ELI" will surprise you as much as Patrick Swayze did in GHOST, and will make you laugh as much as Jack Nicholson did in AS GOOD AS IT GETS.