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A young, innocent child is born. She is trusting, caring, and curious. Before she could learn about childhood happiness, meeting new friends, and social events, her entire world is turned inside out. She is forced to grow up overnight with the responsibility of being caretaker for her mother and sisters as she faces humiliation on the outside, while coping with an extremely dysfunctional family, behind closed doors. The youngest of six children becomes traumatized with hidden horrors as her little eyes can only see chaos, abuse, and addiction. While constantly striving to survive, her world becomes darker and much worse, before she finds a way out. She lived in everyday intense turmoil, insanity, and violence, while desperately attempting to ward off the demons. As she grew older, still searching for answers, she finds herself thriving in the same type of environment from where she grew up. Her childhood memories became nightmares of alcoholism, rape, and eating disorders with the painful reminder of what tomorrow may bring. To make matters worse, while suffering from childhood trauma, she finds herself in a toxic relationship of her own, but begins to see the light before her mother's passing. She holds on tight to a thin rope, while burying her fear of change and finds not only the courage to survive, but the burning desire to help others. Her beacon of hope is the bright light to the candle that Christa Jan Ryan has lit, which will remain burning until eternity, because it sends a message of strength to all those who have not yet seen the light. The heart-wrenching story told from one brave woman who came forward as she reaches out to others with inspiration, instead of sweeping the horrors under the carpet, not only tells the world about her spiritual awakening, but also her heroic escape. The message she gives is one of peace and hope, that if she could find a new beginning after being emotionally abandoned and physically and mentally abused, so can any person who is still living in a traumatized world. I highly recommend this book to all those who are searching for inspirational stories that encourage enlightment, hope, and guidance. The touching story will make you laugh and cry as the author begins to bury the nightmares, while embracing self-love on the road to success. The story is powerfully moving as a crisis in one woman's life sends her on a healing journey that not only repairs old wounds, but one that helps others to walk on the same path. Christa Jan Ryan shows others that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel through her own compelling story, filled with motivation, and courage. "SILENT SCREAMS from the HAMPTONS" is as compelling as 28DAYS, as touching as THE COLOR PURPLE and as emotional as SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, with Julia Roberts.

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Oliver Surefoot was raised in a loving, caring family. He was taught, along with his brothers what the true meaning of morals and values are. As a young boy, Oliver had many good qualities, and his curiosity and way of thinking made him different from his brothers. Tom-Tom was strong like his dad and Jiffy was simply adorable, but Oliver was patient, intelligent, and compassionate. Although he never realized how strong he really was, his faith in God helped him to pass a test in life that he would never forget, as much as the reader will never forget Oliver. Three Fingers Cove consisted of many families that bonded together in love, happiness, friendship, and harmony. Then one day, that harmony turns into a nightmare, where love turned to fear, and changed the lives of all who lived there forever. This compelling story is a mirror image of what our future may hold, the doubts and mistrust we don't speak of and a reflection of the country we live in, filled with trials-and-tribulations. What would have happened to Oliver if he didn't believe in himself, or had no spiritual growth? Was it his faith that helped him to survive? Paul A. Ibbetson takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride from the country to the city as we are introduced to unforgettable characters who come to life, while witnessing love, hatred, and sacrifice. Tippy Top was the beautiful home for its residents that made Three Fingers Cove a world to be proud of, until destruction and evil invaded peace and tranquility. Oliver was forced to walk on the road of faith, while facing many challenges, and life-threatening situations. I highly recommend this impressive, thrilling adventure to all fiction lovers who enjoy inspiring stories that are combined with politics, love, and war. The author fills the pages with chills, thrills, and drama that explodes from beginning to end. What secret did Sasha hide from Roger? Were the coyotes, foxes, and bobcats more terrifying than the bullies in the Union of the Curly Tail? Who was the worst predator of the forest? What happened to Crom, Grit, and Ruffy? Did the Gray Skunk win the battle, or does he win the war? Who did Ruby create a baby's crib for? What did the dying Opossum tell Oliver, and did this news change Oliver's life? Why did Oliver sneak off to Ladies Foot in the middle of the night, and what did he witness? Who helped to save Jiffy's life, when he suffered illness with a fever? Does Laura fall in love with Oliver? The animals of the Cove join together to defeat the Gray Skunk in the battle of the Great Second War. As good fights evil, Mr. Muskin dies, and a baby boy is born. Who survives the revolution for freedom, and what price did many pay? What brought Oliver and Jiffy to the city as they face the evils of tax-collectors, and dangerous gangs? What did Oliver do with the Roughnecks and the Tang Gang? What predators of the forest became Gray Skunk's killing machines? Where did Oliver hide Jiffy as he formed his own army? What did smelas do to Oliver, how many babies did the Barnabump family lose, and who were the heroes of Tippy Top? Will Three Fingers Cove ever be the same, and what saved Oliver's life as he faced the Gray Skunk face-to-face? "OLIVER'S TALE" is as emotional as THE DEER HUNTER, as entertaining as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and as thrilling as WE WERE SOLDIERS, with Mel Gibson.

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Inspired by Dean Koontz, Marc Douglas created an incredible science fiction story with an imagination that sends chills up your spine page-after-page. A story based on corrupt governments, hatred, environmental crisis, and people living under difficult circumstances. This compelling story is woven with the elements that many people live with today in order to survive the trials and tribulations that life throws upon us. Genesis offers a new beginning, but what are the people faced with? The author takes the reader through a breathtaking adventure filled with love, war, courage, compassion and brutality. The issue of controlling life, combined with humanity and survival light up each page from beginning to end. Two flights crash on Genesis, which group of survivors are forced to live under a ruthless dictator? How did Leader and Shawna lose their son, and must they go to war? Where was Deak and Rachel escorted to, and did they ever see their son? What were the rules of the Federation, and what criminal acts did they commit? What was Dean and Rachel's only way out, and did Dean's plan work? Were the lives of the board members in the Federation controlled? What did George do to Dean and Rachel, and what happened to George? I highly recommend this compelling novel to all science fiction lovers, who enjoy mesmerizing stories filled with suspense, drama, and a blend of romance. Did the Federation create a clone of Joseph Lightsayer, and what was their motive? Was Joseph killed, or did he survive? Was profit the top priority for the Federation? Did the competition for jobs become another war? How many survived from Starship thirty-three, and how did the survivors aboard flight twenty-nine adapt to their new life? What was the difference between Oxxtown and Castletown? What group did THE PACK not understand, and where were their pups taken to? If the events ever came true as witnessed in this thrilling story, what would our future hold? Where would we go as population increases, environment is destroyed and resources dwindle down to nothing, what would we do to survive? Marc Douglas becomes a Master storyteller on space travel, political corruption and terrorism in a remarkable adventure that the reader could never forget. As the clock ticks and time moves on, will hope bring new life? Who was controlling the population of Castletown? What did THE PACK sense about the colony led by Lothar and Hunter? Did Leader trust Long Hair and her mate? Where was Max taken to, and did he ever see his wife again? What did Rock's mother teach him? Wonder turns to horror as the ships crash in this electrifying novel, made for the movie screen. "SLINGSHOT" is as terrifying as INDEPENDENCE DAY and as haunting as Steven King's THE LANGOLIERS!

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**Welcome Author CHRISTA JAN RYAN** Author Of: "SILENT SCREAMS from the HAMPTONS"

It is with Great Pleasure And an Honor to Welcome Author Christa Jan Ryan.

Author of:  "SILENT SCREAMS from the HAMPTIONS"
Genre:   Inspirational
(with a purchase, you receive a free handbag from Nepal to sponsor an orphanage
that Christa is supporting).
~~~AUTHOR BIO~~~                                                                                         

Christa Jan Ryan was born into a chaotic family enduring alcoholism, drug overdoses, and violence. The youngest of six children, three of her sisters are triplets, all born with Cerebral Palsy. She has been a professional landscape designer and consultant to the rich and famous of the Hamptons for the last thirty years. Following her heartwarming first book, From The Depts Of A Woman's Soul, Ryan is writing her third and fourth books with a renewed sense of purpose. She now lives in the Berkshires of Western Ma., while pursuing her film adaptation of 'SILENT SCREAMS' and play production, which she hopes to make a musical. Please visit her website at:


It is an Honor and with Great Pleasure to bring back Author Jeffrey B. Allen.

Author of "GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND"      5 Star REVIEW (Amazon) Second Edition

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I was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, in 1953. New Bedford was home to Herman Melville, author of 'MOBY DICK.' I believe that the first paragraph of 'MOBY DICK' is the best first paragraph of any novel I have ever read.

My father moved our family around the country nine times. I spent many good years, and many difficult ones growing up. Both the good and the bad contribute to my writing. While in high school in Bucks County Pennsylvania, I began to gravitate away from academics, and more toward the arts. I went to art school for painting, and later studied at Boston University.

Out of money, I transferred back to Pennsylvania, where I took a job as a cabinet-maker in a small Amish shop. While I earned minimum wage, I learned a valuable trade that would carry me for many years to come. After a year and a half at the cabinet job, I left to finish my schooling. In 1976, I graduated with my teaching degree and taught cabinetry for two years, before starting my own business in mid 1980. During that period, I married and was blessed with a beautiful daughter, and five years later, a beautiful son.

My business went on to grow and prosper, although it had its ups-and-downs, like all small businesses. But after thirty years, it still existed. By the time I sold the business, it had transformed itself from a cabinet shop to a design house, with about twenty employees. We specialized in the design and installation of architectural cabinetry for the entire residence. 

The selling process was a tumultuous time for me. It was during that time period that I began to work on my novel, 'GoneAway.' I was not going to undertake the project, but I believe that my family realized that I needed a diversion from the weight of my problems in selling the business, so they prodded me to begin writing, something they all knew that I wanted to do.

I loved the process of writing the very minute I started. 'GoneAway' took three and a half years to complete. It is loosely based on a childhood story I told my children, when they were very young. They never forgot the story, and encouraged me to write it down for posterity. But, I could not write a children's story. It's just not me. My story had to involve more of an adult theme. The process was daunting, but I let it go on, never rushing it, and never feeling as if I was under any kind of a deadline. When it was finished, I had it read by two professional editors, who helped me to polish it up, and get it ready for publication. It took almost a year to find a publisher, but I did. Then, I began to work on my next novel, 'Beneath The Quarry Waters.' 

Today, I live with my wife in Pennsylvania. Our two children are grown, and we are proud of them. My children and my wife have been a huge inspiration to me.