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By: Author/Artist Morgan Fitzsimons And Author Kat Jones Genre: Fantasy/ Science Fiction An Earth Shattering Adventure! Awe-Inspiring! Rivets And Amazes! An Extraordinary Battle For The Future Of Humanity! REVIEW Hunter is a leader, a great warrior who was admired by his crew. A crew that obeyed his every command, and were so loyal to him that they would have died for him. The ship in which Hunter and his crew were traveling in crashes, and Earth becomes their new home. While investigating their new home, Hunter and his crew discover the royal flagship of The TIMEWEAVERS. Hunter is accepted to enter the battle station, signifying the fight against the darkness of time as his crew is allowed to follow. Hunter realizes he has entered the world of the Avalon, the Supreme Ruler's domain, where he must go back in time to his past, before he proceeds with his quest to override Medraut's control. As Hunter goes back in time with the clock, his crew must witness that when Hunter belonged to the Doomwatch since childhood, he was forced to endure a life he didn't choose. But, regardless of his own beliefs, survival was the name of the game. Although he was forced to serve Medraut, he always defied him. While under Medraut's dictation, Hunter's eyes could only see death, and cruelty. A world filled with elite killing machines, where oppression replaced humanity. Medraut was a vindictive man who thrived on violence in a dishonest world, where morals and values did not exist. Now, Hunter must relive the life of Lancelot, and be the greatest warrior of The TIMEWEAVERS, mastering the secrets of time as he lives on. During his mission to win power over Medraut, and gain respect for his entire kingdom, the battle must begin. Does Lance finally prove what a wretch Medraut was? Does Lance find more missing TIMEWEAVER warriors? Who wins the battle across the stars to gain honor, and destroy evil? I recommend this novel to all fantasy, and science fiction lovers. The story is a suspense-filled, Twilight Zone thriller. A chilling, frightening nightmare that becomes a Masterpiece of mystery, giving terror a new name. The TIMEWEAVERS is as amazing as "War Of The Worlds" with Tom Cruise, and is as scary as Stephen King's, THE LANGOLIERS." Geraldine Ahearn, AIOM, HonDG (IBC) Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ Author of 6 books

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To All my Authors & Readers, Last week on Myspace, I was Psished, and my account was blocked 3 times! I unblocked my account 3 times, but due to Spammers & Hackers--my Review & Interview Links on my Myspace page were Disabled! Even if I fix this MS Problem, it will happen every time I get blocked! Please View my Blogs by Going directly to my Links, but Not from Myspace! http://www.authorgeriahearnsbookreviews.blogspot.com http://www.authorgeriahearnsinterviews.blogspot.com Thank you, and I Apologize for the inconvenience! Kind regards, Geri

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** I Welcome Author ANDIE LEE PECK**

Welcome Andie to Geri's Book Review! Author of: Abstract Murder Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Police Procedural/Psychological Thriller http://www.authorsden.com/andiepeck http://www.helium.com/items/237602-networking-why-writers-need- other-writers http://es.bebo.com/dreamlover40 http://open.salon.com/content.php?cid=63210 http://www.myspace.com/andieleames Andie is an American writer who lives in the US, and UK. "Abstract Murder" is her first book to be published, and is doing well in the UK. She has belonged to the Washington Independent Writers, and will soon be joining Women In Film. When not writing, Andie enjoys networking, and is also a freelance writer for: http://www.opensalon.com And: http://www.helium.com

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Author of: KATKA Subtitle: a novella Genre: fiction http://profile.myspace.com/index.cmf?fuseaction=user.viewProfile& friendID=425299171 http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1127140550&ref=profile Stephen Ross Meier was born in Fort Sill, Oaklahoma, the first of many places he would live worldwide. He received his bachelors in English from ASU. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Inspired by music, films, books, and the world around him, he is currently working on several projects, with his next book, TEACHING PANDAS TO SWIM, ready to be released soon. A huge fan of such writers as Charles Bukowski, Milan Kindera, Irving Welsch, Irving Stone, Chuck Palahniuk, and Brett Easton Ellis, Stephen has always been drawn to writing, and story telling. Having been diagnosed with heart disease on May 10th, 2006, Stephen has been reminded that life void of passion is really not a life at all. Welcome Aboard Stephen!


By Author/Artist Morgan Fitzsimons And Author Kat Jones Coming Soon! Thank you for your Patience!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

*****REVIEW ~~La Bajada Lawyer~~

By: Author/ Attorney JONATHAN MILLER AN ENGROSSING THRILLER! In Jonathan Miller's fifth novel, a dark comic legal thriller, "La Bajada Lawyer" takes the reader for another journey through the closed doors of crime, and the opened doors where justice is served. Dan Shepard is an attorney from Santa Fe, and La Bajada is the decent where Santa Fe ends and Albuquerque begins. Dan finally makes it to the top of the ladder with success in his career, but his law practice, and good reputation becomes threatened when he is informed that his girlfriend Ophalia is involved in a murder case. His life is about to change as quick as a lightbulb with major decisions he needs to make as he desperately tries to protect his career and reputation, while attempting to defend Ophalia. He finds himself in a sinking ship after he hires a beautiful, seductive attorney Luna Cruz to help him with the case as he falls in love with her. What strings must Dan pull in the world of politics to save Ophalia? Will Luna drown with him in his sinking ship? Is Ophalia innocent, or guilty of killing the governor's wife, and dumping her body in a ditch? Will justice be served, and for whom? I recommend "La Bajada Lawyer" to all thriller lovers and for reader's who enjoy suspense, and drama in a colorful dialogue, entertained by strange characters with a sense of humor. Jonathan Miller's expertise as an attorney in the field of criminal law, combined with his admiration for Albuquerque shines through in his writing. He leads the reader by the hand to the inside scenes of the courts where justice is served, after walking in from the outside world that's covered in crime. He clearly describes the good, bad, and ugly from the eyes of an experienced criminal attorney who has seen it all. For the icing on the cake, he adds a great deal of wit through all the drama, with his keen sense of humor. "La Bajada Lawyer" is a page turner from beginning to end as the reader becomes extremely curious to find out the verdict. This novel is one that would indeed light up a movie screen with its intense drama, packed with twists-and-turns, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat. It's a suspenseful whodunit, an engrossing thriller, and is as intense as JOHN Q, with Denzel Washington! Geraldine Ahearn, AIOM, HonDG (IBC) Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ Author of 6 books

Thursday, February 5, 2009


BRILLIANT! Wesley, and Carrie are the perfect couple, happily married. Their love is one that lights up life itself that would make every loving couple in today's world crave to follow in their footsteps. However, there's one exception in their life together that makes their dream incomplete, the burning desire to have a family. They begin to feel like outcasts in the baby-booming era that spreads throughout the United States. As a last hope in desperation, they are introduced to a woman who educates them on the human embryo, and egg donors, but the price tag is her top priority. The Sarbeck's find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy, and in the middle of a murder plot. Then, they are introduced to the world of Hollywood celebrities, and a heist of fresh human embryos. Carrie nearly lost her life, and her beautiful dream that's shared with Wesley turns into a nightmare. Reproductive Technology becomes a horror, and ethical and moral standards crossed the boundaries with the law, becoming nonexistent in this extraordinary, realistic medical thriller. How far will the Starbeck's go during their quest to become parents? Does their intimacy force them to become ignorant of their own actions, while blind to the consequences? During the unexpected trials and tribulations, does a controversy exist between the gifted hands of man, and God's hands? Does Wesley, and Carrie walk through the forbidden doors of infertility to erase the pain that torments them everyday? I recommend "Fresh Frozen" to all thriller lovers, to medical professionals, and to all those knowledgeable on infertility. I also recommend it to reader's who crave the inside scene of Hollywood celebrities. In his third medical thriller, award-winning author Darden North takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster ride that covers every human emotion in medical history while we travel through a world of deception, murder, and tragedy. "Fresh Frozen" is a Masterpiece, crafted by an expert who created an enthralling plot with characters who come to life, and suspense that sends chills up your spine. This incredible story, packed with ingenious twists-and-turns is one indeed that belongs on a movie screen. This medical thriller is Brilliant, and as chilling as "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" with Annabella Sciorra, and Rebecca De Moray! Geraldine Ahearn, AIOM, HonDG IBC Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board CCRN/ Author of 6 books

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I Welcome Author TIM KELLIS

I Welcome Author Tim Kellis to Geri's Book Review! It's a Pleasure to have you among our many Talented Authors! Author Tim Kellis Author of: EQUALITY Subtitle: The Quest For The Happy Marriage http://www.happyrelationships.com/ www.myspace.com/timkellis www.new.facebook.com/profile.php?id=135920759&v=info&viewas= 1359207598 www.youtube.com/user/happyrelationships For Tim Kellis, writing this book has been a life experience involving his professional, and personal life, as well as his imposing intellectual and emotional development that has led him to understand how to make a relationship work. Tim has an engineering degree, nine years in the telecommunications industry, an MBA in finance, then onto Wall Street where he became the first semiconductor analyst to focus on the communications market. He became a leading semiconductor analyst at one of the biggest firms on Wall Street. The experience he gained provided excellent research for writing his book on relationships.