Monday, December 31, 2007

***NEW YEAR'S EVE"" 2007

In just a few the clock strikes 12 Midnight on this New Year's Eve, My wish for family And friends is for Happiness, Safety & Good Health for 2008. I aim to move forward & continue my journey to New friends, Achievements, Goals & peace. HAPPY NEW YEAR & GOD BLESS TO ALL---May 2008 bring out the Best in YOU! Cheers, Geri

Sunday, December 30, 2007


December 30, 2007 As the Countdown begins for the upcoming New Year, It is indeed a time to Reflect. As I look back to many moons ago, to where I was, and to where I am now, my inner thoughts Reflect on What's in store for 2008? What do I wish? How can I Move forward? Thinking back from the sixties to now. What's really Top priority, besides room for Motivation & determination to reach my goals? First & Foremost--I wish for World Peace. I wish for Safety & hope & Prayers for our soldiers in Iraq. As I learned from my Dad who fought for this country, and many friends I lost in the Vietnam War & their families who I think about today. As we all know, Freedom is not free! I Pray for the Safety of our soldiers, and that they will be in our thoughts until the war is over! I pray that my family & friends stay safe, healthy & are financially stable in the upcoming New Year! Last, but not least...May All your Dreams come true & I wish U All Happiness in your hearts & in your lives. God Bless! Happy New Year! Cheers, Geri

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Just a Brief Bio in Introducing myself to All... Most of my life was devoted to a Nursing career. From about age 10... I told my dad I wanted to help people, either as a Nurse or as a Teacher. At that age, I didn't realize that we could do both & more, and so i did. From age 16 to over 30---I spent many years working as a Nurses aide, an LPN, an RN to critical care Nursing to Nursing in schools & clinics. Also taught First aid & CPR courses in Adult ED, fire departments, and other locations. I loved Nursing & everything I did incorporating my nursing career into my life. But, after my 2 daughters were born, and working & caring for sick children & children with disabilities--I also had a burning desire to Write. I wanted to write about experience in life, and a little boy i held in my arms one time in a school for severely disabled children---about age 3---gave me determination to also write for children. I read books to him everyday--even on my days that i was not scheduled to work. He was the reason why i wanted children to laugh more, learn more & grow up happy & confident. He was motionless--had a trach-- could barely move, but that smile on his little face when i read to him was worth a million dollars. After he passed on--I wrote for children, and have hand delivered many copies of my children's books to schools, teachers, Tots Unlimited & hospitals. My writing Career began in 1995. from then to 2007, 6 books have been published: INSPIRATIONS, WORDS TO LIVE BY, LIFE'S POETIC JOURNEY, THE NURSE IN THE PURSE-INTRODUCTION, THE NURSE IN THE PURSE-VOLUME 1, AND........FROM AMERICA'S FUTURE LEADERS. At the present time--I have 3 books in progress--However! Geri will be on a Writing Break for at least 6 months to Rest my Brain>>LOL! The Greatest honor for me in 2007 was to receive A GOLD MEDAL in Achievement for the United STATES. No matter what Awards I receive later on if any, This was my Greatest honor and I'm Happy with that for a Lifetime---even though Business Leaders & BIO Institutes may not agree. At age 57, what are my plans for the future--To continue writing different books of many genres---especially children's books. What have I learned in Life to Help others reach their goals? My Motto is this: Follow your Dreams, because that's where your heart & soul exist, and Never quit. If U quit--U quit on yourself. How can others believe in U, if U quit on U. Be Persistent, and no-matter how difficult the Mission to success may be, Continue to climb that ladder to the top! Motivation combined with Determination equals Success. Those who believe in you will support you in your efforts every inch of the way. Good Luck & God Bless to All! Geri

Welcome To All Authors And Readers

December 29, 2007 First I'd like to say...."Happy Holidays to All." For the upcoming New Year--I wish Good Health to All my Friends. May the New Year Ring in Best Wishes---May All your Dreams come true! This Blog will be a Place for Me and Friends---All readers are welcomed of course, to be a place of comfort, and enjoy the Reviews of the Many Talented Authors that I will be honored to read & Review their work. At the present time, I am accepting 2 books per Author per month-- to give other Authors a chance to also get reviewed. As an Author of 6 books-- I know the Importance of Reviews & how much it can help in successful promotions. I will Accept All Genres, but will only accept Print Copies, And my List is growing. Authors are Listed on a first-Come-First Serve-basis-- in all fairness. Some Authors have emailed me to request a Review for a New Release---coming soon. That's fine, as your name & title will be added to my List in the order per request. For the Month of January 2008---All Reviews are FREE. Each month--I will Post Bulletins on Myspace with New Info. pertaining to my Reviews. Also you can contact me with questions u may have, or requests for New Reviews at:, and I will always reply ASAP! As for me, I will be on a Writing Break for at least 6 months. I enjoy Reviewing as I've done many moons ago. I've also Edited the 6 books I wrote, but for 2008, I will be doing Reviews---Editing may come later on--depending on my workload. At this time--a few days before New Years--I'd like to begin by wishing you All Only the Best that life can offer in 2008, and the Best of luck in All your Writing Endeavors! Cheers, Geri