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~~Welcome TERRI D.~~Author Of: "YESTERDAY'S LIES"

Genre:  Women's Contemporary Fiction
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When I meet people, one of the first things they ask is, where are you from? Or, did you grow up in Harrisburg, which is where I currently live. I have a very hard time answering the first question. I was born in Detroit, Michigan, but don't remember it, since I literally only stayed there about a week or so after I was born. I spent most of my life in Washington D.C., Suburban Maryland area until the age of twelve, when I left home and went to Virginia to attend a boarding school from grade nine to twelve. Every year that I was in boarding school, I came home in the summer to a different city, Washington D.C;Charlotte;North Carolina, and finally Harrisburg, PA. When I tell people that, they often ask if my parents were in the military. I laugh, and say no! My mother was just finding herself. So, where am I from? I have now officially lived in Harrisburg PA longer than anywhere else, so this is home.

I am a single mother of three. I once read that children bring our subconscious issues into life. They show us the parts of us that we need to heal. My children have always been my inspiration to push myself to get to the next level. I see little pieces of me in each of them, but they have all grown up to have their own distinct personalities. I have worked in the Healthcare industry for over twenty years. I am presently employed for a local Healthcare company, and work in the Information Systems Department. Although I work in it, I am not a 'techie' as most people consider anyone who works in this field. I consider myself to be very analytical, which makes people that I've known for a long time, wonder where all of this creativeness came from all of a sudden. To this, I say it has always been there, just hidden beneath the surface.

I have kept journals as far back as I can remember. I always liked to write, and express myself in writing. I have often been told that I express myself in writing, better than I do verbally. I dabbed in poetry from time-to-time, but have always gravitated more towards music. I am a singer, and have also used that as an outlet for my creative energy. I come from a very musical family. All of our activities usually involve music in some form, or fashion. I still sing in church, as often as possible. However, my writing intensified ten years ago, while going through my divorce. It was a way for me to express myself, without exposing what was really going on inside of me. At one point, I allowed a close friend to read some of what I wrote and they commented that I had a very unique way of writing and expressing myself, they encouraged me to continue to write.


Genre: Memoir


Don grew up as an average person on his parent's farm in Utah, where he was taught to accept responsibility, be honest. He was also taught to do the best he could in work, school, and personality.

He served his country through three wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. He retired from the U.S. Air Force, after nearly twenty-four years of service.

Don served over thirty years as a club Golf Professional with the PGA of America, and now holds a lifetime membership.

Most importantly, he talks openly about his love for his wife Petie, who has passed away. The care he gave his girlfriend Sandy, up to time of her death and the love of his second wife Wandi, who gives him lots of hope for his future.

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Most twelve year old girls are into fashion, dance class, and music. But not Samantha Conway. Unlike her classmates, she lives in a world of her own. Sam gets her thrills on the baseball field, seeking revenge on the Mack Pack, and playing Town Security. Sam's high level of intelligence, curiosity and moral support from tyler turns her thrilling adventures into an unforgettable terrifying experience that will get your adrenalin flowing. When Sam's father proudly gives her a new toy, did he put his invention into the wrong hands? What did Sam do with the Sound Shooter, how far did she go, and how far is too far? Sam's new toy offered intriguing possibilities, but did it also direct her to danger? Where did the Mack Pack chase Sam and Tyler, who becomes the predator, and who becomes the prey? Who came up with the plan to become the Stingers? Why did Sam and Tyler go to Jones Beach, who were they looking for? What made Tyler's mom cry uncontrollably, and was Sam's mission accomplished? Why did Clemency give Jack and Jimmy their jobs back, with a fifty-percent raise? Who revealed Sam's identity to the mob? Did Sam manipulate Giovanni Scardino, and at what point does adventure turn into chaos? I highly recommend this action-packed novel to all adventure lovers who enjoy loads of unending fun, combined with drama and suspense. W.G. Griffiths takes the reader on one thrilling adventure that begins as delightful, and ends in a heart-pounding chase for survival. The author creates a clever, steadily engrossing thriller that entertains with colorful characters and powerful events page-after-page. How did Sam think that she was helping her father, why did Jack dislike Clemency, and was Jack in danger with Giovanni? Why did Giovanni fake a heart attack, did Tyler discourage Sam from spying at the Scardino estate, and was the Sound Shooter used in the conversation that Scardino had with his lawyer? Who saved Tyler's life from drowning, and how did Giovanni find out that Sam was hiding in his yard? How does the Sound Shooter wind up in the hands of a major organized crime boss? The game has ended, the fun is over for Sam and Tyler, time is running out as they run for their lives, who will survive? "STINGERS" is as captivating as WILD AMERICA and is as thrilling as THE JUROR, with Demi Moore, and Alec Baldwin.

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5 Star REVIEW~~"FAR EAST OF THE SUN" Author Janina Stankiewicz Chung


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Geraldine Ahearn:"Author Geri Ahearn"


One can only imagine the extraordinary suffering that took place, while living under Communist oppression and becoming a prisoner to horrific concentration camps. After viewing heart-wrenching movies about Hitler, his soldiers, and what happened to millions of innocent victims is beyond comprehension. The 'hell on earth' as perfectly described as the Holocaust leaves an aftermath in the lives of survivors of a nightmare lived through the worst evil humanity marked in history. Janina Stankiewicz Chung deserves the utmost respect to voice her painful experience to the world, a terrifying reminder of a personal journey in the battle for survival, under the most deplorable conditions known to mankind. The author describes the cold, harsh reality of prison, starvation, and abuse. She not only captures the horror and cruelty that swept through concentration camps, during this dark chapter in history, but conveys how unconditional love became the power of faith and perseverance to survive. The love between Sasha and Anya that they passed on to their family was the strength they held together through the trials-and-tribulations to live. I highly recommend this novel to contemporary historical lovers, and teachers. The story is deeply moving, compelling, educational, and inspiring. Janina Stankiewicz Chung defines hardship, rage, and fear through the lives of one family who found a miracle to escape. This tragic story that depicts the terror, brutality and humiliation endured through the lives of one family determined to survive, along with the author's testament about courage is indeed a worthy addition to the literature of the Holocaust. This book is powerful and tugs at the heart as the characters come to life. The descriptive, breathtaking story would make for a magnificent movie, based on overwhelming conditions in a horrific time period. This novel will leave an impression that will last for a lifetime through one story that's never to be forgotten. "FAR EAST OF THE SUN" is as captivating as Steven Spielberg's SURVIVORS OF THE HOLOCAUST.

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5 Star REVIEW~~"MERRYWEATHER LODGE:Ancient Revenge" Author Pauline Holyoak


Emily is anxious to visit her aunt and uncle at their cozy cottage, located in the lush English countryside. During her visit, Emily is invited to sleep in the attic. Within a few minutes after her aunt brought her to her room, Emily felt a strange presence behind her, wondering if the experience was simply due to an overtired mind on an exhausting day of travel. As she tried to brush off the events that took place the night before, new events began to torment Emily the next day. What did she see in the mirror, was the doll still sitting on the rocking chair, and why did Wooky hiss and scratch Emily? Who turned the Eliss Family portrait upside down, and what was Emily's first impression of John McArthur? What did Emily feel when she shook hands with Jonathan, and did Emily's curiosity about the woodlot upset her aunt? What was chasing Emily and her aunt through the woods that made Emily extremely apprehensive? Who put the doll in Emily's bed? As Emily found herself terrified and trembling, did the mystery that she found have something to do with her? Was Emily hallucinating, or did a ghost hiss at her as a putrid smell filled the room? Did anyone believe Emily, or did they all think that Emily was having nightmares? I highly recommend this spine-tingling novel to all thriller and mystery lovers, who enjoy intense suspense, with a blend of romance and humor. Pauline Holyoak becomes a Master storyteller as she fills each page with love, magic, and horror. The reader is invited to take an unforgettable roller-coaster ride as you witness the same terror as if viewing Hitchcock in his classic tradition. Does Emily become a target by mysterious spirits, while she's determined to unlock hidden secrets? The author paints each page with fantasy, colorful characters, and haunting events that would light up a movie screen. When Emily returns years later to find out the answers, who will be seeking revenge, and does Jonathan guide her in a dangerous mission? "MERRYWEATHER LODGE: Ancient Revenge" is as scary as THE GLASS HOUSE, as mesmerizing as EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, and as gripping as DON'T SAY A WORD, with Michael Douglas.