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By: J. Hale Turner One of the most important days of a teenager's life is their sweet sixteen. The anticipation of this special day for a teenager is as important to them as a wedding day is to a couple very much in love. Sweet sixteen to young ladies is also a time of peer pressure, mixed-emotions, and confusion as to who they are, and who they want to be. Most young ladies are thrilled this joyous occasion has finally arrived, but not for Skye Patterson, she perceives dread and humiliation. Unlike most teenagers, the most important thing in her mind is not boys, dating, and parties. Instead of building her social life, she's forced to grow up overnight, with a responsibility that most sixteen year olds would not be able to handle. It's hard enough on Skye to maintain good grades in school to plan for her dream of becoming a Veterinarian, but she's also forced with the burden of guiding and protecting Starr Alexandra. Starr is Skye's younger sister, born less than two years later. Although Starr is also a teenager, who may resemble Skye in appearance and is as loving as her family is, she lives in a different world. Starr is an autistic teenager, who lives in an isolated world, one in which only Starr can control as to who she opens the doors to. She survives the trials and tribulations that life throws at us by creating her own barrier for the good, and against cruelty. She thrives on joy and uses her barrier as a defense mechanism against ugly situations, usually caused from ignorant people who lack knowledge, understanding, and compassion. Starr used her barrier of defense at the local mall, while under the supervision of Skye, when they were both arrested under false pretenses for shoplifting. A day in Skye's life that became a crisis, which will forever leave an emotional scar, over a situation that was blown out of proportion. Skye accidentally lost her sister in the mall, while socializing with friends, with her mind focusing on a young man who she admired. Suddenly, her world was filled with fear, panic, and guilt. The trauma inflicted upon her, which occurred within thirty minutes, changed her life as quickly as a flashing traffic light. Skye was overwhelmed with joy to find Starr in a bookstore, laughing at a talking Elmo book, her new joyous possession. Before Skye could even take a deep breath of relief, handcuffs were forced upon her, and Starr. A moment that caused hysterics, embarrassment, and devastation that could have been prevented. Unlike the reaction of most sixteen year olds, Skye Patterson becomes a hero, defending and protecting Starr, regardless of her friends totally ignoring the incident. If I had the privilage and honor to nominate an Academy Award for Best performance in crafting the story of this novel with perfection, without a doubt, it would go to J.Hale Turner. In the same respect that Walt Disney used, the author painted her characters, then brought them to life. With thirty years experience in the medical field, specifically caring for autistic children and raising a child with disabilities, I can witness the expertise and knowledge that Ms. Turner carefully incorporated in her characters of "Orange Clouds Blue Sky." This story tugs at the heart, while making the reader laugh and cry at the same time, as one would do while viewing "Raymond" with Tom Cruise, and Dustin Hoffman. The sensitivity and emotional trauma that the Patterson family lives everyday could be felt through the reader as if watching "Radio" with Cuba Gooding Junior. This novel is a must read not just for teens, and adults, but also for the entire family. The portrayal of heroics penned by J.Hale Turner is superb in a magnificent performance of showing the readers that some of the world's greatest victories can happen in real life. Geraldine Ahearn, A.I.O.M. CCRN/ Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC

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Author Of VOLCANO VERDICT He is probably the Best Selling Novelist who is still actively practicing law in New Mexico. His books were Published by Cool Titles, a small Press in Beverly Hills, CA. His first Novel--Rattlesnake Lawyer was first Published in 2000 & is currently in its 3rd printing. His 2nd & 3rd books, Crater County And Amarillo in August both made the Tuscon public libray's master list of Southwestern books of the year in 2004. As for Volcano Verdict, it was a finalist for New Mexico mystery of the year. All of his books are available through Ingram & Amazon.com. Before his books were even published, the Albuquerque Journal hailed him as "The Next john Grisham."

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Author Of HELL KNIGHT Fantasy/ Horror http://www.myspace.com/hellknightnovel http://www.lulu.com/content/1044061 to order Ebook http://www.lulu.com/content/1067597 To Order Paperback http://www.geocities.com/hellknightnovel/index.html GeoCities Preview

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ORANGE CLOUDS BLUE SKY BY: Author J. Hale Turner Women/ Teen/ Young Adult Fiction www.myspace.com/jhaleturner www.jhaleturner.com BOOK REVIEW Will Be Posted On: This Blog, Amazon & Barnesandnoble

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BY: Jeremy C. Shipp Jeremy Shipp takes the reader on a psychological head-trip through the eyes of Bernard Johnson. A thirty-five year old intelligent man with a wild, incredible imagination. Bernard is tormented with his dreams, fantasies, and nightmares. The reader is taken through the door of a magic carpet ride of adventure, but the ride doesn't end there. The ride continues from the magic carpet of fantasy, through the door of the haunted house of fear. Each reader will be taken through the same journey, but if they dare go a second round, they may experience a completely different feeling than the first ride. Vacation is a thought-provoking, surrealistic first time novel, created into a dark fiction masterpiece. This adventure story through the mind of Johnson is disturbing, provocative, and challenging. Shipp covers every segment of human emotion to perfection, leaving the curious reader in total darkness. Reading Vacation is like watching one of Alfred Hitchcock's finest brain-teasing movies, where the reader is left confused. This unpredicting story of one man's journey is a powerful, bizzare, roller coaster ride into the human psyche. Vacation demands the reader to begin this journey once again, and for each reader that takes a second ride, Shipp's mission is accomplished. His sole intention is to make sure the reader hasn't missed anything. The reader is left with questions, not answers, and is forced to solve this puzzle of mystery. Is Bernard Johnson battling with depression? Does depression take over? The author draws a fine line between fantasy and reality through the wandering mind of Bernard Johnson, as he struggles out of his comfort zone. I recommend this novel to all readers who enjoy dark fiction, combined with challenge, and suspense. However, one must be as daring as Jodi Foster in "Silence Of The Lambs." Bear in mind that she was warned, "Don't let Hannibal get into your head!" May I remind you that he was a clever psychiatrist, and she was forced to take that daring risk. Shipp invites his readers to take that risk, while riding that roller coaster of madness through the psychological journey of Vacation, reminding readers that the greatest risk in life is not taking one. Geri Ahearn, I.O.M. Author of 6 Books Author Geri Ahearn, INC.

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AUTHOR Kelly Moran When The Leaves Stop Falling (Romantic Fiction) An Insomniac's Dream (Poetry & Short Stories) Author Of 3 Published Books Recipient of an Editor's Choice Award For Outstanding Achievement Inducted Into the 2006 Edition of "Who's Who in America." A native of Milwaukee, WI----She resides with her husband & twin sons

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#20 THE ALIEN MIND (science fiction) BY: Virginia Lori Jennings # 21 VISIONARY FROM THE STARS (science fiction) BY: Virginia Lori Jennings


Thursday- March 5th-08 VACATION BY: Jeremy C. Shipp dark fiction/ Bizzaro http://www.hauntedhousedressing.com/vacation.htm

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NOW READING... VACATION BY: Jeremy C. Shipp Dark fiction/ Bizzaro # 6 For Book Review....

*****REVIEW Alfaland

BY: Susie Honeycutt Mystery/Romance A Great Read! REVIEW Is Also Posted on: http://www.amazon.com/ And... http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ *****REVIEW Kendra Patton, and her younger sister Aimee Sue, grew up at Alfaland, a prestigious country farm in Indiana. The Patton home consisted of one- hundred and eighty-eight acres of pure beauty, with blooming gardens, pools and ponds, and horses that Kendra and Aimee deeply admired. Childhood for the Patton girls was a family album of cherished, loving memories that shined through Alfaland from their parents and relatives, friends, and Amish neighbors. Their religion constituted high morals and values, respect, and love for others. Everyone in the town they lived in admired and respected the Patton family. The abundance of love that Kendra's parents, Byron and Leigh gave to their daughters could be felt through Kendra, Aimee, and Alfaland. At twenty-two years old, Kendra married Aaron, and was expecting her first child. Aimee Sue was in her second year of college, during which time she met the love of her life at a party. Kendra and Aimee were invited to dinner at Alfaland, a day that was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. The anticipation of Kendra announcing that she was three months pregnant to her first child was overwhelming. The thought of her parents becoming grandparents, and Aimee becoming an Aunt, filled her with an abundance of joy that she could no longer keep a secret. The girls had arrived at Alfaland, and Kendra and Aimee were sharing secrets. Byron and Leigh were preparing dinner, and had just found out that they would soon be grandparents. Aaron was taking in the scenery, so much admiring the love and beauty of Alfaland, smiling at his dog Buster, who also loved the farm. George, who was the Patton's hired helper, was tending to the barn as he always did. Bryon and Leigh were shouting to the girls from their outdoor patio to hurry up, so they all could eat dinner, before it begins to rain. Kendra was inside the house, listening intently to Aimee Sue's secret. Aimee had just told Kendra that she was in love with someone. During this time, Aunt Jane called to warn them about a storm coming their way. Within a split-second, a raging tornado attacked Alfaland, changing the lives of the Patton family forever. In the first few chapters of Alfaland, the reader can sense love, happiness, and horror. In a clever way, the author describes beauty to its utmost level, and terror from mother nature in its devastating behavior. The strength of Kendra as described by Susie Honeycutt is a remarkable portrait of inspiration to all readers. The reader can detect love as described in the movie "Ghost." The reader can feel the happiness, and sadness as described in the movie "Love Story." As one reads through the lives of the Patton family, after the impact of the horrific affects of the tornado, pain and remorse can also be felt. I would recommend this novel to teens as well as adults. The story reveals a crucial fact of how our strength through an unexpected crisis in our lives can not only help us, but others as well. The author paints an incredible picture of determination through the lives of the Patton family, after they battle grief from death, and sadness from loss. The moral of the story lies in the truth that many of us have lived through, and the "Beatles" made a hit song of it, titled "All you Need Is Love." Geraldine Ahearn, I.O.M. Author of 6 books Author Geri Ahearn, INC.

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For ALL Authors whose Books I Have Now... And For my List of Books Ending with # 21 (Author Virginia Lori Jennings) This List & These Author's Are for FREE BOOKS & Services--because we began Jan 1st/ 08 Any New Authors Now requesting a book Review My Fee will be $5.40 per book review/ Including my Services My Services Include the following: A Book Review A Posting of the Book Review on my Blog & 2 Websites upon your request Bulletins for Promos before--during & after my book review a visit from me to your website to post a comment about your review All Authors have my permission to Copy my Review, as is with my Signature, and add it to their own Blogs or websites. I AM ACEPTING ALL Genres I am ACCEPTING 2 Books per Author per month I am ACCEPTING Print format only--Paperback or: hardcover I am Not Accepting Ebooks at the present time Once I write & Publsh your review- It will remain as the original--No changes will be made--AFTER I've written & published it! Your book or books will never be judged poorly by me because of Editing/ or punctuation errors. What really counts in my opinion is the Story! Wishing U All a Great weekend! Geri