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Charlene Raddon delivers a golden gem of a sequel, to the mesmerizing 'To Have And To Hold.' A Masterpiece that draws you in immediately like a magnet as the compelling story has your undivided attention, until the incredible surprise ending. An unforgettable story with colorful characters, made for the big screen! This fascinating sequel not only leaves you craving for more, but takes you through exciting, unexpected twists-and-turns. Rosalyn Delaney is a strong, determined woman, who refuses to give up on the hunt for answers in the murder of her missing husband. As she sets out on a mission, leaving Salt Lake City to travel to Rose House, she becomes desperate to uncover hidden secrets, regardless of who gives her the answers she needs to solve the horrific crime that will haunt her forever. However, she discovers that she learns much more than what she bargained for as the clock ticks fast, while the pieces must fit properly in a mysterious puzzle. Who was the prime suspect, and was he guilty as charged? Why was her husband killed, and what did Whip Kincaid discover? Will Rosalyn find out the truth, before time runs out? What did Rosalyn learn in the old, haunted mansion, and did she hear voices? Why is Whip hiding, who does he want to investigate, and what are his true feelings for Rosalyn? "THE SCENT OF ROSES" is as intriguing as An Officer And A Gentleman, as romantic as Top Gun, and as entertaining as What Lies Beneath. Highly Recommended!


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C. Michelle McCarty delivers a Masterpiece of contemporary fiction as the reader is taken on a thirty year journey, through the life of one remarkable woman. We are taken back to the nostalgic era of the 60's in all its glory as we witness old relationships, mistakes, struggle, then triumph. As the reader moves through the sentimental memories of those oldies-but-goodies, one can hear the sweet tunes of 'The Time Of Your Life' from Dirty Dancing, through electrifying flashbacks. Cherie's exciting, poignant story reveals a colorful portrait of strength, the trials-and-tribulations of single parenting, and the long road to maturity. The author describes the true meaning of survival as we follow Cherie's footsteps through old doors that closed, and new doors that opened. The intriguing story reveals how strong we become as we heal the pain of failure, while riding that bumpy roller-coaster, through a time machine of the sixties, to today's world. The setting fits like a glove, and the unique characters come to life. "THE JEWEL BOX" is an enjoyable read that tugs at your heart, is as fascinating as The Courage To Love, and as entertaining as Flashdance. Highly recommended!

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~~Book One of the Vampire Eden series


Eden Sayers is an extraordinary, strong woman with hidden secrets of her past that haunt her, an aging prostitute, who meets a vampire. Patrick plans to deliver her to a group of vampires as they contemplate on having her for dinner. Eden convinces the leader of the pack to turn her into a vampire, in exchange of delivering fresh victims, or she will face a horrific punishment of death. The CIA is anxious to arrest Eden, lock her up in a prison cell, and throw away the key. As Eden becomes traumatized from all the threats on her life, Patrick decides to team up with her, and destroy the vampire with her coven. The clock ticks fast, after Eden is changed by the queen of vampires, and she is forced to make crucial decisions. Is Eden's aging problem resolved, will she help the CIA to capture Aoleon and take her down, or will Eden learn what agony is in a tragic ending? Liz R. Newman delivers a brilliant story, combined of horror and terror that sparks not only chills and fear, but also fun and humor. The intense, scary story is packed with horrifying twists-and-turns as the author takes you on a roller coaster ride. The dark, gloomy setting fits like a glove as we are introduced to several characters, who are unique, and creepy. "VAMPIRE EDEN:Kiss Me or Kill Me" is as chilling as The Gingerdead Man, and as terrifying as Silent Night. Highly recommended!

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Rai Aren and Tavius E., deliver a fascinating, triumphant sequel to 'Secret Of The Sands.' This dark, perilous journey takes the unique characters we followed in book one through an archaeological adventure in Egypt as the group meets their enemy, while on a hunt for the ancient artifact. The priceless, deadly artifact that Mitch and Alex discovered over a year ago, under the Great Sphinx of Giza. It is believed that this ancient artifact could change the world. However, it also places the archaeologists in great danger. Will a powerful, hidden secret be revealed as the group walks into the danger zone, while confronting their enemy? What crucial decisions must be made as time begins to run out? Is the group strong enough to face a ruthless enemy, filled with greed? Will the startling truths be uncovered? Who will survive, and who will pay the price for the secrets of the past? The authors chronicle a mysterious adventure of a mesmerizing ancient past that haunts and entertains, from beginning to end. We follow unforgettable characters in a breathtaking story that has you addicted and thinking, long after this Masterpiece is closed. A powerful, ancient epic made for the big screen. "DESTINY OF THE SANDS" is as riveting as The Mummy Returns, as fascinating as National Treasure, and as thrilling as The Mummy:Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. Highly recommended!

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**Welcome Award-Winning Author~~B. J. SCOTT**



Winner, WILLA Literary Award for Soft Cover Fiction, 2011, sponsored by Women Writing the West.

___Enterprises staggering in scope sweep across the land...cultures clash, rising and falling...strong, courageous women rise above all.  These are the novels of B.J. Scott:


Angel of the Gold Rush
Angel's Daughter
Legacy of Angels

***About The Author***

B.J. Scott is the author of the previous historical novels that form the Angel Trilogy (Angel of the Gold Rush, Angel's Daughter, Legacy of Angels).  His trademark characters are formidable females: steel-strong, loyal to family, adventurous, sometimes hot-headed.  But they back down from no one, woman or man. Cross them and you may not live to tell the tale.

**About the Book...(LIGHT ON A DISTANT HILL)

In 1876, a sixteen year old mail-order bride Ellen O'Hara sets off westward from Salina, Kansas to meet her husband-to-be, a cavalry officer stationed at Fort Walla Walla in Washington Territory. But en route, her party is attacked by Indians near Elko, Nevada.  Badly wounded, she wanders off into the wilderness and disappears.  She will emerge two years later, older than her age and wiser than her years, shaped and burnished in one of the great tragedies in American history.

Now she is torn between two worlds, and two men.  One clings desperately to the hope she is alive. The other would have considered her a mortal enemy---until he met her.

**Welcome Author CARRIE ATKINS**

~My Next Dance
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance

~~About The Author

Carrie was born in Walnut Creek, California, and grew up as a true 'California girl.' With her husband Ben and two daughters, Taylor and Samantha, she moved to Plymouth, Minnesota in 2004. They were soon joined by a third daughter, Morgan. The family fell in love with the North Star state, the changing seasons, the beautiful parks, and all ten-thousand lakes. As the girls reached school age, Carrie was finally able to devote time to her life-long writing passion.

The first product of this effort is MY NEXT DANCE, part one of the story of Becca Cooper. Inspired by a variety of literary influences ranging from Audrey Rose, to Anne of Green Gables, to the Twilight Saga, Carrie integrates these influences with a unique array of personal experiences and mixes in a healthy portion of keen Minnesota and California youth culture observations. Carrie has completed the sequel to MY NEXT DANCE, and plans to release it soon. Please visit:  for more exciting information and photos of the actual places Carrie wrote about.       

~~About The Book~~**MY NEXT DANCE**

Born and raised in Plymouth, Minnesota, Becca Cooper is a skilled ballet dancer. She struggles with insecurity, her avoid-Caleb plan, accepting her mother's death, a serious fear of ice-skating and a secret that could shatter her life. Plagued by debilitating visions of a ballerina named Cassandra, the seventeen-year-old is forced to face a startling truth as the mystery unravels. This enchanting story alludes to the supernatural, but hits the ground running with so much character, romance, and emotion that the dusting of paranormal activity is only a delicious bonus...


***Welcome Author JACKIE SONNENBERG***

~~Author of : "ALL THAT GLITTERS"  Coming Soon!

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/Crime

***About The Author***
Jackie Sonnenberg is an author living in the Chicago suburbs. She first published a few short stories in children's magazines and websites as a teenager, and went on to become a journalist, writing for the local newspaper, while still in high school. She graduated from Carthage College, continuing in journalism, working as a columnist and freelancer for newspapers. Here she wrote and published three books under Atlantic Publishing:Requested research topics about housing, business and pet care.

Finally moving forward with her novels, Sonnenberg is excited for the debut of 'ALL THAT GLITTERS' as well as progress on other works. She writes mainly urban fantasy, but has plans for science fiction, as well as a horror series.

~~~About The Book*****'ALL THAT GLITTERS"

        The town of Wickerwire, Iowa, has become the home of a famous jewelry thief,who happens to have an ability to get by completely undetected. He leaves behind no trace, except for what appears to be a calling card:candy in place of the jewelry he steals, the media giving him the nickname, "The Candy Caper." He won't give up, until he finds an item believed to be blessed with ancient magic...unless someone else gets in the way.

It could be the aloof police officer, who is blamed for his escape, the young reporters looking for their big break, or the new jewelry store owner who has the best security system in town. 'The Candy Caper' tries to juggle growing relationships in his personal life...and at the same time keep his notorious alter ego under its mask while keeping his eye on the prize. But what exactly is in it for him? Said to be a backwards superhero story telling the story of a would-be villain. "ALL THAT GLITTERS" is a satisfying read for anyone who has ever fantasized about living a double life, a secret identity, as well as having a special ability...and whether this ability is a gift or a curse.

**Welcome Back~Award-Winning Author~KAYLIN MCFARREN**(BURIED THREADS)

Coming Soon!

~~BURIED THREADS (Book 2~Threads series

Genre: Erotic/Romantic Suspense  (Oct 1st) (Nov 1st)

~~~About The Author~~~         

Linda Yoshida, writing as Kaylin McFarren, minored in English in college and for the past twenty years, has led PR/marketing efforts for several companies within her family's international conglomerate. She is a wife and mother of three, resides in Oregon, travels extensively, and enjoys gardening. Linda also enjoys visual arts, interior design and fine wines, and some-how manages to oversee the day-to-day operations of her family-owned five-star restaurant. In addition to serving on numerous boards and presiding over her non-profit, The Soulful Giving Foundation, she actively works with multi-published critique partners, and is a member of several writer's organizations. These include Willamette Writers, Rose City RWA, and Romance Writers of America. Her debut novel FLAHERTY'S CROSSING garnered numerous awards, and received recognition as a Golden Heart Finalist. SEVERED THREADS, the first book in her Threads series, received national media attention, literary awards and rave reviews. It has readers anxiously waiting for the second installment, 'BURIED THREADS.'

**About The Book~~BURIED THREADS

Rachel Lyons and her partner Chase Cohen, accept a contract to recover a lost priceless treasure in the Sea of Japan. However, upon arriving in Tokyo, they soon discover their mission is more complicated and dangerous than they originally believed. In order to prevent a natural disaster from striking Japan and killing millions, they must form an alliance with yakuza members, dive into shark-infested waters, and risk their lives at every turn to find and return the three ancient cursed swords...before time runs out.

***Welcome Back Author CHARLES SPENCER***

~~Author of : "HELL KNIGHT"   Charles Spencer

Genre: Fantasy/Horror

~~The First Three Chapters of 'HELL KNIGHT' Preview:

~~~A Great Chilling Read, just in time for Halloween!

Special Note: To purchase this book: Please visit:

Or: Contact author at

***About The Book***'HELL KNIGHT'

      A warrior has arrived in the heart of God's Country from a realm of unspeakable nightmares, a place where only evil reigns...and she can make many things possible. Her mission is unknowable to the mortal world, but she will have mortals serve her. They will be her army...they will kill and die for her. The warrior's enemies are equally mysterious in their purpose, but they are monstrous and vile beyond belief. And they are legion. The world will know that by the sharp blades of her swords, the warrior will make blood flow like a river.

   But a detective in the heart of God's Country, haunted by her past, will become obsessed with understanding the truth. The truth will be beyond anything she can imagine. The truth will force the mortal detective to follow the relentless warrior from another realm into the darkest shadow. Both will find an unexpected, shared destiny as they fight against a common enemy that will threaten to change everything. The warrior will do everything in her unworldly power to deny that change and the only hope for our spite of one extraordinary fact.  She came from Hell.