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Genre:   Early Chapter Book for ages 6-9 years


A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Jennifer Swanson's lifelong interest in books led her to become a children's author. Her award-winning books about PENNY and RIO-the dynamic canine detectives, have delighted children across the country.

Both books have been awarded the prestigious Mom's Choice Award for juvenile fiction and The Dove Foundation 's Family Approved Seal. Both awards indicate an
excellence in family-friendly media.

PENNY and RIO have gone international! You will soon be able to read the Thai version of both PENNY and RIO books. In addition, PENNY and RIO will be introduced to the French market in spring 2010.

Jennifer has her Masters of Education in K-8 science and is a graduate of three courses from The Institute Of Children's Literature. She is an active member of SCBWI and also a member of the Florida Writer's Association. Currently, she is employed as a science instructor for Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth.


Genre:   Science Fiction/Erotic Romance


Gary Starta is a former journalist who now writes science fiction novels. He would like readers to know that each sale made will help save animals as all his royalties go to a no-kill animal shelter. His love for cats is reflected in his novels BLOOD WEB and EXTREME LIQUIDATION, which feature the cat, Celeste, modeled after his favorite Tonkinese pet.

Starta says his novella 'ALZABREAH'S GARDEN' -a fantasy romance-was created out of his interest in fringe science. What if a geneticist could make love slaves and what moral dilemmas might it cause?

He is currently working on forthcoming novels, including GODS OF THE MACHINES, which will publish this year from Gypsy Shadow Press. Readers may contact Gary at

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The populated tourist attraction of Santa Monica, California becomes the city of horror and fear. Bodies vanish one-by-one, missing abductions are mastered to perfection, leaving police and FBI in total darkness. Although the motive for the murders stand out, like a sore thumb as police desperately seek for leads and evidence, flawless killings continue as the city starves from neglect. As the vigilante attacks another victim, public panic transforms into terrifying fear, while Mark Denny's life changes instantly, shortly after the death of Carlos and the incident of what Mark thought was a carjack that turned into his worst nightmare. What events took place in Mark's life, after the loss of his good friend? Why did Carlos commit suicide, and where was his career going? Who is Mr. Mendalsen, and who did he abuse? What building was the freight elevator in, and what was it used for? Who stole Mark's car and identity, after his horrific beating? What happened to Brandon Chargon, after his shoes sank into a spongy floor? What did Mark witness, and could he end the terror in Santa Monica, without ending his own life? I highly recommend this novel to all thriller lovers who enjoy intense suspense and fast-paced action with unique characters. Geoffrey Neil created a Knockout in this exciting nail-biting thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat. The plot is spellbinding and the characters come to life as the author fills the pages with rage, anger, and revenge. This shockingly powerful thriller becomes a terrifying Masterpiece, made for the movie screen as twisted killers continue their mission for the homeless in a 'Death Wish' style, covering each page in electrifying suspense. The story is stunning and intoxicating, covered in horrific thrills and chills, blended in a social commentary, with a picture-perfect setting that's painted in fear. "DIRE MEANS" moves like a speeding bullet, and is as hypnotic as EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, with Ashley Judd.

Monday, February 22, 2010

***Welcome Back Author SAM MOFFIE***

It is a Pleasure to bring back Author Sam Moffie.

Author of:  "NO MAD"       5 Star REVIEW

                            5 Star REVIEW 

Author of:       "THE BOOK OF ELI"  (Fantasy/Fiction)


"THE BOOK OF ELI" is Sam Moffie's fourth novel. The other three have won numerous
awards and received glowing reviews. When not writing or marketing, he can be found observing human nature at his bar in Youngstown, Ohio. Forty-nine years of age, Sam resides with Juliette and a host of family members who enjoy a good fire, fine wine, backyard football and good movies and books. When all else fails, there is always a walk with the dogs. Please visit for more information.

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5 Star REVIEW~"THE ART OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION: Back To Basics Spirituality For The 21st Century" Author PEGGY SUE SKIPPER


Peggy Sue Skipper, who is a Life coach and Hand Analyst, takes the reader on an inspirational journey through our hearts and souls on the road to freedom and self-empowerment. The author clearly defines the importance of change, conductive to needs and personality. She describes the difference between external and internal change, and how changing our circumstances leads to a neccessary component of survival and growth. Have you ever felt unfulfilled in your job? If you ever felt that something was missing from your life, did moving to a new location compensate for that feeling? Have you ever felt that your daily routine of living has been created by society, parents, and teachers? What does it take to live in peace and harmony everyday? When we realize that something is missing in our lives, do we actually try hard enough to find out what it is, and act on it? Do we ever allow fear to keep us from moving forward? Are you ready to face the trials and tribulations of error, while searching for your life purpose? Are the battlefields inside each and everyone of us, and what do we use as ammunition? I highly recommend this book to all those who wish to navigate the path of choice on the successful road to change, which leads to happiness. The author provides step-by-step tools, while encouraging a rich, fulfilling lifestyle. "THE ART OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION: Back To Basics Spirituality For The 21st century" is motivating and inspiring as it provides valuable information on a new journey as we reach for the stars, and fulfill our dreams. The author provides a formula, designed to create a life that's composed of a healthy balance of spiritual, emotional and physical well-being for the making of a solid fondation to seek your greatest potential. The author's solutions and wisdom direct the reader to finding our very own life purpose, and how to do everything in our power to hold on to it, after overcoming the obstacles that once closed the door in front of us. If you can't love yourself, then how can you love others? How important is self-love as a role model, while raising your children? What happens when we build a brick wall around us, preventing other people from entering? Can the abused find a solution to a safe, loving place? This book will indeed show you how to reach your goals by using your talents, resulting in a more fulfilling life.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Author Peggy Sue Skipper

Subtitle:    Back To Basics Spirituality for the 21st Century

Genre:     Spiritual/Self-help

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*A Special Note to All My Authors*

A few of my authors informed me that my Word Verification was not working properly. For years it was fine, and suddenly it was not working due to blogger Tech problems. For all those who attempted to leave a comment, and those who informed me, Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience. It's now up & running once again. I will check frequently that it stays that way. Happy weekend to All!