Monday, October 21, 2013



      A small town in Iowa, Wickerwire, has never been any different from most small towns throughout the world, where everyone knows every little detail about current gossip. However, the reputation of Wickerwire suddenly changes, when it becomes the home of a famous jewelry thief, who is determined at all costs to continue his mission of madness. The bandit who wears the mask as he steals, searching desperately for ancient magical jewelry, is better known as "The Candy Caper." Investigations leave everyone puzzled in trying to find the identity of this criminal as he strikes again-and-again, leaving the scene of a crime as clean as a whistle. His repeated actions of replacing stolen jewelry with candy, each time he makes another hit, is done like a pro as he continues to live in two different worlds. Does his superhero image destroy his personal life, and will his criminal obsession place him in a deadly danger zone? As he leaves his calling-card in every jewelry store in town, what is he wishing for, and will his precious prize become a curse? Jackie Sonnenberg delivers her debut novel of urban fantasy, combined with mystery, in a thrilling story that grabs your attention immediately and has you mesmerized, until the final curtains close. The reader becomes more-and-more curious as we follow the footsteps of a person, who lives a double-life, with a secret identity. The colorful characters are unique as they come to life, and the intriguing story has you addicted in the very beginning, with a picture-perfect setting, that fits like a glove! "ALL THAT GLITTERS" is as dramatic as Heat with Al Pacino, as riveting as Heist, and as entertaining as The Score. Highly recommended!