Sunday, February 23, 2014

"SCHISM:The Battle For Darracia"~~***Best-Selling Author~MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH***

Genre: Epic Fantasy

***About The Author***

      Best-Selling author Michael Phillip Cash (BROOD X, STILLWELL, and THE HANGING TREE) is now adding fantasy to his wide repertoire of work. He currently lives in the Desa among treetops with his wife, and children.

***About The Book***
      SCHISM~~A split or division between strongly, opposed sections or parties caused by differences in opinion, or belief.

      On the planet Darracia, an ever -widening social gap between its inhabitants is causing turmoil that is fracturing a once peaceful world. Struggling with his identity, nineteen-year-old Prince V'sair must harness the power of the elusive Fireblade, the secret to a warrior's heart, in order to overcome his uncle Staf Nuen's lust for supremacy. Will the energy of the elements guide the young prince to his true destiny, or will Staf Neun conquer Darracia?

**Welcome Back~Award-Winning Author~D.C. RUSH**ROBBY'S QUEST:OCEAN BOUND**


Genre:  Children (age group- 5-7)


Illustrator~~Daniela Frongia

***About The Authors***

      One day, Cathy and Don were watching the birds playing in the birdbath and eating from the bird-feeder. On a block wall in the back-yard, the birds patiently waited their turns, resembling airplanes waiting to take off at a busy airport. Cathy and Don were amazed at how the birds politely took turns at the bird-feeder and how the smaller birds would help the larger birds by kicking seed to the ground for them, and they decided to write a children's book on the subject.

Cathy and Don live in Sun City, Arizona, along with their cats Hershey and Nomi. Cathy is a homemaker and Don is a retired Manufacturing Manager and former Governing Board Member at the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona.

***About The Book  (ROBBY'S QUEST:Ocean Bound)***
      To escape the hot Arizona summer, Robby and his friends fly west to San Diego in search of a cool summer breeze, and some seaside fun. Upon arriving in San Diego, Joy and Josie wander off to investigate a cruise ship, and end up on a voyage they will never forget. Will Joy and Josie get back to their loved ones? Will there be an encounter with a killer whale? Will there be a daring rescue mission? Find out what these plucky birds are up to...

"TO GET EVEN" A Novel~~**Author/Attorney FRANK R. SOUTHERS**


A Novel

Book Three in the Grievance Committee Series

Genre: Legal Thriller

**About The Author**

      Frank R. Southers, a trial lawyer, served on the San Antonio Grievance Committee for 10 years and thereafter has represented accused lawyers, complainants, and witnesses. In this series of novels, he cracks open the door to squeeze you inside the secret Texas Lawyer disciplinary system and into the courtroom. You'll get the straight skinny how things really work.

**About The Book**

      To get even, somebody is sending Jonathan Carter death threats. As Chair of the San Antonio, Texas Grievance Committee, he can't please both the complainant and the accused lawyer. As a plaintiff's Personal Injury trial attorney, he will anger either the opposite party or lawyer, or the judge, or even his own client. In either role, Jonathan's list of antagonists grows. Yet, he knows he can't please everyone. Finally, will someone say, "Enough is enough. Jonathan, you are toast."?

**Welcome Back, Author/Attorney~Frank R. Southers** "A SERIOUS MISTAKE"


A Novel: Book Two in the Grievance Committee Series

Genre: Legal Thriller

~~About The Author

      Frank R. Southers served on a Grievance Committee in San Antonio for ten years, the last six as Chairperson, and thereafter represented complainants, witnesses, and lawyers in the grievance process.

He served 20 years as an Adjunct Professor of Law at St. Mary's University School of Law in San Antonio, Texas.

He has been certified as a Personal Injury Trial Specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and he has twice listed as a Texas "Super Lawyer" in Texas Monthly Magazine.

~~About The Book   (A SERIOUS MISTAKE)
       The law is not just a job for criminal lawyer Scott Lonnigan. It's his life. his common sense judging on the Grievance Committee has brought justice to the public and to accused lawyers. now, a serious mistake threatens to turn Scott's world upside down. When the judge is the accused, will justice be there? Or retribution? How will Scott find redemption?


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 Star REVIEW~~"HAIR OF THE DOG"~**Mystery Author CINDY DAVIS**


      Investigator Angie Deacon plans a peaceful, relaxing vacation in New Hampshire. She contemplated on completely chilling out, away from the stress, in a place where she thought that she could also focus on her relationship with Detective Colby Jarvis, hoping that the future will ignite romantic sparks between them. Instead, her delightful train of thought about her relationship, along with trying to absorb a restful vacation turns into a complete nightmare, when a non-stop barking dog next door to her rented cottage causes rage and anxiety. Jarvis only had to suffer through the horrific, irritating barking one night, before leaving for Boston, which changed his calm mood. Angie filled with anger as the barking continued, and this rage to confront the owner lead to an unexpected nightmare. She didn't care about causing a scene with Simon York, and her anger was witnessed by quite a few people. She was so distracted by the noise, and the rude, unsympathetic reaction of the dog owner, that she became blind of what the consequences could be.

She knocked on Mr. York's cottage several times in an uproar to stop the barking. She left notes on his door, and learned about all the citations Mr. York was given about the continuous barking. She was upset, after searching for Mr. York in the bar, and people in the diner noticed her outrage with the dog owner. All these incidents led to the horror of Angie Deacon becoming the number one suspect, after Simon York was found dead, lying in a pool of blood. To make matters worse, Simon's wife was also found dead. Will Angie be able to find the real killer, complete the mystery puzzle, and get herself out of boiling hot water? Time is not on her side as the clock ticks fast. Will her future be filled with freedom and happiness, or will Angie completely lose control, along with her dreams of a romantic relationship with Jarvis? Will Angie continue to be sleepless in Weirs Beach, or will she see a new beginning?

Mystery author Cindy Davis pens a suspenseful, dramatic story that draws the reader's attention in chapter one as the reader is taken through a series of mysterious events, including murder. The riveting story directs us through unexpected twists and turns, until the final conclusion. The setting of the breathtaking scenic view of Lake Winnipesauke is picture-perfect, along with unique characters who shed light on the thrilling story. "HAIR OF THE DOG" is as intense as Suspect(1987), as suspenseful as Presumed Innocent, and as entertaining as The Client(1994). Highly recommended to all mystery, and thriller lovers!            



Friday, February 7, 2014



      KD Pryor delivers a thrilling, follow-up to 'The Portal's Choice' in The Gatekeepers Of Em'pyrean Series. However, one doesn't have to read book one as 'The Inn Of The Kindred Spirits' can be a remarkable stand-alone.

Tallis Challinor has been forced to walk on many bumpy roads in her life, before solving issues, and learning her own true identity. In this intriguing story, she is invited by her grandfather to join him on a vacation, and was delighted to accompany him. However, Tallis is totally unaware of the new challenges, and scary events that are waiting for her. She doesn't realize that she will face another frightening encounter with mysterious spirits as she has in the past, but will she have the energy and courage to seal up a bunch of ghosts? As she contemplates on her situation, does she smell trouble in the air? Does she find her grandfather and will the only ghostbuster she knows in France, help her to battle the unruly spirits, with power to cause destruction? Will Tallis finally come to terms with who she is? Will romance spice up her life, or is she destined for heartbreak?

The author pens a spellbinding thriller, with terrifying surprises, and edge-of-your-seat suspense. This psychological thriller will make the reader feel as if we witness one of Hitchcock's best. The mysterious twists and turns will bring the reader to a dark, haunting environment, where you could almost feel the frightening paranormal activity. The thrilling story becomes more intense as you read on in this page-turner, the setting fits like a glove, and the colorful characters bring this mystery to life. "THE INN OF THE KINDRED SPIRITS" is haunting, entertaining, and as chilling as 'What Lies Beneath.' Highly recommended to readers who love thrillers, mystery, and paranormal stories, packed with intense suspense!                 

**5 Star REVIEW~~"ROBBY'S QUEST FOR SEED"~Award Winning Author~D.C. RUSH**


      A very handsome robin named Robby was the leader of the pack in a group of friendly birds, who took good care of each other. They gathered together to prepare for a long journey south for the winter. As the journey began, the group encountered many challenges, and unexpected situations. The twelve birds had group meetings, and Robby made sure everyone knew the rules.

They traveled through many different places, once they departed from Ohio, including Kentucky, and Louisville. By the time they reached Birmingham, they became excited about getting closer to their new destination, sunny Florida. However, along the way, Joy wandered off, finding herself in deep trouble with Hersey. A rescue team was formed, and her life was saved, from battling with the mean cat. Then, they realized there was no food to be found, and they needed warm shelter. To make matters worse, they got lost as they learned the true meaning of exhaust, and starvation.

Despite all the problems they had to deal with, survival became the name of the game, until the sun began to shed light upon their lives in their new home, Lake Pleasant.

Inspired by the love of nature, "ROBBY'S QUEST FOR SEED" was born. D.C. Rush pens a fun-filled story that will not only make children laugh, but teach them many lessons in life. This intriguing story teaches children about decision-making, the importance of following rules, the true meaning of leadership, and group participation. In addition, the author highlights the value of friendship, confidence, and why team-work can make a difference. This delightful story includes eight chapters of inspiration, with colorful illustrations that bring the story to life. "ROBBY'S QUEST FOR SEED" is as fun-filled as Chicken Little, as heartwarming as Charlotte's Web, and as entertaining as Lady And The Tramp. Highly recommended to teachers, parents, and child-care providers!                                            

Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Star REVIEW~~"STILLWELL:A Haunting On Long Island"~**Bestselling author MICHAEL PHILLIP CASH**


      Michael Phillip Cash delivers a thrilling, entertaining story that is not only made for the big-screen, but is phenomenal in every aspect. I enjoyed this gripping story so much, I had to read twice. "STILLWELL" grabbed my attention in the first chapter, and is indeed one of those books we label as an 'all-nighter.' I was drawn into the story immediately for a few reasons. One reason was that after residing in Long Island 45 years, I found the setting in this riveting story to be picture-perfect. As I read on, I could see the fog, and feel the mist in the cold air, as if I was at the manor. Most important, the author has a gift, which is his unique imagination, capable of drawing the reader in like a magnet as we experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The quality of Michael Phillip Cash's creativity is nothing less than 'impressive.'

      Paul Russo is distraught, depressed, and apprehensive after watching his wife suffer from the horror of a brain tumor for a year, which to him seemed like eternity. He's dealing with mixed emotions, losing the love of his life, who gave him 3 beautiful children, and he has no idea how to pick up the pieces. He's not eating, sleeping, and experiences hallucinations. Paul and his children also have nightmares about evil demons. The first solution Paul comes up with was to return to work as a real- estate agent. Paul then realizes this decision that he thought would give him some kind of peace, actually added more stress to his life. As he learns the history of Stillwell, he discovers that the haunted manor has a link, connecting it to his own family. Can Paul solve the mystery of Hannah and John? Can he put a stop to the torment of a demon, holding his wife's spirit captive? Most important, will he find inner peace, by putting his own demons to rest? Will Paul Russo and his family survive from the emotional turmoil that haunts them?

      Michael Phillip Cash pens an extraordinary, captivating story that brings tears to your eyes as you think about the unconditional love that was lost. In addition, the reader can feel the pain that Paul's wife suffered, the devastation of 3 children losing their mother and the fear of the unknown as Paul attempts to fight the terrifying demon, who holds his wife's spirit hostage. "STILLWELL:A Haunting On Long Island" is powerfully moving, as mysterious as The Sixth Sense, as intense as The Others and as chilling as Stephen King's, 'The Shining.' Highly recommended to all readers, who enjoy suspenseful thrillers that tug at the heart, with a blend of paranormal activity. "STILLWELL" has it all as it entertains, until the final curtain closes!