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**Welcome Author KIM MALCHUK**


Author of:  'TASTING RAIN'

Genre:  Non-fiction/Memoir/Inspirational


Kim Malchuk considers herself an ordinary woman. When cancer took her husband, Mel, during the height of their romance, Kim made a choice to keep 'Tasting The Rain' despite her overwhelming loss. She then embarked on a poignant, soul-searching journey that led her to a place of rediscovery, peace and hope. Learning to trust her feelings and pursue her dreams, Kim turned her personal tragedy into personal empowerment, reawakening her spirit to love, laughter and living a life of inspired purpose. The result, 'TASTING RAIN.' Kim shares her secrets to success openly, with charming 'Kiminitions' that define hope, happiness, and healing. Challenging both readers and audiences to embrace her 'Why Not Now?' philosophy, Kim is an outspoken believer in the role our thoughts play in governing the course of our lives.

Kim was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is the youngest of seven children. Graduating from college with a Business Administration diploma, Kim's education and work experience never prepared her for the career path that she finds herself on today as a best-selling and award-winning author, highly-acclaimed speaker in Canada and is working towards her certification in professional coaching.

With a promising future ahead, Kim is once again exuberant about life and all of its splendid possibilities. She is committed to sharing her experiences, through writing or on the stage, so that others can be inspired to achieve the life of their dreams. She is an avid athlete, enjoying semi-competitive softball, badminton, and bowling. Also a lover of the outdoors, she enjoys camping, traveling, and skydiving. "TASTING RAIN" is Kim's first book, but there is definitely more down-to-earth wisdom on the horizon.                                                                


Author Nataly Rubinstein


The Caregiver's Complete Survival Guide

Adult Non-fiction/Medical Health And Kindle


With decades of both personal and professional experience as a caregiver, Nataly Rubinstein is a Dementia Strategist, and Alzheimer's Coach. A certified geriatric care specialist and licensed clinical social worker, she operates Alzheimer's Care Consultants in Miami Beach, Florida, where she provides specialized services for individuals and families coping with dementia.

Nataly's work reaches beyond her private practice into the surrounding community, where she presents educational seminars and workshops for caregivers. She is committed to serving families in both urban and rural areas and works closely with multicultural populations in a wide variety of clinical settings, including acute care, home care, day care and long-term care.


Prior to establishing her consulting firm, Nataly gained valuable professional experience at the Wien Center for Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorder at Mount Sinai Medical Center. She provided psychosocial assessments, neurological testing, and care management services. As a member of the Center's multidisciplinary team and a consultant for a coordinator for its Caregiver Educational Series, she also served as a facilitator for the Miami Beach community's Alzheimer's Association Support Group.

On a deeply personal level, Nataly experienced the ravages of dementia first-hand as the primary caregiver for her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1994. For sixteen years, Nataly worked diligently to provide compassionate, dignified in-home care for her mother, while at the same time balancing the needs of her children. Reaching out to millions of caregivers across the United States and Canada, Nataly now draws on her own experience to provide a comprehensive guide for families in similar circumstances, especially underserved populations. In this fashion, 'making life easier' for others has become Nataly's life mission. Her new book, 'Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias: The caregiver's Complete Survival Guide' is the winner of the 2011 Indie Excellence Award, and the 2011 International Book Award. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

**Welcome Author JOE L. BLEVINS**


Author of "THE FAMILIAR"

Genre:  Fiction/Horror/Historical/Supernatural/Fantasy/Ethnic/Saga/Adventure


Lock your doors and say your prayers.

For evil abounds everywhere.

A Gothic Tale Of Terror!/FamiliarBlevins!/pages/Books-by-Joe-Blevins-A-Texan-artist-authormusican-and-actor/304123040807   (8-21-11) (Blog Talk Radio)!/FamiliarBlevins


Joe L. Blevins is new to the horror genre. A scary story always makes for a good read, and a great time. Joe writes and illustrates all his works. He sees the pictures first, then the stories unfurl around them. Blevins uses his interest in acting, art, music, history and photography to influence his work.


"The Scary Details Of "THE FAMILIAR"

A large coven of witches comes to Salem for the first lunar eclipse of the winter solstice in over three-hundred years. They drug a man to make him their slave. Authorities find him drunk in possession of stolen jewelry from a grave. He is quickly sentenced to be hung. The witches give him a strange potion that mimics death. The authorities bury him, thinking that he is already dead. The rare lunar eclipse during the winter solstice passes. He emerges from the grave altered, now he's in the form of a large cat that changes into a man, during the full-moon. His powers allow him to be charming and gamble to control others, with a second-sight ability that he lacked before. He can also change to many forms of beast, when his life is threatened. He can see what scares someone the most, and uses that against them.

   He takes the name, Winston Rupert Wallace. Winston uses his new powers to build great wealth to become an entrepreneur, who controls a big part of New Amsterdam. Willia and her brother Stephen, join Winston to buy some ships to move goods up-and-down the Eastern Seaboard. They use their magical powers and influence to build New Amsterdam into a thriving city to live.                   

Welcome Author WAYNE ZURL~~Author of "A NEW PROSPECT"

A Mystery/detective novel

Author WAYNE ZURL!/waynezurl


Wayne Zurl grew up on Long Island and retired after twenty years with the Suffolk County Police Department, one of the largest municipal law enforcement agencies in New York, and the nation. For thirteen of those years, he served as a section commander, supervising investigators. He is a graduate of S.U.N.Y., Empire State College, and served on active duty in the U.S. Army, during the Vietnam War and later in the reserves. Zurl left New York to live in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with his wife, Barbara.     

Eight of his Sam Jenkins mysteries have been produced as audio books, and simultaneously publish as eBooks.  The novelette 'REENACTING A MURDER' is scheduled for publication in 2011 by Echelon Press. His first full-length novel, A NEW PROSPECT, traditionally published by Black Rose Writing, was named best mystery at the 2011 Indie Book Awards by the Independent Publishing Professionals Group. It is also available in all the usual eBook formats. For additional information on Wayne's Sam Jenkins mysteries, please visit: You can read excerpts, reviews and endorsements, interviews, and even see photos of the area where the stories take place.     

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5 Star REVIEW~~"EMORY'S GIFT" Author W. Bruce Cameron


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Geraldine Ahearn"Author Geri Ahearn"

New York Times AND USA Today Bestselling Author Of 
                                     A Dog's Purpose


~~A Vine Review~~


Charlie's mother passed away, and his father enters a silence of grief as Charlie steps into his own isolated world at the age of thirteen, while dealing with the trials-and-tribulations of junior high school. One adventure every teen attempts to survive, but never forgets the experience. As Charlie suffers from the loss of a loved one, while coping with anguish and pain, he discovers that he's not all alone in the world. As Charlie contemplates on his place in the world, his life is saved from a mountain lion by a grizzly bear. Charlie's life is changed forever as he learns about trust, faith, and unconditional love. W. Bruce Cameron penned a compelling Masterpiece that will tug at your heart page-after-page. This novel is highly recommended for all readers who love animals, and stories that are charming, and heartwarming. This book offers joy, hope, and is deeply moving. The author takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride that will indeed leave a remarkable impression as you crave for more.

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What's New?

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There was a time when a young boy remembers the closeness of his family, how much he loved both parents, and the joys of childhood. Then one day, his parents were divorced, his teen years were more than complicated and his entire world began to shatter, like broken glass. At the age of seventeen, Jesse began to live in a world of his own. An only child, who was faced with separation, betrayal, anguish and one brave teenager who fell to the ground in a desperate search for answers on how to survive. What drew Jesse further apart from his mom, and was his dad the hero that he made him out to be? What ran through Jesse's mind, while watching the twin towers in flames, what fears and guilt terrified him? What did his mom write in the note, and what message was left on the answering machine? I highly recommend this book to young adults, parents, and teachers. Sara Dean penned an incredible story that relates to today's society, family unity, divorce, and loss of a loved one. The author takes the reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride from beginning to end, the characters come to life, and the story will tug at your heart, page-after-page. What secret did Shandy share with Jesse, and was she telling the truth? What did Jesse do to Nicky in an outrage, and why? Why did Jesse want to enlist in the Army, and did Nicky follow his footsteps? Does Jesse bond with his grandmother, and does he get his life back? "FORGIVING JESSE" is as heartfelt as PAY IT FORWARD, as entertaining as A WALK TO REMEMBER and as emotional as STEPMOM, with Julia Roberts.   


5 Star REVIEW~~"BORN IN SARAJEVO" Author Snjezana Marinkovic


  Inspired by Maya Angelo, author and poet Snjezana Marinkovic penned an endearing memoir, based on her personal experience on the haunting memories and devastation of war. A senseless war, filled with hatred over racism and religion. The Bosnian War caused suffering, trapping innocent people in their own prison in a battle of religious differences and ethnic identity. A young lady returns home to Sarajevo, only to become a foreigner in her own homeland, faced with struggle and loneliness. Families began to separate, friends became distant, and the outlook for Sarajevo and Yugoslavia became hopeless. The mores and values of a country once lived in with pride no longer existed. The suffering endured from the war left permanent scars in the memories of all those who survived. I highly recommend this memoir to all non-fiction lovers who enjoy stories told with a vivid imagination that tugs at the heart. The author created a Masterpiece about courage, determination, and survival, made for the movie screen. A brave young woman immigrates to the United States as her dream becomes reality in a desperate search for freedom. She tries to rebuild her life and replace what she lost, while still wishing that she could go back to a time when her country once lived in harmony. This true life story is poignant and beautifully written as it depicts a life of deprivation, blood shed, and turmoil. The outcome of fighting, caused by misunderstanding, resulted in the destruction of its own people. The families were torn apart as ethnic groups fought one another, destroying faith and hope for the future, leaving emotional scars of sadness. "BORN IN SARAJEVO" is as heartfelt as THE COURAGE TO LOVE, as entertaining as FORREST GUMP and as chilling as GETTYSBURG, with Martin Sheen.                                                                     

Monday, August 8, 2011



The smell of freedom filled the air as many Italians made the crucial decision to immigrate to America. Some immigrants made it safely, many others died from starvation, or disease. Those who survived the long journey, then became U.S. citizens, and were forced to face hardship within their new world. The historic events that took place from one generation to another included war, economic depression, and suffering. Katherine always remembered the hardship her family endured when she was little, the broken dreams, then disappointment in the golden land of opportunity. What she didn't realize was the grim prediction of her future including failed marriage, loss of loved ones, and alcoholism. Then the day came when whiskey was consumed to erase the pain of loneliness and grieving. What happened to Carol, and Carl? Why did John leave Katherine? What devastating news did Katherine find out when she visited John's apartment? Did Katherine ever file for divorce from John, did she face jail time for bigamy, and were her four children abandoned for four months? Was Redmond faithful to Katherine? I highly recommend this book to all those who enjoy thrilling stories relating to war and the harsh reality of living through it, combined with intense drama. Valerie Crader created a remarkable Masterpiece, based on Italian Immigrants, war, love and loss. The author describes the harsh reality of hardship as the characters come to life, and a starvation for love and affection on a dark journey through survival, made for the movie screen. A young child endures years of neglect, abuse, and heartache as she searches desperately for love. Unlike her brothers and sisters, instead of reaching for hatred and resentment, she finds courage and faith in her battle for peace. One confused little girl is driven from state-to-state, from home-to-home, while under heartbreaking situations. Yet, the same little girl finds forgiveness in her heart, and the strength to move forward. "THE LAST CHILD" is as emotional as Steven Spielberg's THE COLOR PURPLE, as dramatic as MOMMIE DEAREST, and as haunting as SYBIL.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Doctor Laura Mclnnis not only has a special gift that helps her with her patients, but she is a gift to the world she lives in. Although Laura's unique psychic ability is a secret, she uses it to understand her patients. However, her clinical experience isn't enough when multiple threats begin to enter the world of chaos she lives in. As Laura is confronted with helping a couple sort out their problems, danger begins to increase, and survival becomes the name of the game. Who had the same dream as Laura, and what was it about? Why did Laura consult a psychic, was she in love with Trevor, and did they trust each other? I highly recommend this book to all contemporary fantasy lovers, who enjoy mystery, combined with intense suspense, and romance. Ann Gimpel's expertise in psychology shines through, page-after-page, blended with thrills, chills, and mystical-magic made for a movie screen. The author takes the reader through a haunted house of horror as Laura is faced with crisis as the clock ticks fast in her desperate search for answers. What powerful force does Laura struggle with, and how does the old woman help? Time is running out, along with the comforts of civilization, is there hope for the future? "PSYCHE'S PROPHECY" is as thrilling as WHAT LIES BENEATH, as chilling as THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE and as mysterious as THE SIXTH SENSE, with Bruce Willis.