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*Welcome Back Author CINDY DAVIS*


~~~About The Author

At any given time, Cindy's professional life might find her writing, editing, or teaching a workshop. She lives in southern New Hampshire where she spends her spare time gardening, reading, canoeing, hiking or doing needlework. Interspersed is time lovingly spent with her grandkids, and traveling with her husband and miniature Dachshund in search of new sites and characters for her mysteries.

~~~Books By Cindy Davis

Angie Deacon Mystery Series

Other Mysteries

Children's Books


~~~About The Book  (Murder Beyond Reason)

A shocking murder in a small town. Can the new sheriff catch the killer, before he becomes the next victim?

*Welcome~ Award-Winning Author JAMES CONROYD MARTIN*


Genre~~Historical Fiction (Kindle)

**About The Author**

~~James Conroyd Martin 

The recipient of a number of awards, including A GOLD MEDAL from the American Institute of Polish culture.

~~Award-Winning Author of: 'PUSH NOT THE RIVER" And

James Conroyd Martin is the author of PUSH NOT THE RIVER, a novel based on the diary of Anna Berezowska, a Polish countess who lived through the rise-and-fall of the Third of May Constitution. After working on the project for some years without raising interest within the publishing community, Martin self-published in 2001. Just one year later, St. Martin's Press purchased the book and set September 2003 as the release date for a hard-cover edition. The novel was cited as a story similar to GONE WITH THE WIND and DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, and Polish and German rights sold immediately.

St.Martin's Press encouraged Martin to continue with the Polish historical theme, and AGAINST A CRIMSON SKY, a story set during the Napoleonic years, was released in 2006. The Polish translations of both books became bestsellers in Poland. Now comes THE WARSAW CONSPIRACY, a stand-alone novel set during the Cadets' Insurrection (against Russia) in 1830s Poland. Martin, a Chicago native, continues teaching English and Creative Writing on the secondary level.

~~~About The Book (The Warsaw Conspiracy)

A Novel~~Heartstopping Historical, Intrigue, Patriotism, Adventure and much more!

*Welcome Author CHARLENE RADDON*

"TO HAVE AND TO HOLD"~~~Historical Romance


~~Author of Taming Jenna; Tender Touch; Forever Mine; To Have And To Hold; and writing as Rachel Summers, Scent Of Roses~~

Charlene began her writing life at an early age, often penning stories with herself cast as the heroine. Usually, once she'd vented her spleen, she threw out these stories. Her first serious writing attempt came in 1980, when she awoke one morning from an unusually vivid and compelling dream. Deciding that dream needed to be made into a book, she dug out an old portable typewriter, and went to work.

While that book never sold, her second one did. 'Tender Touch' became a Golden Heart finalist, and earned her an agent. A short time later, she signed a three book contract with Kensington Books. Five of Charlene's western historical romances were published between 1994 and 1999: Taming Jenna; Tender Touch(1994 Golden Heart finalist under the title Brianna); Forever Mine(1996 Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee and Affaire de Coeur Reader/Writer Poll finalist), To Have And To Hold Affaire de Coeur Reader/Writer Poll finalist); and writing as Rachel Summers, The Scent Of Roses. Forever Mine, Tender Touch and To Have And To Hold are now available as ebooks.

When not writing, Charlene loves to travel; needlepoint; research genealogy; create digital scrapbooks; and dye Ukrainian eggs. She also enjoys camping and fishing with her husband, spoiling her grandchildren, and playing with her very neurotic cat.

~~About The Book~~ "To Have And To Hold"

A widow with two children, Tempest Whitney is confronted with a desperate choice between an unwanted marriage or losing her Utah ranch, until a mysterious and protective stranger arrives, claiming to be her long-lost and presumed-dead husband...


~~Book Two of 'The Fire Series'

Genre~Young Adult, Mainstream, Sports (Appearance on the Ida Muorie's Sportsmavericks Show)

~~~About The Author~~
 DENISE BARTLETT is the chief editor, CFO and co-owner of GYPSY SHADOW PUBLISHING. Her interest in athletes and their unique view of life developed throughout her high school and college years in central Texas. She majored in Elementary and Physical Education, until a devastating back injury taught her the fine points of rehabilitating her own back athletic injury. She believes in the body's ability to heal and the brain and spirit's ability to rejuvenate. After spending five years involved in the rehab of a close relative, she began working with the wonderful people with cognitive challenges at the Marbridge Foundation in Manchaca, Texas, in the spring of 2009. She delights in interacting with the individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI) from both Marbridge Foundation, and throughout the area at the monthly support meeting at the Mary Lee Foundation in Austin, Texas.

Denise, a.k.a. SilverValkyre, began writing short stories at the age of nine. Pen and paper gave way to word processors, typing, printing, reading and perfecting. A dreamer, she has always searched for deeper meaning and more vivid experiences in her everyday life. From hypnosis, training with mystics and spiritual people of many walks of life, to tax preparation and gardening, her interests vary widely. The tread that runs through her life is imagination. Denise has written a variety of poetry, short stories and novelettes, as well as columns and articles on gardening and income taxes.

~~~About The Book (THROUGH THE FLAMES)

A novel about a promising high school quarterback with a bright future in football, until Larry finds himself suddenly uncertain what the future will hold...


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Frank R. Southers delivers a legal thriller that has you hooked in the first few chapters, with a compelling story that leaves you craving for more at the end. The author's expertise as an attorney, who served on the San Antonio Grievance Committee ten years, creates colorful characters in this suspenseful story as they come to life. Through experience, Frank R. Southers has dealt with several different personalities as he represented lawyers, complainants, and witnesses. Book one in this thrilling series, made for the big screen, introduces the reader to Alexandra Jimenez. She is a beautiful Mexican woman, who files a complaint to the Grievance Committee, against Jose P. Quiroz, her court-appointed lawyer. The curtains begin to open as the reader becomes a witness to the evidence presented in the Investigatory Hearings, and you could indeed feel the tension build up as this incredible story unfolds. Alexandra's case is presented with her statement that Jose demanded sex for six months. According to Texas law, her complaint was weak, and he was found innocent. However, Alexandra was determined to never give up, and went on her own mission of gathering evidence from two other women with complaints against Jose. He was the attorney for one woman, during her divorce, and the attorney for another woman as she became a widow. The gripping story becomes more intense as the evidence and investigations are now taken to the Superior Court, before a judge, where Frank R. Southers becomes a Master storyteller. As we approach the bench, we witness the inside scenes of the court system and how it operates, following the complaints from three women, realizing that reality is certainly not 'My Cousin Vinny.' The author highlights the true meaning of discipline, and the golden steps of the entire court process. "THE GRIEVANCE COMMITTEE" is as intriguing as The Firm, as dramatic as Presumed Innocent, and as entertaining as Disclosure. Highly recommended!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Author Peter Darrach

~~Genre- Science Fiction

~~Book two in the Second Skin Sequence (Kindle)


Peter Darrach takes the reader through this thrilling story to 2125, in a world of turmoil, where Earth threatens a war to take control over the mineral wealth of the asteroid belt and Mars' technology. Max Cody is confronted with new problems that created more challenges, after resolving the Mars' crisis. Elaine and Max together, set out on a mission to Earth for the sole purpose of preventing war. Max is damaged and repaired by aliens, and in need of special capabilities as diplomacy stumbles. Who threatens a powerful strike, how relentless is Xanthus Rex, and who puts Max and Elaine in prison? Max and Elaine are totally helpless, how can they escape to prevent destruction of war? Will they be able to help their friends near Mars? The author delivers an incredible story with colorful characters, and explosive action. "SECOND SKIN, TOO" is entertaining, intriguing, and highly recommended for science fiction and fantasy lovers!