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*Welcome Back Author Joe L. Blevins*


The Texas Republic Series

Genre:  Historical Fiction

The Texas Republic (2002)

After The Republic(2008)

Gone To Texas-Two Plays Of Early Texas(2008)

A Visit To Pawpaw's Book One(2009)

A Visit to Pawpaw's Book Two(2009)

The Escape From Eden(2010)

The Familiar(2011) (Search Books) JOE L. BLEVINS

~~~Author Bio~~~          

Joe loved to draw from an early age. He would write down descriptions and ideas for future projects that accompanied his pictures. His handwriting was terrible, so his parents had him writing his alphabet and numbers in a writing tablet every Sunday afternoon. Joe quickly grew bored, writing pages of the same thing. He knew stories that his paternal grandfather told him, about his life growing up in the Choctaw Nation of Indian Territory, before Oklahoma became a state in 1907. Joe also learned from stories of his other family coming to Texas as Peters' Colonists, before it was a state in 1845. This was much more interesting to write about than any old alphabets, or numbers! Joe's handwriting improved, and so did his interest in writing, and drawing. In time, this became many folders and boxes of information that Joe learned about from close family and friends, who had similar family stories. There was a common thread that these stories shared, showed the determination of the early pioneer people to survive and tolerate hardships, to build up something worthwhile, where there was nothing before. These were the seeds for Joe's first books about the early history of Texas. Joe has many facets, so these interests inspire new and different books to draw the attention of the public. Joe's interests are varied from art; history;scriptwriting;photography; music; and acting. His books reflect these varied interests. Seven books later, Joe has made each one unique to tell a story the way it has never been told before. Joe has four books on history, two children's books, and a new Gothic tale of terror.                               

*A Wyoming Adventure:The Tumbleweed Family* Author Sharon Hays

Author Sharon Hays

Illustrator~Daniele Montella

Genre: Children


Sharon Hays is known to many as a paranormal, mystery, horror writer that some have referred to as an organic writer. However, her skill as a children's writer is polished and accomplished. Tell children dry, geographical facts and their attention evaporates(and in some cases was never there to begin with.) Tell them a cute story about Tumbleweeds from a family like their own, and their attention is given from the get-go. The mother of five children herself, Hays well understands what draws a child into a story and keeps them there. As both a certified teacher and a journalist, I can recommend this darling, pictorial, storybook without hesitation!-
Patricia Ress, author, journalist, and co-host of long-running radio show NIGHTSEARCH.

~~In a gentle story, the Tumbleweed twins are whisked away on a journey across Wyoming, USA. They meet birds and various forms of wildlife that befriend and protect them until their parents arrive to take them home. It teaches environmental conservation as it emphasizes the beauty of wildlife and plants in Wyoming. Lovely illustrations will captivate children's imagination in a pictorial that will stimulate learning, while teaching moral values and respect for parents. A must have book for your child.


**Welcome Author Sharon Hays**


'The House That Keeps On Giving'

Genre:  Paranormal Mystery Thriller

Artist Illustrator, Danielle Montella:

~~Sharon Hay's sequel is here! 'MYSTEERIE MANOR II,' The terrifying tale of a ghostly edifice that keeps on giving, but not in a good way, is back with even more surprises. Positive the Valencia Manor was cleansed of its evil, the main characters are drawn into an even more terrorizing finale. After a renovation is almost complete, Maryanne and her new husband Mario move into the newly remodeled manor. Eerie, paranormal forces and unsuspecting terror erupt, while a string of brutal murders and paranormal activity boil to the forefront. They are driven into a frantic, satirical dance with the unknown as the historical Manor reveals more of its ghostly past. Your thirst for terror will be quenched, and your hunger for the paranormal satisfied as this mystery delivers a chilling slice of the macabre.


~~~Author BIO~~~

Sharon Hays studied business in Utah and creative writing arts in Wyoming and Florida. Having various experiences in purchasing and developing real-estate, she has been self-employed most of her life, with a lot to draw from when it comes to storytelling. Her love of poetry formed a foundation for her craft of writing. Poet, short fiction writer, a children's book and now her second mystery novel. Sharon Hays presses on in her career, since retiring from business. She penned three books, with her first novel, Mysteerie Manor in 2010, and now presents its exciting, chilling sequel. An organic writer, the stories came alive on their own. She said that she is there to capture its intensity as it unfolds on every page, through her mind's eye. The sequel seemed to beckon, as she penned its even more chilling conclusion with new and complex characters that have let her into their world. Hence, Mysteerie Manor II, a novel of eerie and intense paranormal mystery continues and is available on Kindle and Nook, as well as Smashwords and other venues. A first time children's book, The Tumbleweed Family has recently been released and soon to be ready on all venues as well. The latest venture is an art/poetry compilation, 'An opulent Tableau of Essence' soon to be released.

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~Amazon Vine Voice~Geraldine Ahearn"AuthorGeriAhearn"


Reese was not in favor of a planned vacation his dad made, and Janie and her mom were not thrilled either. However, the entire family winds up on a boat ride that they will remember for the rest of their lives. A freak storm causes a shipwreck, and the family finds themselves on a strange, deserted Island. Reese's dad begins to investigate mysterious artifact, unexplained phenomena, weird plants, and secrets that must be unlocked to save their lives. As the incredible adventure begins, many challenges must be met as one family begins to realize that they must come together in strength and love to win a war that wages in a distant universe. The clock ticks fast, one family searches for answers, while desperately trying to overcome fear, and reaching for victory. Did the children have to rescue their parents, when did they become separated, and did Reese obey his father's request to return to camp? I highly recommend this fascinating graphic novel to all adventure lovers who enjoy an exciting story with explosive action, combined with mystery. Doug Tennapel created a Masterpiece for ages ten and over about two different planets, and two rebellious sons. The characters come to life in this epic story of the importance of a strong bond in family relationships, the comic illustrations are superb, and the unique quips are interesting. Giant creatures rule, skeletons are found and hostility fills the air, while one family is forced to make life-and-death decisions. Does the family solve a mystery, and how can they escape? Where was the weird tree, who had to enter the cave and what happened to Pickles as one family must face the good, the bad, and the ugly?  Will creepy monsters fall into hydrochloric acid, what will be found inside odd architecture, and where did Janie find johnny? Be prepared for scary animals, unusual rocks, and canisters that reveal historic secrets. Who helps one family to survive as their vacation turns into a nightmare, while running for their lives? What keeps the family together in the midst of danger on a frantic adventure, never to be forgotten?

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This is a nail-biting, chilling story of the true definition of hardship, adventure, and how fate can put a person in a place they never dreamed they would be. A man fails at an attempt to be a tobacco and corn planter, his wife left him, and he winds up losing everything. He trades his land for two horses and moves to Salem, where he becomes a heavy drinker, and gambler. He finds himself sleeping in a cemetery, and was offered a job to dig graves. He meets a woman who puts a roof over his head, after his weak body fell to the ground, from starvation. Little did he know, Willia is a witch, with big plans for him. His mission is to steal jewelry from the dead, to be used for spells and enchantments. Willia and her group of odd witches drug him, and he becomes their slave. He was sentenced to be hung, after he was found drunk, with possession of stolen jewelry. He is buried, after drinking a strange potion, but is he dead? What happens to him when the lunar eclipse passes, what does he become? He changes once again, during a full moon, and his new life begins. Winston Wallace may appear to be charming, but you would never want to threaten his life. The tables have turned, and New Amsterdam is where all his dreams from the past can come true. How much power does he have, and can he control others? I highly recommend this Gothic tale of terror to all horror, fantasy, and historical adventure lovers. Joe L. Blevins created a Masterpiece of the supernatural in all its glory, made for the movie screen. The story will have you sit on the edge of your seat as you witness graves, black cats, and mystical-magic. The author takes you through a spine-tingling, bloodcurdling, haunted house of horror, where unspeakable evil is everywhere. Prepare yourself for Odd spirits, talking skeletons, demons, and what you will see as Night-time falls! "THE FAMILIAR" is as terrifying as SCREAM, as entertaining as PURE TERROR, and as haunting as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. 

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5 Star Review~~"A NEW PROSPECT:City Limit" Author WAYNE ZURL


Sam Jenkins worked for the New York Police Department for twenty years, then retired and moved to Tennessee. Naturally, after retirement, he didn't plan on joining the Police Force once again, but the urge came upon him, and he acted on it. His new position as Police Chief in Prospect began with a mission to solve a homicide, investigate the suspects, and make sure justice is served. However, he had to deal with political influence and extreme pressure from people who didn't want him to take the case. What kind of reputation did Cecil Lovejoy have, and who killed him? What kind of relationship did he have with his wife? Was Sam's best friend the number one suspect? Was Pearl satisfied with Sam, or did she go over his head to push him away? Time is running out, and the clock ticks fast as Sam tries to fit the pieces into the puzzle. I highly recommend this book to all mystery lovers, who enjoy an intriguing story filled with suspense, interesting characters, and humor. Wayne Zurl uses his expertise as a professional in criminal justice as he becomes a Master storyteller in a setting that fits like a glove as he creates a gripping story with intense suspense, page-after-page. The characters with their Southern accent come to life, the twists-and-turns make the reader crave for more, and the author's imagination and creativity become addictive. The story is intelligent, interesting, and enjoyable. Will the crime be solved as New York law meets Southern society? Will greed, hatred, and bribery be swept from under the carpet? Will the wealthy and powerful win the game, or the war? Who are the innocent, and will the guilty be convicted? "A NEW PROSPECT:City Limit" contains as much Yankee charm as MY COUSIN VINNY, is as suspenseful as THIRTEEN DAYS, and is as dramatic as PRESUMED INNOCENT, with Harrison Ford.


5 Star Review~~"Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias:The Caregiver's Complete Survival Guide" Author Nataly Rubinstein


Every seventy seconds in the United States, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and millions of family members are caring for them. As a medical professional in healthcare for thirty years, caring for geriatric patients and patients with Alzheimer's Disease in both hospitals and Nursing homes, I used several books to gain additional insight on providing excellent caregiving services. Nataly Rubinstein has penned the most valuable, educational guide pertaining to Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias that I have ever read. Through her personal and professional experience, Nataly created a comprehensive book including vital information that's extremely useful in the care and management of patients, diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias. I highly recommend this indispensable book to all caregivers, medical professionals, and families who have a loved one, diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias. The educational benefit of this book, including expert knowledge about the disease and how to care for these patients, makes all the difference in the world on that long surviving journey for both patient and caregiver, which makes this book priceless. This invaluable treasure that's written in simplicity provides excellence in caregiving with confidence, understanding the disease and what to expect, and most important, how to cope on a daily routine. The author includes communication, how to deal with unwanted behavior, medication, Doctor visits and explanation of different health insurance companies. Finally, the complete survival guide for Alzheimer's Disease and other Dementias is now right at our fingertips! I also recommend this book to all those who choose Nursing and Healthcare as a new career. They will indeed be grateful to gain insightful knowledge on this subject matter, prior to clinical experience and state boards. The author provides encouragement, comfort, and hope, which are crucial factors in maintaining excellent service for the lives and dignity for anyone with memory loss. "ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND OTHER DEMENTIAS: The Caregiver's complete Survival Guide" will make life much less complicated as the caregiver is faced with many challenges. The outcome will be rewarding for both patient and caregiver. The golden key to excellent service is understanding this disorder, and Nataly provides the essential tools and strategies to successfully guide them through the dementia maze, with one-hundred percent support.

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5 Star REVIEW~~"TASTING RAIN" Author Kim Malchuk


What if you feel as if you are the happiest person in the world? Your eyes see nothing but beauty as you awake every morning, fulfilling your dreams. Then one day, like an unexpected storm from Mother Nature, tragedy strikes and you are left with nothing but intense pain. Kim Malchuk takes the reader through her personal story of devastation, loss of a loved one, and fear of the unknown. She becomes a Master storyteller as she gently takes the reader by the hand, and teaches them not only how to survive, but how to heal, and love once again. After she lost her husband to cancer, there were many challenges to face, along with choices to be made. The author describes how much our past can hurt, and how we can turn negativity into positive thinking through the process of renewal. I highly recommend this endearing memoir to all those who had to deal with loss of a loved one, loneliness, and grief. Kim Malchuk shows the reader how optimism, wisdom, and self-awareness can prepare you to the road of recovery. Her deeply moving story on perseverance, courage and strength, will make you cry, and smile. Kim's journey of devoted love, heartbreaking loss, and 'Kiminitions' will indeed motivate and inspire the soul. You never know what life may throw upon us, but Kim's wisdom to cope and survive will make you smell the flowers once again. This compelling memoir is beautifully written, brilliant, and filled with spirit. "TASTING RAIN" is as entertaining as PRIVATE BENJAMIN, as delicate as LOVE STORY and as emotional as RADIO, with Cuba Gooding Jr.