Thursday, August 15, 2013



Holly Robinson delivers a vivid, compassionate and heartwarming story of old and new relationships, buried secrets, and a second chance in life to find our own true identity. Juliet Clark had her own dream of becoming a successful artist, but her life changed as quickly as the wind shifts, when she fell in love. After she left California behind her and followed her soul-mate to Mexico, her marriage crumbled to pieces, losing everything she believed in. While alone, divorced and pregnant, she received an urgent phone call from her brother, asking Juliet to return to New England to care for their ailing mother. The relationship between Juliet and her mother always clashed, so Juliet planned to help, then return to Mexico as quickly as possible. The wind began to shift again as Juliet's plans flew out the window after she meets another man, who she is attracted to, while finding herself in the middle of a feud, between her mother and a neighbor. As Juliet attempts to carry out her mission, she discovers that shocking secrets have been buried under the carpet for years and the time has come to learn the truth, before mending the old, picket fence. The author creates a colorful portrait of family members, striving for new connections, through an intriguing, emotional story of one family. A mother who was an actress with a storied past, a distant brother, and a daughter in desperate need of a loving relationship. The reader is taken through many different doors as we witness old relationships, new relationships, and relationships that are reborn. The story is filled with warmth and wit, with a blend of romance as it tugs at the heart. "THE WISHING HILL" is as touching as Terms Of Endearment, as thought-provoking as Now And Then, and as entertaining as Hanging-Up. Highly recommended!