Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 Star REVIEW~~"FORK IN THE ROAD TO APOCALYPSE" Author JEFF GONSALVES                                         


Eliot Anderson creates bizarre illusions in his own battle with his psychic mind, his mother is manic-depressive, and his uncle sets out on a mission to protect Elliot, regardless of the consequences. Is Elliot dangerous, and how does one control his homicidal impulses? Chuck works for the government, but does his plans become Mission Impossible? Interrogation showed proven results that Elliot can alter reality, was he selected to be used for military combat, and why did he resist? When Elliot was imprisoned, what steps did his uncle take? Can Elliot control his psychic ability, and who does he use it against? Why did Elliot's mother lock him up in the house, and what did he transform his home into? What struggles must Elliot's uncle deal with, what is his nephew capable of, and how far will Elliot go? Why does Jerry hate himself, is Joey violent, and who is the insane android assassin? How disturbed can Elliot become under extreme stress, and what can he do to his victims? I highly recommend this novel to all science fiction lovers, who enjoy thrilling stories, filled with suspense. Jeff Gonsalves becomes a Master storyteller as he creates an earth-shattering adventure that rivets and amazes. The characters are colorful, and the unique story is covered in explosive, non-stop action, made for the movie screen. What kind of chaos will result in Elliot's actions? Do health issues rise, and what will be the outcome? Does Elliot's psychic ability need to be terminated, can he be saved, and who will survive? "FORK IN THE ROAD TO APOCALYPSE" is as chilling as VIRUS, as terrifying as THE LANGOLIERS, and as haunting as THE FOG.

Friday, May 27, 2011

*Welcome Author JEFF GONSALVES*


Genre:      Science Fiction/dystopian/sociological!/profile.php?id=1580966762!/subawthor


Jeff Gonsalves was born in Dublin, California, under the watchful eyes of his parents. Strange premonitions, such as ultrasound image of the umbilical chord snaking up his left nostril, foretold that he might be born with warped DNA or at the very least, a whacked-out brain. They expected a third eyeball, or a second gibbering mouth, but were relieved when he was born semi-normal. Now, no one would question the family pool!

Over the past twenty years, Jeff has lived in California, Colorado and the eerie caverns of his own imagination, but he would be content pitching a tent and residing permanently on a basketball court. His hobbies include weight-lifting,volunteering in the Big Brothers program,mangling electric guitars,and writing.  'Fork In The Road To Apocalypse' is the second novel in a science fiction series that currently includes five additional books. His first novel, The Subnorms, was published in 2001 and earned a favorable review from Kirkus, who called it, 'graphic, energetic and packing a dizzying emotional wallop.'

When he isn't writing, Jeff works on a pediatric floor at a large metropolitan hospital. He also enjoys progressive metal music and blames his irreparable brain damage on the soft rock his parents crammed into his ears when he was younger. He still has nightmares of hearing 'Bluebird' by Anne Murray. Maybe a full frontal lobotomy will help. 

Currently, Jeff is writing a new novel to follow Fork In The Road To Apocalypse. SciFi Books called this new novel, 'fast, brutal, and darkly rewarding.' A concurrent project is Diary Of A Disturbed Psych Aide, in which Jeff details true stories from his five years of working in a mental ward. The link to read this is: Comments are welcome and appreciated!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*Welcome Back Award Winning/Best Selling Author* CHRISTA JAN RYAN



Genre: Memoir/Inspirational


Christa Jan Ryan was born into a chaotic family, enduring alcoholism, drug overdoses, and violence. The youngest of six children, three of her sisters are triplets, all with Cerebral Palsy. She has been a professional landscape designer and consultant to the rich and famous of the Hamptons for the last thirty years. Her heartwarming first book is
'FROM THE DEPTS OF A WOMAN'S SOUL.'  She lives in New York with her family.

"SILENT SCREAMS FROM THE HAMPTONS"  From Tenderness, Tragedy, and Terror to Transformation. One woman's determination to create solutions that will work for people who are suffering . One woman who fought a battle between self-destruction and self-love, shows others that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.

"SILENT SCREAMS FROM THE HAMPTONS" has now been moved into a Play/Musical with first production, September 16th.  It has been moved into a Film with sale of Film in 2011.


Sunday, May 8, 2011



Jada and Toni are best friends, but do they have hidden secrets between them? Jada lives a happy, beautiful life with her family, is Toni jealous? Why did Toni date Darien, and was she ever attracted to Benjamin? How did the lives of the characters interwine in unexpected ways? Friends share joy, tears and are there for each other, but do they lead the same lifestyle? When secrets from the past are revealed, will the friendship ever be the same? What did Toni do when she found out she was pregnant? How did Toni react when Benjamin was back in her life? Who became upset about Gina's pregnancy? Who is Toni's true love, and what was their favorite song? Why did Benjamin go to jail, and who was Vince in love with? I highly recommend this novel to all contemporary fiction lovers, who enjoy compelling stories, with a blend of romance and drama. Terri D. creates an intriguing story, packed with twists-and-turns, based on the trials-and-tribulations of friendship and relationships that can indeed return to haunt us. The author introduces a plot that becomes thought-provoking page-after-page as the reader craves for more. Terri D. makes one think about insecurity, self-doubt, and traumatic issues that women deal with throughout their lives. Touching, enjoyable moments exist as well as betrayal and redemption. Do the female characters that come to life within the pages of this emotional story exist inside all women? Will Jada and Toni be friends forever? Will Toni lead the life she longs for? Does a fine line exist between love and hate? "YESTERDAY'S LIES" is as compelling as THE COLOR PURPLE and as entertaining as WAITING TO EXHALE, with Whitney Houston, and Angela Bassett.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


"A Memoir By DON VOLK"


Don Volk penned an endearing memoir, dedicated to his family and friends with admiration, respect and inspiration to all readers. The author's autobiography captures his incredible journey through life as a Military Pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps, one remarkable man who served his country through three wars, pursued a career with the Professional Golf Association and shares his compassion about unconditional love for the special women in his life, who filled his heart with hope for the future. Don Volk shares with the reader his precious memories of what he learned from his parents as he grew up on a farm in Utah, what he learned about mechanical devices and engines which led him to a distinguished career with the U.S. Army Air Corps, how he began to serve his country at age eighteen, and the passion he had for golf. One man who drove tractors, then flew airplanes, while serving in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He conveys the compassion he had for Petie, Sandy, and Wandi through life's trials-and-tribulations. Three women in his life, who encouraged him to reach for the stars, and follow his dreams. One of the greatest accomplishments in the author's life is not about his personal achievements. Instead, it's about inspiring others to walk the many roads through life with persistence, hope, and faith. One man who tells his story about dedication and hard work as he followed the footsteps of his parents, with respect for life, and unconditional love. One man who served his country almost twenty-four years, gave over thirty years to the PGA, and inspires today's youth to follow their dreams as he did. "TRACTORS, PLANES, GOLF & DAMES: A Memoir By Don Volk" is filled with inspiration, motivation, and compassion.