Thursday, October 29, 2009


Murder finds its way in Scottsdale, Arizona, better known as the world's
lovely tourist attraction, where you daydream at the pool as you soak up
the golden sun. Is Scottsdale a common ground for killers, and cheating
spouses? A beloved local artist, known to many for her efforts to aid
Hispanic, illegal immigrants is brutally murdered. Lila Morrison, a
former newspaper reporter, and suburban housewife finds out about the
murder. Feeling an emptiness in her life, and distraught over the murder, Lila becomes determined to find the killer. Using her knowledge
and skills as a former crime reporter, she sets out to follow the bloody,
forensic trail, despite all the danger involved. What advice does Lila's
three friends give her, while sipping on flavored martinis? The murder
investigation begins to brew as Lila makes Detective Garcia's blood boil,
while snooping for evidence. Why is he discontent about Lila's persistent
investigation, and is he hiding anything? Fear doesn't stop Lila from
attempting to crack the case as her courage becomes stronger, when her
best friend becomes the number one suspect. Will the criminal be found
and is the case connected to a violent, vigilante, border group? Will the
reputation of the social echelons of Scottsdale change, after discovering
a murderer is walking the same streets? Does Lila find the killer, or does
the killer find Lila? Can Lila find a conviction, or lead to the case, before
her friend is locked up behind bars? I highly recommend this novel to
all mystery lovers and to all those who enjoy fast-paced thrillers, packed
with action, and suspense. The plot is electrifying, and the characters
come to life as the investigation explodes with chilling details, every step
of the way as we find out who becomes the next victim. Will justice be
served, and for who? "SINS OF THE BORDER" is as sensational as
HIGH CRIMES, and as riveting as THE INSIDER, with Al Pacino.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~"LIVING LIFE WITH NO REGRETS: Your Guide To Lasting Happiness" Dr. Ed. Feyereisen

Dr. Ed. Feyereisen, who is a Doctor of psychology, brings hope and inspiration to
all readers, through his book that's based on adult personal development. A lifelong student, observer of human behavior, teacher and coach, Dr. Ed. helps the
reader to focus on a positive attitude everyday. His topics for conversation include ways to eliminate stress, changing negative thoughts about ourselves, and
how to live happy, productive lives. He provides simple exercises and proven
techniques to help people in business, and personal life, while encouraging readers to dwell on the gifts we present to the world. Through research and
experience, Dr. Ed. adds a personal touch to his book as he helps the reader
to understand motivational literature in an easy-to-read, common sense format,
which will help the reader to see life in a different light. I highly recommend this
book to all those who are searching for inspiration, guidance, and direction to
creating the life of our dreams. This book is not only a tribute to the author's
mother and his mentors, but a Masterpiece in wisdom and practical tips for
success, with a blend of humor, and storytelling. In comparison to MASTERING THE SELF: A Motivational Guide To Understanding Yourself And Dealing With
Life, I found that "LIVING LIFE WITH NO REGRETS: Your Guide To Lasting
Happiness" to be more gratifying for daily mediation on creating a fulfilling life, while providing a more realistic understanding on motivational skills, towards
achieving happiness. This book is thought-provoking, practical, powerful, and
inspiring. "Good-Greed" is worth reading over-and-over. "In A New York Minute"
will indeed give the readers a new awareness on the rest of our lives, and
"The Greatest Gift" will boost your self-esteem. The golden key to happiness from
Dr. Ed. will open the positive door to a healthy life as we begin to feel better about
ourselves, and once this mission is accomplished, the everlasting rewards are

Friday, October 23, 2009


Gary Starta takes the reader on another thrilling roller-coaster ride that
will send chills up your spine in "MURDER BY ASSOCIATION." FBI
Agent Caitlin Diggs, who is the heroine in Starta's BLOOD WEB, accepts
another gruesome assignment in the investigation of a deranged killer on
the loose. She teams up with Detective Stanford Carter, and McAllister
to hunt down the disturbed murderer on the ongoing serial killings, but
are they in the right direction? What do they find out about the serial
killings, and is there a lead that points to the Mob? Is Carter just a
partner to Diggs, or something more? How much pressure is Carter under from Mayor Schroeder, and why? Does Carter lose his job, and
is his life in danger? Is Jill in love with Carter, and do they find the
killer? Does Boston's lethal serial killer destroy the city's anniversary
celebration, and who is asked to take over the case? Does the Mayor
get blackmailed, and what are the demands? After Carter holds a
suspect in custody, how many more killings occurred? Can Carter protect
the woman he loves and maintain his sanity, while danger continues to
threaten the city, and who is the next victim? I highly recommend this
novel to all thriller and mystery lovers, who enjoy action-packed suspense, page-after-page. The story is captivating, dramatic, and intense
as it takes the reader through a city infested with murder, and secret
affairs. Why do the murders continue one-after-another, and can they
be solved? Does Carter's forensic clues put the killer in prison? What
does the "Plunger" leave behind with each victim? Find out the shocking
answers, while sitting on the edge of your seat in this incredible,
fast-paced thriller with nonstop twists, and nail-biting suspense. The
author created a Masterpiece that moves like a bullet! "MURDER BY
contains as much escalating tension as MURDER 8Y NUM8ERS, with
Sandra Bullock.

Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~"FROM THE RUINS: A Daughter. A Refugee. An American Soldier." Author AIDA OSMANI

A young girl lived with her family, comfortable, and happy. At the age of
thirteen, her entire world became shattered, like a broken glass. A brutal
conflict from the Balkan War, forced her to flee with her parents, moving
from village-to-village. Filled with fear, devastated, and deprived of her
culture, she finds refuge in Germany with her parents. The morals and
values of her homeland no longer existed, while forced to conform to
live in a liberal, Western society. Why did Aida rebel, and detach herself
from the close bond with her parents? When the war ended, Aida's
parents returned to Bosnia, why didn't Aida join them? When did Aida
move to America, and enlist in the U.S. Army? Does she ever reunite
with her parents in Germany? I highly recommend this novel to all
non-fiction lovers, who enjoy a true story that's thrilling, chilling, and
packed with heartfelt emotion. I also recommend it to every woman, who
wish to become inspired through the strength, courage, and determination of Aida Osmani. Her top priority in publishing this book
was to reach out to every woman in the world, who experienced abuse
and humiliation, with a compassionate message that they can bury the
past, and once again live a happy life. Aida's motto is to bury the negativity, and move on. How did Aida save her own life, and her
family? Did Aida's brother leave Bosnia before the war, and did she ever
see him again? How many people witnessed the nightmare of beatings,
torture, rapes, and murder? How many people were deprived of food,
clothing, and shelter? How many victims were tormented for years by
the horror flashbacks of what they endured as a refugee? How many people wandered from village-to-village in bitter cold, while starving,
and listening to horrific bombings? The author penned an incredible,
chilling, true story. The setting is realistic and the pages are filled with
drama, sorrow, mixed-emotions, and courage. The author was born in
Trnovac, Serbia, and raised in Bosnia. She came to the United States
in 1999, where she enlisted in the U.S. Army. She worked in Afghanistan, and is now a U.S. citizen, and proud Army veteran. The
author invites you to hop on a train and take a ride through the horror
of her past, to achieving the American dream with dignity, and honor!
"FROM THE RUINS: A Daughter. A Refugee. An American Soldier" is
as impressive as GONE WITH THE WIND with Clark Gable, and Vivien

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Are the current healthcare systems in this country working? Is the
incidence of disease climbing? Does modern medicine treat the symptoms of disease, and not the cause? The medical industry makes
billions of dollars every year, are diseases cured, and are patients still
suffering? Dr. Edward F. group III, can answer these questions, and
many more in his presentation on preventing, and eliminating disease.
He is a Doctor of Chiropractic(DC), a Naturopathic Docter(ND), and a
Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition(BACBN). Dr.
Group found Global Healing Center in 1998 to teach people how to heal
themselves, prevent disease, and improve their general health, and well
being. I highly recommend this book to all those who wish to learn at-
home solutions for cleansing our bodies, how to reduce toxins, and
restore the body's natural healing power. In comparison to GREAT HEALTH BEGINS IN YOUR COLON(Bottom Line) and COLON HEALTH
provide more information on living a long, healthy, and happy life. What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and how many American adults does it
affect? What happens when you have a toxic intestine, colon, or liver?
What does an abdominal massage do for the body? What types of food
causes colon toxins? What types of food aid in digestion? Do you experience poor nutrition, and digestion? Find out the answers in this
incredible ultimate guide for cleansing your colon, body, mind, and home. How many times a week do we drink soda, and what does it do
to the body? The author's expertise in natural healing methods is
educational for all readers and the information provided is of great
value to healing and preventing disease, through techniques, and
effective organic, and natural supplements on the market.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~"The Gymnastics Of Love & Discipline" Author BRUCE BENKO

A Parental Template For Giving Children A Voice
In order to teach your child right from wrong, do parents in today's
world need to change? What behavior patterns did your parents use,
how did that make you feel? In today's world, both parents are forced
to work, how many hours a day is your child with teachers, and day
care? What happens when your child has lost respect for you, who is
in control? Do you know what to do when your child does something
wrong, and how do you react? What happens in the child's mind when
his parent is aggressive, angry, and threatening? Can overprotecting
your child hurt him? How effective is it to use positive word patterns
with your child? Author Bruce Benko has spent over twenty years
working with more than 10,000 students as a gifted gymnastics coach.
Through his teaching career, he developed an understanding between
parent and child. His key to the golden door of a healthy parent-child
relationship is through a loving, compassionate, and nurturing
environment. I highly recommend this book to all parents, teachers, and
child-care providers. The author, who has experience after talking with
5,000 parents and working with 100 educators can help parents learn
successful ways to becoming better parents, through a healthy bond
between parent and child. What methods can you use as a parent to
make your child feel more secure? What happens to the child, when his
parent is inconsistent? What happens when a child does not thrive with
love, and understanding? Is school a lot more than just an academic
education, and what happens when a parent is not involved? The author
can answer these questions and more, while providing teaching and
discipline techniques for school, and home. In comparison to DISCIPLINE WITH LOVE AND LOGIC, I found THE GYMNASTICS OF
LOVE & DISCIPLINE : A Parental Template For Giving Children A Voice
to be more effective in providing many examples, answers to important
questions, and powerful in speaking and listening techniques. This
easy-to-read professional guide is packed with helpful tips and parental
techniques, crucial to raising children through a healthy relationship
with understanding, and success.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 Star REVIEW~~GRANTED! A Teacher's Guide To Writing & Winning Classroom Grants~Author CHRIS TAYLOR

Author Chris Taylor is a lawyer, educator, and school advocate. She shares over
twenty years of experience to simplify the application process for novice grant
CLASSROOM GRANTS, provides methods for writing and winning grants and is
an excellent resource and guide for teachers, librarians and adminstrators. The
author reveals strategic advice of benefit to grant writers step-by-step, while
guiding the reader through every aspect of the grant process. I highly recommend
this book to teachers, educators, and grant seekers who wish to put an end to
using personal funds every year on classroom materials. This book saves
valuable time, while being guided, and improves educators chances of winning
GRANTED! to be the most impressive and professional. Chris Taylor's expertise
as a successful attorney, educator, and grant writer, shines through page-after-page. Her professional background and her burning desire to help the
educational community, led her to become a rewarding grant writer, author,
and public speaker. The author's support continues through a website that
offers additional data, worksheets, and more. The worksheets that are included
by the author give the best possible chances of securing grants for supplies, and
anything that a grant can help fund, while organizing, and recording research.
The advice of Chris Taylor will indeed save thousands of dollars every year from
out-of-pocket expenses for teachers and educators as she walks you through
the steps to make it happen!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

**Welcome Author BRUCE BENKO**

Parental Template For Giving Children A Voice"
Genre: Discipline Strategies/ages 0-5/Self-help/Educational
has been a gifted gymnastics coach for more than twenty years. Through
the course of his teaching career, he has worked with well over
10,000 students, and through his acute observations, discovered the
simple yet profound principles set forth in this book.
Bruce not only earned the trust of his students, but has been recognized
by his colleagues, and the parents of his students for his effective
teaching and disciplining techniques.
With his easy to read book, parents can trade their frustration for
confidence, and learn to discipline and communicate with their
children in a way proven to get the right results!


Genre: Health
Dr. Edward F. Group, III is a Doctor of Chiropractic(DC), a Naturopathic
Doctor(ND), and a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of
Nutrition(DACBN). As a decorated member of the Armed Forces, Dr.
Group received two Army achievement medals-a good conduct medal
and an overseas ribbon--and was honorably discharged from active
duty in 1989.
Dr. Group found Global Healing Center in 1998 to teach people how to
heal themselves, prevent disease, and improve their general health and
well being.
He has studied natural healing methods for over twenty years and is
now sharing his health restoring techniques with the world. He is a
recognized international speaker and has appeared with Deepak Chopra,
M.D., Joseph Mercola, M.D., Julian Whitaker, M.D., Larry Dossey, M.D.,
Don Miquel Ruiz, M.D., and other noted alternative medicine
practitioners and educators.

**Welcome Author JAN BETHANCOURT**

Author of: "BE EMPOWERED! Eat Chocolate with Breakfast"
Genre: Inspiration
Jan Bethancourt is an artist, author, and motivational speaker. She
received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of
Southwestern Louisiana, and has studied fine arts extensively at the
Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
Her original sayings were written over several years as a way to show
support to family members and friends facing personal challenges.
She was later encouraged by those she helped to share her universal
wisdom with others.
Jan Bethancourt's new inspirational book, BE EMPOWERED! EAT
CHOCOLATE with BREAKFAST, will touch hearts and motivate women
of all ages to dream big, achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.


Author of: "LIVING LIFE WITH NO REGRETS: Your Guide To Lasting
Genre: Self/Help, Happiness, Success
Dr. Edward Feyereisen was born in Wisconsin. Once he accepted his first
career job as a high school biology teacher, he set his goal on becoming the
best biology teacher in the country. Within his first five years of teaching, he
was recognized twice by the National Science Foundation as one of the
outstanding high school science teachers in America.
After twenty-two years of teaching and counseling high school students, he
switched career paths, and entered into adult personal development. He has
founded and created one of the top training companies in Indian Gaming, the
fastest growing industry in America. He has created some of the most powerful
leadership/customer service technology in use today in America, including the
Dr. Ed has taught, counseled, and advised thousands of people over the past
forty years. One of his greatest accomplishments is the mentoring of many
friends in creating their own successful training careers. His ability to assist
people in finding their personal greatness and happiness has been his
greatest legacy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

***Welcome K.M. Daughters***

Subtitle: Book 3, The Sullivan Boys Series
Genre: Romantic Suspense
K.M. Daughters is the writing team of sisters, Patricia(Pat) Casiello,
and Kathleen(Kathie) Clare. Pat is a former technical writer, Editor
and Corporate Communications Manager. She is also the founder and
President of two relocation benefit management companies, and a
real estate appraisal management company. Kathie is the Chief Operating Officer of the appraisal company, and has been a retail
storeowner and accounting executive.
Since January 2008, K.M. Daughters has contracted every manuscript
written as a team in inspirational, contemporary, and suspense romance
As married mothers, K.M. Daughters has two husbands, five children,
two grandchildren and another grandchild expected. One K.M. Daughter
resides in the author's hometown in New Jersey, and the other resides
in the Chicago area.

**Welcome Back Author DOMINIQUE WATSON**

Author of: "TOO MUCH UNTOLD"
Genre: Urban Fiction/ Inspirational
Dominique Watson is a writer, published author, and business owner. She began
writing poetry, and short stories at a young age. Her writings are published all
over the internet, and she focuses on inspirational advice, and inspiration.
Both of her inspirational books INSPIRE ME YOUNG, and HOW TO KEEP GOD
IN YOUR LIFE were published within the last two years. THE TENSION RELIEVER-Volume I was published in December, 2008. She owns an online
magazine for writers titled FROM A WRITERS POV. She also writes for her
magazine in the column titled SPIRITUAL ADVICE/MOTIVATION.
Dominique owns her own ministry as well, LADIES OF CHRIST PROVERBS 31.
She recently started a movement for those struggling with their trouble areas,
Dominique is currently working on getting her Associates Degree in Psychology,
and expanding her magazine all over the internet.

**Welcome Author LESLIE KOHLER**

Author of: "Sins Of The Border"
Genre: Mystery
Leslie Kohler is a professional writer whose work has been published
in several magazines, and the newspaper. She's been published in
Highlights For Children, Skipping Stones, Listen, and Winner. Also,
Positive Teens, and The Arizona Republic.
"SINS OF THE BORDER" is Leslie's first novel. It's a cozy, murder mystery, with the issues of Mexican drug violence, and illegal
immigration integral to the plot. As a native Californian, and current
Arizona resident, Leslie has witnessed the escalating problems along
the border. At the age of fourteen, she worked in the dry yards of
Northern California, preparing fruit for processing in one-hundred-plus
degree heat. Leslie witnessed the struggles of Hispanic migrant families,
in which all members toiled side-by-side. During this time, she developed
an empathy for these hard working people.
Leslie is active in several community organizations, such as No Ma's
Muertes, (No More Deaths), and Chances For Children-AZ. Also, The
Sydney Hudson Foundation, and Girls for A Change. She lives in
Scottsdale, Arizona, with her two young teens, and their dog.

Monday, October 5, 2009


In 2003, I walked into a Chevrolet showroom to purchase a new car for my daughter. As I look back now, I remember being there from opening to closing.
After signing the contract, I realized that I wasn't prepared, and I could have
saved a lot of money. Since that sale, I've read many books and did some research
on how to buy a new car, or used car, and what we should know about trading in
your car. In comparison to THE CAR BUYER'S BIBLE, HOW TO BUY A CAR, and
to be the most informative guide on this subject. If you want expert advice on
buying a car, then it would be logical to obtain the information from someone
who spent thirty years as a car salesman, who served an estimated 2,800
customers per year. Ray Lopez worked for many top-notch leading dealerships
such as Chrysler, Cadillac, and Nissan. Through the experience of his thirty
year career, knowledge, and expertise, the author can educate the public on how
to be a wise car buyer. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is contemplating on buying a car, or trading in your used car. The author provides
excellent information that is extremely helpful in purchasing a car, or trading
one in. This book is easy to read and understand, many tips are provided on how
to obtain the best deal, and many crucial factors are included as to what to do,
and what not to do. Did you ever go to a showroom, and buy a car that you didn't
want? Were you ever told by a car salesman that you can afford to buy their new
car? Were you ever disrespected, or mistreated by a car salesman? Were you ever
lured into a factory discount? Ever gone for a test drive, but told you can't drive
it off the lot due to insurance liability? Ray Lopez can answer these questions
and many more, while showing you every trick of the trade that can be used
against you, through manipulative schemes. The author reveals the biggest
secrets in the car buying industry in this unique, professionally written, informative guide. "INSIDE THE MINDS OF CAR DEALERS" is something you
may want to read again-and-again, before walking into that showroom as a
potential buyer. You will indeed be prepared, and informed on how to become
a composed car buyer. Ray Lopez encourages you to do research, includes resources of what to be aware of, and how to detect signs of being taken advantage

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We are taken back in this historical novel to 1917, when a tragic episode
marked the history of the American West, and the integration of the
Latter-Day-Saint culture. World War I rages in Europe, the Gila Valley
desert is attacked by a crippling drought, and the cultures of two Southeastern Arizona families collide during difficult, economic times.
I highly recommend this novel to all historical fiction lovers, and to all
those who enjoy heartfelt emotion, with a blend of drama. Dianne Ebertt
Beeaff created a Masterpiece through the gripping story of a captivating,
historical event, during an era when politics and religion were under
fire. The author includes rich historical detail, vivid imagery, and heartwarming emotion. What was THE POWER'S BOYS, and what was
it used for? Was Mellie free to make her own decisions, and were her
choices controlled by others? How do the voices of Mellie, and Duett
differ? What happened to Sarah, and who was the father of her baby?
What makes different cultures clash, and should secrets among families
be hidden, or shared? Who's responsible for the death of Billy Ben? Does
Noah follow the doctrine of his Mormon faith? What really happened in
Kielberg Canyon, and will the truth ever prevail? Why didn't Mellie press
charges against Ephraim Heber for sexual assault? Who did Nephi confide in, when he heard voices, and saw visions? Did the war bring the
two families together, or separate them? The Texan Brennicks, and Mormon Beechams come to life, the plot is fascinating, and the story is
entertaining. Dianne Ebertt Beeaff highlights human nature in this
powerfully moving historical event, page-after-page as the story becomes
more interesting, and dramatic. Mixed-emotions cover the pages, while the two families build a relationship from courage and strength, when
traditions are challenged, and different cultures learn the true definition
of love. "THE POWER'S GARDEN" is as intriguing and inspiring as
THE LAST SAMURAI, with Tom Cruise.