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As I read through the life of Chris M. Tatevosian, his touching story struck a chord, sending chills up my spine. Immediately, I had a flashback of the past twenty years of a friendship with a family that I wouldn't trade for the world.
A Doctor that I had the honor of meeting in New York, who had multiple sclerosis for many years, and directed a hospital for rehabilitation. His daughter, and I were best friends. At age twenty-five, she was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As I became part of their family, and helped as much as I possibly could,
I learned what this disease can do to everyone involved. Chris pours out his heart
with unbelievable courage to tell the world about his mistakes, how you can still love life, and once again see the light at the end of the tunnel. The author tells the readers about his feelings, emotions, and experiences as multiple sclerosis progressively worsened. More important, he describes how a disability can not only destroy the person who has it, but everyone he comes in contact with. In many cases, the misery and anger felt by the person who is disabled is also felt by
his caretakers, and loved ones. This memoir of tender feelings is heartfelt, funny, and uplifting. The story is enormously entertaining as we read about a life lived by a man who is filled with faith, and spirit. His encouraging words conveyed to the public to be there for the joy, the tears, and each other, will truly leave an afterthought in the mind of every reader. I recommend this book to everyone who had to deal with a disability of any kind, and to everyone who is married, or is engaged. Chris clearly defines the building blocks of marriage, why those blocks may begin to crumble, and how to prevent those blocks from falling. The trials and tribulations of Chris M. Tatevosian's life is an inspiration to us all. "LIFE INTERRUPTED: IT'S NOT ONLY ABOUT ME" is as heartwarming and emotional as PATCH ADAMS with Robin Williams.

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Donald Drummond, and his wife Anne were both retired from professional careers, and agreed to go on a mission to unravel a mystery in Donald's extremely dysfunctional family. As they begin this incredible mysterious journey through the
hidden family secrets, they begin to realize the dark journey might be "Mission Impossible!" Why did it take sixty years for Donald to meet his biological mother?
Who murdered Donald's biological father? Did Donald's mother poison her husband? As the journey on the road to horror continues, the reader sits on the edge of her seat as chills tingle her spine, and the suspense has only just begun. As you continue to follow this disturbing journey into deception, conflict, and murder, you realize that maybe some questions were better off to be left unanswered. John Wayne Cargile uses his expertise in psychology, and knowledge in religion to create an intriguing plot, with entertaining characters. This novel is
packed with action and drama through surprising twists-and-turns to the end of the story. For the icing on the cake, the author covers the pages with reality, insanity, and a blend of romance. For added touches, he throws in madness, greed, and probable cause for some flawed personalities that we usually see behind closed doors of a mental institution. I recommend this book to all mystery lovers who enjoy suspense, combined with action, and romance. The type of characters that the author created are as colorful as those you see in any of Alfred Hitchcock's finest movies. Did Donald and Anne find out too much? Was Donald's father in the Mafia? How many people were involved in the terrorist plot, and who knew about this conspiracy? As the reader follows the journey of deceit, the soap opera continues in an ugly world of fear and regret, left open for a perfect sequel. "THE CRY OF THE CUCKOOS" is a mesmerizing Masterpiece of the unexpected, and is as thrilling as THE DEVIL'S OWN with Harrison Ford, and Brad Pitt.

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*****REVIEW ~~POTLUCK SURVIVAL GUIDE: Care & Feeding Of The Athletic Supporter

Fiftten years ago, I was a Girl Scout leader, a volunteer for many church groups,
and a cook for a huge gathering of people. There was a time where both of my
daughters were involved in six after-school activities each. These social activities
took place after swim meets, dance recitals, and ALL GIRL LITTLE LEAGUE.
That's only a few to mention, there were a variety of social functions, including
camp-outs. The first thing that came to mind after reading Cherie Kimmon's
fantastic cookbook is that my only regret with this survival guide is not having it
back then. This is not only a great cookbook to expand your culinary horizons, but is also the perfect gift for anyone who needs to cook, whether it's for one person,
or a group of people. I highly recommend this cookbook to beginner cooks, and
experienced cooks as well. This cookbook is intelligent, and the recipes are simple and delicious. Cornbread stuffing, pasta, and casseroles are appreciated by moms, and grandparents. Meatloaf, soups, and sandwiches were old time favorites from many children I knew. This book is delightful to read as it covers appetizers to
incredible desserts. The chicken dinners, salad bar, and hamburger bar will be
enjoyed by athletes, and anyone else who's hungry. For a tasty, additional variety
Cherie includes a waffle bar, and a sundae bar. Who would not feast on these
mouthwatering bars? To make reading easy on the eyes, Cherie includes special notes for each recipe, along with helpful hints, and tips on festive decorating ideas. The author includes servings for one person to twenty-five guests, and offers suggestions for dessert topping. It's impossible for the reader to get bored, after looking at awesome illustrations per page. Guidelines for pre-game and
post-game meals are included, and the recipes will be enjoyed by athletes, and
any social gathering in which large groups of people meet. Cherie Kimmon's
step-by-step illustration of the cooking process is a comprehensive, practical
presentation of great recipes that should be given to all moms. This book is packed with basic information on measurements and cooking time for tasty,
and easy to prepare dishes. "THE POTLUCK SURVIVAL GUIDE: Care & Feeding
Of The Athletic Supporter" is as informative as THE GOOD HUSEKEEPING
ILLUSTRATED COOKBOOK: America's Bestselling Step-By-Step Cookbook, with
more than 1400 recipes.

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**I Welcome author DAUSON LOVI**

author of: "HOLY SHIT" Subtitle: "A Brief Look At Christianity's Problem" Genre: Religion/ Skeptics/ Atheist www.facebook/dausonlovi Dauson Lovi is the author of the new controversial book "Holy Shit: A brief Look At Christianity's Problem." He deals with matters of religion, politics, and history and usually gives an unpopular opinion on things. For twelve years, he has studied various Christian religions, looking at their histories, doctrines and impact on American society. Throughout the past decade, research and writing was his hobby while working in restaurants, formely cooking for 2 fantastic places in Springfield, Illnois. Since the beginning of 2009, he has devoted himself entirely to writing, and researching. Currently, he is working on 3 books: 2 non-fiction, and 1 fictional. Dauson states, "You will be just as controversial as the first." Welcome Aboard Dauson!

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DISCIPLINE WITHOUT ANGER Subtitle: But Doctor, What Do I Do When...? By JERRY ADAMS, Ph.D. Thank you for your Patience!

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*****REVIEW ~~CAMPINGLY YOURS~~ By Thomas C. Adler

This heartwarming, inspirational story is Thomas C. Adler's enchanting ride down
memory lane, packed with every human emotion one can experience. The author
describes countless adventures from his twenty-seven years of experience as the
director and owner of Chippewa Ranch Camp. During those years, he wore many
different hats, and became friends with people from all walks of life. This passionate story captures the heart of the reader as you learn about a summer camp legacy that will forever be remembered by all those who shared the adventures with a remarkable role model. The author's challenging roles as
therapist, child advocate, and crisis manager were just a few in his spearheading
adventures. He frequently changed hats from EMT to mediator, while supervising
hundreds of counselors and campers round-the-clock. I recommend this delightful and touching memoir to anyone who craves an insightful story that's
good for the heart, and soul. This novel embodies the camping spirit and teaches
the importance of life's lessons, while reflecting on the value of friendship, which
is a crucial factor needed from childhood through adolence. This book will make
any parent realize the incredible impact a camping experience can be in a child's
life, and how self-confidence can grow as fears dimish. This emotional roller-coaster-ride of the lives touched at summer camp will bring tears to your eyes,
and joy to your heart. "CAMPINGLY YOURS" is as funny as SIX DAYS, SEVEN NIGHTS with Harrison Ford, and as compelling as NOW AND THEN.

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ALL REVIEWS Will Also Be Showcased at: Up Next In REVIEW CAMPINGLY YOURS By Thomas C. Adler Thank you for your Patience!

*****REVIEW ~~The Economical Guide To Self-Publishing~~By LINDA F. RADKE

*An Instructive Time And Money Saving Handbook*
"THE ECONOMICAL GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING" is an essential tool needed
for successful Self-Publication, which offers great support to be in today's
very competitive market. This unique book introduces an incredibly powerful
concept of Self-publishing, and how it works. This simple, easy-to-read guide
explains how to get started, while clearly describing what the author needs to
know. This complete guide to Self-Publishing offers a professional, author-
friendly book publishing environment, directing the reader to the best possible
opportunities to achieve success with their book. I recommend this book to all
writers, authors, and Self-Publishers. Linda F. Radke presents facts of interest
as she walks you through the Self-Publishing process, outlining steps of how to
stay in control, without facing authorship in total darkness. Most important,
she demonstrates how the Self-Publishing experience can be a success, while
saving money. This informative, skillfully written guide is a useful resource
for the presentation of your first book, covering the journey from your
is as interesting as THE SECRETS OF SELF-PUBLISHING, and as practical as
publishing industry, authors are taking control of their writing, and book
publishing options. Linda F. Radke will lead the way, and open the golden
gate to opportunity, and success.

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*****REVIEW ~On The Brink of Bliss and Insanity~ LISA CERASOLI

**OUTRAGEOUS** As Annie looks in the mirror, she sees a reflection of a twenty-eight year old woman who leads a life with absolutely no direction. As she tries to make a better life, her luck just gets worse-and-worse. She learns the hard way in the relationship with Michael that she cannot change him, or the manner in which he treats her. As he continues to portray the good-for-nothing, cheating boyfriend, Annie decides to find a new path. While she becomes unemployed, and thinking about her painful childhood with a mother who was nonexistent, she stumbles into Billy. Her relationship with Billy is not as good as Billy's relationship is with Michael. Billy, and Michael become very good friends. Billy is an ex-con, who wants to be a musician. He needs to find his inner-self, and a loving relationship doesn't seem to fit his schedule. Michael is all about Michael, and Billy is all about Billy. Where does that leave Annie? The more Annie thinks about ways to fix her entire world that falls apart, the more wrong turns she makes on the road to happiness. Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll just don't seem to help in any way. Annie's bad luck turns into desperation for a new life, while she realizes that she has no family, or friends to turn to. Billy tries to fulfill his dream, Michael continues to be arrogant, and Annie's solution to all her problems depends on the amount of tequila she's drinking. As Annie's reckless life begins to shatter like a broken glass, with a heart that needs mending, where will she go now? Does she ever meet Mr. Right, or does she stay with a charming, Mr. Wrong? As the saga continues in the ups-and-downs of Annie's life, will she find bliss, or insanity in her future? I recommend this novel to chick literature lovers, and everyone who enjoys a true-to-life story, with a blend of humor. Lisa Cerasoli penned an offbeat, delicious slice of life about a down-on-her-luck girl, and brings her to life. This book is brilliantly funny. The characters are smashing, and the story is outrageous, and touching. "ON THE BRINK OF BLISS AND INSANITY" is as wild as MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING, and as hilarious as THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, with Cameron Diaz. Author/reviewer Geri Ahearn

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**Welcome author MILA BERNADKIN**

Author Of: "THE ATTITUDE GIRL" Genre: YA Novel In her debut novel, a first-place winner in the Arizona Authors Association Annual Literary Awards contest, Ludmila "Mila" Bernadkin draws on her experience as a teacher, mother and advanced graduate of the Institute Of Children's Literature to identify with the tremulous world of confusing emotions and mixed messages of "maturity" today's teens live in as they feel their way through the process of becoming young adults. Born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, a beautiful resort city on the Black Sea, Bernadkin emigrated from the former Soviet Union and came to the United States in 1977. She graduated from the Brest Music College with a BA equivalent degree in theory of music literature, and accepted a teaching position at a children's music school. After moving to the States, she became a Senior Programmer-Analyst, working at several of the largest financial institutions in New York City. However, medical reasons forced her early retirement, which turned out to be a blessing as she realized her life-long dream of becoming an award-winning published writer. Bernadkin loves to travel, listen to music, and read. She now resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her daughter who is a graduate student, who is currently working on her Masters. AUTHOR INTERVIEW will be posted at: BOOK REVIEW will be Posted at: This Review Blog Welcome Aboard Mila!

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Subtitle: "Sharing The Conservative Philosophy in a Politically Hostile World" Genre: Non-fiction/ Politics REVIEW **BRILLIANT** This novel takes the reader on an educational ride through the political history of America from its past, and to the present. It is indeed an essential wake-up call to all Americans in the political arena for a stronger government to return to the renewal of morals and values that once built America. The author clearly presents accurate research as he compares the different views from the eyes of a conservative, and the eyes of a liberal. Most important, he demonstrates through personal experience how those differences between the two parties affected world events, making this country what it has become today. Paul A. Ibbetson penned an intriguing novel, based on life's lessons as he points to the building blocks of American responsibility. He draws an imaginary line beween liberalism and conservatism in America as he walks the reader through critical issues of today, while describing how the conservative movement and liberal ideals contributed to the morality of American culture. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about the political value systems that move America, and how moral courage is affected, based on solid research. Did the Hippie culture and bias affect standards in America? How did our higher institutions change? Did the Regan administration, or Bush's beliefs on terrorism contribute to the shape America is in today? In a brilliant presentation, the author covers The Fairness Doctrine, and The War On Terror. With extensive research, he presents documentation on The Patriot Act, and views on global warming. To continue to peek the interest of the reader, Paul A. Ibbetson describes with perfection the Border Security issue in the United States. Are opened borders an act of compassion to Americans, or illegal aliens? What happens when an American crosses the border, are they at their own risk? How does law enforcement differ in Mexico, compared to Arizona? The facts and conclusions drawn from the author, who was raised from conservative roots in America, makes this book appealing to both conservatives, and liberals. The author's personal journey through American politics becomes a stepping stone of knowledge for America's future. "FEEDING LIONS" contains sidesplitting comic in comparison to GOOD MORNING VIETNAM, and is as brilliant as WAG THE DOG with Dustin Hoffman, and Robert DeNiro. Author/Reviewer Geri Ahearn

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**Up Next In Review** FEEDING LIONS

By author Paul A. Ibbetson Subtitle: "Sharing The Conservative Philosophy in a Politically Hostile World" Genre: Non-fiction/Politics Thank you for your Patience!

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Genre: Western Historical REVIEW ***A TRIUMPH*** Nettie Brady who is fifteen years old sets out to pursue her dream, regardless of family opposition, and strict standards of society in the 1920s. She is determined to fight all obstacles that cross her path, including weather, and finances. Nettie finds the courage to replace skirts with pants, while protesting that a women's place doesn't have to be in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant. She begins to venture out into Montana's male territory to prove that she could be a rodeo champion and anything else she wants to be, despite ugly rumors of a bad reputation. Nettie is the prime example of "You've come a long way baby!" She is as strong and as persistent in fulfilling her dream as Martin Luther King was in many of his public presentations on peace, and equality. Nettie Brady is the perfect role model for women's rights as she holds her head up high in her first bucking steer ride at the rodeo, then proving a few years later that she could be one of Montana's famous cowgirls, a wife, and a mom. I recommend this novel to all reader's who enjoy a great western adventure as they step out of city life, and jump into Montana's big sky in the pastures, and hills. Heidi M. Thomas paints a picture perfect "Little House On The Prairie" setting as you learn about riding, and roping steers. The reader can smell the warm cow pie, while visualizing how life is lived on a ranch. The author's western story comes to life as the reader imagines the milking of cows, churning butter, and chicken chasing. The plot is realistic as Nettie continues to rebel, and life on the ranch may have been more simple back then, but daily chores were tough. The story becomes heart-wrenching and emotional when Nettie faces the loss of her baby sister, ignores her mother's request, and battles with all the storms through the journey of her dream. What happens when she falls in love with Jake? Will she be a famous cowgirl, or the boring housewife that she dreads to become? How does life change during the influenza epidemic? Will Nettie always ache in pain for love and acceptance from her family? Does she prove that her dreams only belong to her? Family history becomes a constant shifting of drama in a world of tradition as one woman dares to break the rules. "COWGIRL DREAMS" is a triumph in every respect in this delightful celebration of life, is as inspiring as ERIN BROCKOVICH, and as entertaining as THE HORSE WHISPERER with Robert Redford. Geraldine Ahearn AIOM HonDG (IBC) author of 6 books Founding Member ABI Women's Review Board